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Reasons why Spiritual Men and Women eat Meat

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There has been a lot of talk about the dangers of consuming beef. Many studies have been published on the topic. This has even made consumers to change their habits with a view to elongating their life spans. In all that we do or say, I believe the final word rests with the creator of mankind who knows our body composition, what we need or do not need in order to survive, and even what causes sickness in our bodies. We all want to live lengthy lives. Why would the almighty God give a simple formula of honoring our parents instead of giving us a diet to follow?

There are many thin people who die early and many fat people who live longer than we expect. Of course science has produced significant findings. This we cannot deny. But what does God have to say about eating meat? Is meat bad through and through? Should we all turn into vegetarians? Is meat useful in our bodies or not? Why would God feed his priests on meat if meat is bad? How spiritual is this doctrine of abstaining from meat? What consequences are there for those who choose to abstain from meat?

I have thought about all these things and studied to establish the spiritual truth relating to these issues with interesting scriptural findings as explained below. The main argument gravitates on whether a Christian is strongly inclined to be spiritual or not. The word of God says a spiritual Christian is led of the spirit of God.

Who is a spiritual man or woman?

A spiritual man or woman is one who has been regenerated through a second birth into a new life in Christ. The new life has conquered sin, the natural life and the supernatural life which is under satanic forces of evil in the unseen realm.

God’s redemptive design is to deliver us from a life of sin, natural life and supernatural evil. All the three must be overcome if we are to live a spiritual existence that fulfills God’s intents towards spiritual victory. Conquering sin alone is not enough in the absence of the other two. There has to be victory over sin, a parting of the spirit from the soul and a persistent war against supernatural evil if success is to be registered in a Christian’s life.

A spiritual man or woman is perpetually communing with his creator like a child interacts with parents. The word says God is a spirit and those who worship him must do so in spirit and truth. Just like in the physical, spiritual maneuvers and combats can be totally exhausting. Yet, if we do not commune with God in the spirit, we are merely beating an empty path.

T-Bone Steak

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee

Beef Steak and Chips by smokedsalmon

Beef Steak and Chips by smokedsalmon

Why should spiritual men and women eat meat?

There has been a lot of talk on the virtues of avoiding meat and sticking to vegetables. This has been supported with well researched documented evidence that seeks to convince consumers to behave differently to ward off threatening life issues like obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, heart diseases to name a few. This is all good in view of the fact that we have to keep diseases at bay. Our bodies still need proteins. A good old steak makes you feel good and strong. Must we therefore totally shun the consumption of meat? What does God say about our consumption of meat?

In 1 Timothy 4: 1-5, God warns that there will come times when evil forces will be “commanding man to abstain from meats, which God has created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth. For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer”. No man is greater than his creator. The only thing that God commanded that we must avoid eating was fats when he gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Red lean meat is very much okay.

In Genesis 6, God tells Noah the kinds of palatable meats to be eaten after the flood. Did God command this accidentally? Levites were Israel’s spiritual warriors whose chief diet comprised beef and choice lamb. Why didn’t God emphasize vegetables instead of meat to Israel’s gatekeepers?

God’s diet was calculated to ensure His children were not controlled by demons.

The consumption of meat is not harmful to our wellbeing. Excessive consumption of anything has negative consequences.

When God himself visited Abraham from whom we descended, Abraham had to prepare the best meal he could offer, which comprised beef (see Genesis 18: 1-8). Verse 8 says “And he took butter, and milk, and the calf which he had dressed, and set it before them; and he stood by them under the tree, and they did eat”. Now, if God himself enjoyed a sumptuous beefy dish served by Abraham, who are we to shun that which God has authorized?

I believe God’s food must be perfect for man too. In 1 Kings 17: 2-6, God himself prepared a meaty dish for Prophet Elijah just before he went to slaughter the prophets of Baal who were practicing abominable things before God. This dish was served by God through birds.

Satan knows that spiritual battles cause a serious loss of protein from our physical bodies, to a point where failure to replenish energy through intakes of high protein makes us weak to a point where we lack strength for spiritual warfare, and eventually become physically too ill to fight back spiritually. His game is “keep them eating vegetables to their demise”.

He also knows, the only way we can gain enough protein to fight a good spiritual fight is by eating meat. Good effective fasting periods must be commanded by God. Therefore, don’t fast when the Lord has not commanded. Try to seek his face at all times on this issue.

Gordon Ramsay's ULTIMATE COOKERY COURSE: How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Why not eat vegetables?

