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Reasons not to put a curse on someone


Throughout history those with magical powers have tried to use them to harm others. The methods include pointing bones, hexes and the evil eye. You may think the idea of a curse is nonsense and the apparent cases where curses have worked are due only to autosuggestion (how??). Even so I want to argue that trying to throw a curse is a bad idea in many ways. Even if it is all nonsense.

I have read too much, seen too much, experienced too much to discount the possibility one person can affect another in ways normally called paranormal. Even with “normal” methods body language and attitude can be used to destroy someone psychologically. I lump all these things into the catch all term of “Magick”

I try not to give moral or ethical reasons because there are always hard cases that make any general rule hard to apply. I argue that the main reason for not trying to use such powers, if you believe you have them, or to harbour thoughts of revenge and violence towards someone, is that you harm yourself.

The holocaust defines World War Two. Many lower level participants involved in the “special treatments” did not start as monsters. They slid into evil by degrees, one small step after another till it was too late to go back. The concentration camp guards may have started by treating their prisoners harshly, which made it easier to regard them as less than human, which made it easier to herd them into gas chambers. Every little act of evil made the next, worse, act easier.

Everything you do changes you. Ill wishing someone change you for the worse. Putting a curse on someone, even if you fail, or even wishing them ill makes you a worse person. Do you want that? DO you want steadily to become less than totally human? Is your self respect high enough to prevent you lowering yourself to what is effectively the same thing as administering poison.

Ignore the above point. Curses, like the death penalty, risk wasting potentially valuable human beings, and, like the death penalty, if you find your reason was wrong, undoing your actions could be a little difficult. Remember people change. It is more creative and challenging to neutralise their actions. or just to get them out of your life.

Ignore both those points. Curses are almost always a simple, uncreative and inelegant solution to a problem. Difficulty with a neighbour? Cast a spell to get them to move to somewhere you will never see them again. Or to move you to somewhere you want to be where they will never go. Trouble with a workmate? A spell to get them promoted sideways to a remote office. Or create a talisman to turn any attacks on you, conscious or unconscious to your advantage.

Ignore that point too. A curse involves energy, your mental energy. Thoughts of revenge take up energy you could use for better things. Magick must involve plain vanilla physicist type energy if it is to affect the physical world and will have a risk of blow back. That is a simple matter of Physics. Think of putting a bullet into someone's head and having it go out the other side, ricochet off a pipe and then go into your skull. Not what you intended. Think of a ricochet affecting innocent parties, maybe someone you love. Even if you you don't believe in psychic powers carrying negative thoughts around damages you. I have a friend who has an an enemy, and every time my friend has a bit of good luck his enemy falls ill with hatred. No Magick involved.

If you are into the Law of Attraction you believe that what you focus on turns up in your life. If you focus on harming someone your unconscious cannot tell you want this for someone else, and the harm you intend may turn up in your own life. Yes. aspects of the Law are very "New Age" but for some people it seems to work.

Finally what if the intended victim is magickally adept and can send the curse right back at you.

I have given several reasons for not trying harm others magickally, or to think negative thoughts about someone. For me the most important one is the corrupting effect it has on you. The other reasons are important but less compelling. If attacked (non physically) by someone I would prefer to frustrate all their efforts and see them get more and more annoyed till they realise they are wasting their time. Even better I would prefer to turn enemies into friends. That would require negotiating with them in real life and could be far harder than simply flinging a hex their way. But more satisfactory.

Of course there are those who appear to be able to throw a curse without harm to themselves. Generally they are detached from the situation. Magicians throwing a curse on someone for money, or a tribal elder who decided a rapist, whereabouts unknown needed execution. Often they pass the task to a random spirit.

Bottom line. In a civilised society the only valid reason for binding or harming someone, magickally or otherwise, is to defend yourself or someone else. Failure to do this can cause problems: had the banks been restrained in time we may well not have had a recession. In many cases a creative solution can be found which harms no one. The curse is and must remain a last resort. No matter how satisfying it would be to see someone writhe in agony.


