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Real Vampire Stories

Vampire Bones or at least people thought they were. Notice the brick shoved in the female vampires mouth.

Vampire Bones or at least people thought they were. Notice the brick shoved in the female vampires mouth.

The Legendary Arnold Paole

While you may have never heard of him Arnold Paole was quite famous as a suspected vampire back in the 1700's and he is still remembered in the Serbian areas today. Many people in the area still believe he was a real life vampire even today.

The real life vampire story of Arnold Paole took place during 1727-1728 in the Serbian village of Meduegna. Arnold Paole was a soldier serving in the Austrian Army and he came home to his home village in the spring of 1727. But before he came home he said he was attacked and bitten by a vampire in Greece and he was able to kill it. But he told people in the Serbian village of Meduegna that he had started to feel weird and wake up at all hours of the night after being bitten by the vampire.

He was not back home in his village of Meduegna for long before he fell off a hay wagon and busted his head wide open causing his death. He was buried and before long people in and around the village would claim to have seen Arnold at night in and around the village. It was said he went to many peoples houses and they held their door closed and refused to let him enter their home. Two people in different homes in the village were found dead with puncture marks to their throats. The villagers burnt those bodies and scattered the ashes to make sure they did not turn into vampires.

Forty Days after Paole had died army troops arrived from Belgrade and they dug up Arnold Paole at the request of the village elders. When the casket was opened it is said that Paole was laying on his back but as soon as the sun fell on him he screeched and rolled up in a ball on his stomach. The soldiers fired their muskets over and over into the casket and then they drug him from the casket chopped off his head and burned it and his body to ashes and poured them into the near by river. The vampire problems were then over in the village of Meduegna. Was he a vampire or was he not we can not say for sure. Its up to you to decide. But this is one of many documented tales of a real live vampires.

Real Interview With A Vampire

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Dillsboro N.C. was the scene of vampire hunts in 1788-1789

Dillsboro N.C. was the scene of vampire hunts in 1788-1789

Vampires In The Mountains Of North Carolina

And while there are many stories of vampires and vampire hunts all over Europe and the Caribbean one of the best documented vampire stories ever occurred over about a year period in and around Dillsboro N.C. from 1788-1789.

In the spring of 1788 a family arrived in the then small mountain community of Dillsboro N.C. Their last name was Alfort and there were rumors that they were descended from royalty. They bought land down by the river and built what was then a very nice large colonial home. Mr Alfort opened up a doctors office and pharmacy in rooms in the front of the house and people were at first really happy that a new doctor had arrived in their community. But very quickly two different men who had went to the new doctor to be treated for gout died. Both men had been well liked members of the community and it really angered a lot of people. However in a few months the local minister had made a peace in the community and for a time everything seemed to be fine. However the time of peace was short lived. That fall a young girl child of the Minister was found dead in her bed with puncture marks to her throat. The Ministers wife swore she had saw a dark form hovering over her daughter and she screamed but it was to late and the child had died.

This caused a huge up roar in the community and the people of the area started to claim a vampire or a group of vampires was loose in their midst. Many nights groups of men went out and searched but they found nothing. However some men claimed to have seen a large black bat like creature fly over them. A few nights later a young boy ran down the hill to his grandfathers house and told his grandfather something was up the hill in his Daddy's house attacking his Mom and Dad. The grandfather summoned other men and they ran to his sons house up the hill but the man , woman, and two girl children of 3 and 9 were dead with puncture wounds to their necks.

The area was immediately in an uproar and soldiers were called in and they searched the community. By February of 1789 things had quieted down when one evening screams were heard and when men arrived they saw a black form of a human run from the house and run down the hill and into the Alfort house. When the village men went into the house where the screams had come from they found the bodies of a young couple with vicious bite marks to their throats. Almost at once more men came and they were told that the murderer had ran down the hill and into the Alfort house. When the search party of men got to the Alfort house Mr Alfort refused to let them in. However as soon as the sheriff arrived they dragged Mr Alfort outside and tied him to a tree. When the men entered the house they found some strange things for sure. Their were bedrooms upstairs with beds but it was clear no one slept in them. When the Sheriff and search party got downstairs they found three caskets and Mrs Alfort dressed all in black was in one of them but very much alive. She hissed and cursed at them when she was pulled from the casket.

Later that night the Sheriff and the villages Minister announced to the crowd outside the Alfort house that the Alfort's and their son were vampires. The Alfort's were hung and then placed back inside the house that night. The house was set on fire and was burned to the ground. However the couples 15 year old son was never found and he was never seen in the area again. And their were no more vampire murders or unusual murders in the area. Were they really vampires no one will ever know. But something very strange indeed had went on and people at the time said that the Alfort's were vampires.

If the Alfort's were not vampires who was the vampire. Because something or someone was going around killing people and biting them on the neck.


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Real Interview With A Vampire

Click Here To Read A Real Interview With A Vampire

So what do you think of our real vampire stories. What do you think went on in these two strange and unusual vampire stories. Negative comments that are derogat

Ms.Mekesha on November 15, 2016:

But seriously i love vampires for me the're the best immortal that I never knew. I believe that they are real and it must be. Maybe I need more informations about vampires cause it's like there's something word that I need to read or to say that vampires really exist and to be honest I wanna be like them too since I was 5 years old. When I knew that I started to read about vampires and watch some vampires movies but I don't thinks so that the personalities that I knew are real it's kinda more suspicious for me, since that I've been so much obsessed I don't know why but I really love them. I just wanna ask if they are really powerful like in the movies or just something similarities for what I read. And for the last time I have been dreamed that am a vampire for like 3 times

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L.S on April 07, 2016:

Hello, do you still have contact with this peter? If so could you ask peter if he's heard of three sons of the phoenix? I am curious to know if he's heard of this... It's just a question.. and thank you..