God’s message to kingdom children is to shun beef to their spiritual peril. Vegetable are good in balancing many nutrients in our bodies and therefore shouldn't be avoided either. In spite of this, our diets should not be restricted to the vegetarian ends of the spectrum of food. If animate life is not significant, why did Cain and Abel offer a vegetarian and meaty sacrifice that eventually led to acceptance of the later and a rejection of the former worshiper? There is a definite spiritual connection between man and what animals have to offer as food to man.

There is no doubt that in order to remain strong, man must eat meat. We must therefore guard against later day whispers of abstaining from meat as a source of protein as the word of God says. A nicely roasted piece of steak goes a long way into making us who we are in order to achieve whatever we want to achieve in this life. Moreover, if God says “Eat”, who are we to shy off? He even carefully explains the type of animals we may eat for food.

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Five Rules For a Perfect Steak

Milk is usually followed by meat

In our stages of physical development, we observe that children begin with milk during their early stages of growth. The development of teeth calls for tougher food items to bite into.

It is written in Hebrews 5:13 "For every one that uses milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe". In 1Peter 2:2 we read "As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby"

This implies that milk is for physical growth. Exodus 16:15 asks "Did all eat the same spiritual meat?" This implies that meat follows milk. This fact is practically demonstrated in real life.


I love a nicely roasted chunk of steak accompanied with green salad that has been laced with lots of chili sauce to go with hot mashed potatoes for dinner on a Saturday night. It leaves me feeling strong and very healthy. I don’t know about you. But you may carry on with your vegetables.

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Anjili (author) from planet earth, a humanoid on May 08, 2013:

Hi teacherjoe52,

Hi shofarcall,

Thanks for your supportive remarks. We have so much to gain from our consumption of meat as advocated by our creator in the word, especially if we need to stay strong spiritually and physically. Sorry for the delay in responding. Was indisposed for some time. Thanks for the vote and sharing. God bless you to in your walk. You are most welcome

teacherjoe52 on April 28, 2013:

Good morning little sister.

As a natural path for over thirty years I have learned the importance of a proper diet. It included very little meat and a lot of organic vegetables and fruits and nuts.

It is amazing to see the difference now. Those who laughed at me then have aged tremendously while I am still going strong.

Look at the Japanese, they eat a little meat and a lot of vegetables and are the healthiest and longest lived.

God bless you.

shofarcall on April 25, 2013:

Hello Anjili,

This is a most informative and interesting hub! Well researched too. Biblically.

Before I came to Christ, I had been a vegetarian for about 20 years. I Have to acknowledge that I was not unhealthy on it, but I was very aware of making sure to eat a balanced diet including nuts, and pulses etc. The very interesting thing for me, personally, is that once I came to Christ, that desire or conviction to be a vegetarian, for all the reasons (many) which I had created, simply fell away! They were just no longer relevant! It too, was a release from bondage. That's not to say I eat a lot of meat now. I don't. but I have absolutely no problem about any of it and all the hype built around vegetarianism. I do sometimes cook meat dishes. If I am out somewhere, I bless first, God's Holy name for the supply of the food, and then ask that the food may strengthen me in my walk with Jesus. And I enjoy eating meat dishes on the odd occasion when I visit restaurants. I have voted interesting, useful and up and sharing. God Bless

Anjili (author) from planet earth, a humanoid on April 25, 2013:

Hi PeppermintPaddy,

I'm glad you realized the benefits derived from beef. You won't regret you decision. Meat has definite benefits. Thanks for visiting

PeppermintPaddy from The vast expanse of creative space (my brain) on April 25, 2013:

Well, I went on a veggie diet for a while and thought, wow, I've gained a few pounds! So I went back to meat until I lose the weight I desire.

Anjili (author) from planet earth, a humanoid on April 24, 2013:

Thanks Larry for the additional information that compounds the facts on meats. I hope readers get assistance in this important information. You are most welcome

Larry Fields from Northern California on April 24, 2013:

Hi Anjili,

I'd like to also mention another nutritional angle. Animal foods are the only natural sources of Vitamin B-12. There are other nutritional considerations, like zinc. But B-12 is the conversation stopper.

Some of us, including yours truly, do not handle milk and cheese very well. If we want to remain healthy, it's helpful to eat flesh foods, albeit in moderation.

Thanks to B-12 supplements, it is possible for Vegans to survive in the 21st Century. But in the 19th Century, Veganism--without occasional lapses--would have been a suicide cult.

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