AlexK2009 (author) from Edinburgh, Scotland on May 24, 2009:

It is good we discovered we are in agreement. I do not consider myself expert in my fields but have had some interesting experiences following a few experiments.

Perhaps any further discussion can be done at a more leisurely pace by email.

Your call

Frater I.T.M.E.O.M.N.P.T.A on May 24, 2009:


Expert? Me?

That's actually something I've never been referred to as before.

And actually, I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to the finer points of most shamanic systems. I've done a little work here and there with hatian voodoo, and a significant ammount with the galdr and runes, but I'm mostly a hermetic magician.

I don't want to sound arrogant, but I'm better than most with hermetics, seeing as most so called 'hermetic' or 'kaballic' magicians today have never read, or even looked at the corpus hermetica, the golden dawn's flying rolls, or liber al vel legis.

that's the equivalent to someone saying they're experienced with norse magic, but don't know what runes are. Or like a catholic priest having never read a bible.

You're right that we're in agreement, though we weren't when I originially posted my first comment, after the clarification in your's, I think I understand where you were coming from, and agree.

yes, by the way, what you said is what I was refering to as the degrees of evil concept.


AlexK2009 (author) from Edinburgh, Scotland on May 24, 2009:

No problem about apparent hostility. I was on usenet long enouugh to develop rhino hide :)

I agree thinking about bad things does not lead to doing them. In fact I read of a case where fantasising was a powerful form of therapy.

However as I understand it DOING small bad things has often led the perpetrator to do worse and worse. Is this what you are referring to as the degreesof evil concept?

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I consider the act of trying to cast a curse to be something that changes the practitioner for the worse. I also think this would be true even if it could be shown the casting of the curse was ineffective.

I supect we are basically in agreement. What goes on in my head is my problem. What comes out of my mouth or what I do is potentially a problem for others.

As to magick generally, I looked at various systems long ago and for me the Nordic traditions and the traditions of the Caribbean and Brazil, such as Voudon felt right for me. as did Shamanic work. Hence I am fairly ignorant of the finer points of the systems based on Kaballah and similar mainstream western systems. Having been an IT Guy for years and only having a limited amount of time and energy my knowledge of the details of any system is nto what I would like, which is why I appreciate comments from experts.

Again thanks for your perspective.

Frater I.T.M.E.O.M.N.P.T.A on May 24, 2009:


I didn't mean to come off as offensive with that comment, and I'm sorry if it did.

now, onto my actual comment.

I think that your entire concept of 'don't think about bad things because it leads to doing them' is a very buddhist concept.

My own personal philosphy is that you can think whatever you want, and feel whatever you want, as long as you don't actually DO whatever you want. However, the degrees of evil concept is a very valid one. It draws from the corpus hermetica's most important law.

Again, I appologise for sounding hostile previously.


AlexK2009 (author) from Edinburgh, Scotland on May 24, 2009:

Thank you for the comment.

I said that for me the main reason not to throw curses was the effect it has on the curser. This is nothing to do with magick. As I said the monsters who ran the concentration camps began with minor acts of brutality and each tep led to the next. You can make people do almost anything, no matter how evil, if you convince them it is good and do it by little steps.

The point is negative thoughts affect YOU. The average person thinking of revenge or whatever will be ineffective because they cannot control their mind. However if their unconscious is aroused then they may cause untoward effects without consciously intending to do so. The initiate can probably produce effects but the mere act will change them. If you kick a homeless man once the next time is easier and if you continue you may end up killing them for fun.

As to the "new age" comment, some of the nastiest and most intolerant people I have encountered were new agers.

Your comment together with rereading Finley Hurley's "Sorcery" has given me food for thought and will in due time generate another hub.

Frater I.T.M.E.O.M.N.P.T.A on May 23, 2009:


no offence, but you sound too new-agey to actually know much about Magick. You talked about how simply thinking bad things is wrong, because of negative energy.

I'm a strong follower of 'as above, so below' and understand that for a true initiate, simply wishing ill of someone could actually cause things to happen, but to the average person (I.E your target audience) nothing that they think about without acting on directly will affect anyone.


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