Adrian on September 11, 2015:


Emma Star Liscum on April 07, 2015:

A lot of people say they need proof. Ive found proof not of these particular stories but of moderm Vampyres. We overr the years have become civilized just like normal humans we needn't feed all the time and never kill. Some just dont grow up. Just like humans. Really vampyrism is almost a generic mutation anymore not a curse amd i say vampYRES not vampIRES vampires are grotesquly dramatized thing, vampyres are real the descendants of once violent uncivilized creatures. My name is Emma I am a modern day naturally born Vampyre i have met only two other vampyres. A female Mariah and a male Marcus. By pure chance we three found eachother and slowly we're piecing together the vampyre historry of where we descend from.

I knoe this sounds crazy but believe me we are always there we just act and look just like you.

Mrs.Hospurez on February 21, 2015:

I just wanted to say hello to everybody nd to the author I wish a request upon you if you may, to Peter if he can tell all of us about dust cloud nd what vampires are truely called today.. also, if he can tell these vampire wannabes what is Pandoras box.. nd maybe some more on vampires inner monster. Please? All due respect, Mrs. Hospurez

Anna on December 04, 2014:

I've red many about vampires and other supernatural creatures. A part of me wants to believe it deeply. But still, I need a proof. I love learning about anything, in fact I'm still learning about 3 different religions. You can tell I'm seeking for The Real God, a real salvation, a real path to Heaven. cause life is so short, then I decided to use my life wisely. Cause I don't wanna get burn eternally in hell.

So please, I really love more information about vampires, a real proof that they DO live among us. Thank You.

t.dinesh s/o thiyagarajan on November 23, 2014:

i want to become a wampior

Susan Wendling from Casper on June 24, 2014:

Crazyhorsesghost... You are welcome and I will be watching!

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on June 24, 2014:

Thanks Susan and I'm currently working on some brand new stuff. Thanks again for reading.

Susan Wendling from Casper on June 23, 2014:

Crazyhorsesghost... You have surprised me yet again. How have I not seen this article.... Very interesting...

NikkiGRN on April 25, 2014:

This is the first time I have ever posted a comment. First off are vampires real? I believe it to be. Secondly, would I like to be turned? Yes, in a heartbeat, if it would give me relief from the debilitating pain that I suffer from daily. There isn't enough space to go into a long detail. I've been told that surgery won't help and no Dr in their right mind would touch me. Physical therapy didn't help and seeing a chiropractor made it worse. So the only thing that helps with my back is strong narcotics. My diagnosis is : scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, spina bifida occulta, arthritis, diastematomylia and I'm only 43 yrs old.

Bill77 on April 14, 2014:

@Crazyhorsesghost. If you are still in contact with "Peter" please relay this message if you will. I know who you are. I would appreciate the opportunity to converse with you. And tell him Mr. Drayton says hello.

Tenshi on February 25, 2014:

This blog and the interview with the Vampire Peter is so interesting.

I wonder if they are exciting to see the future? I can understand that this world is boring sometimes, I think someday you saw everything on this planet if you live so many years. Imagine the possibilities of the future! Someday we will maybe be able travel true the space, to visit other planets and find other civilisations out there! I think this will be a great and interesting time! And as a Vampire you will see this things, I think this would be for me the only reason to be a Vampire or I was born just too early ;-).

Or who knows, Time Traveling or travel to other dimensions will maybe also be possible. Would a vampire change his story if he will be able to travel back in time?

Lucy on November 18, 2013:

Hi if vampires r real and people r trying to kill them y do dat if u can just study them without hurting them I think it's really interesting and I don't think dat all dark creatures from the night r evil

shefali on October 26, 2013:

I love vampires so much nd i wanna be a vampire

FunnyFanny on October 21, 2013:

Nice stories.. I saw someone else wrote they had scars on the neck.. So funny, so do I.. Never had the thought about vampires before though.. I've had them since I was a child, and none of my family members know how I got them.. Maybe I was bitten.. Oh I think not..

Well anyway I will continue my search for proof of their existence...

agnes on August 20, 2013:

Loved the story. If anyone knows of any more vampyre stories in nc please would love to hear them.

Veronica~ from somewhere im not suppose to be. on August 19, 2013:

Good research.

palveer on July 06, 2013:

i love these story of vampires well i don't now if they are really or not also vampires are my faviourite.

shreez on May 29, 2013:

I like it

lasae on May 07, 2013:

both are strong, and both have certain abilities. both can be killed. not all are evil or take lives. some have come to cherish life, having lost their own, or shall i say, humanity. both are judged harshly, and both have been persecuted through all mans time on earth. neither has more power over the other, but both can kill. look not at what you percieve as monsters to all that the everyday man does to destroy.

Rose on April 25, 2013:

i like real vampires because i love vampires they r very lucky those who r vampires i want to meet real vampires can its will happen i ll come Mumbai 1st June Mumbai west pl come and find me

itiiti on April 08, 2013:

Vampires are real! Ö

vampire on April 02, 2013:

i know vampires are. real they must be and i know it

mandi on March 24, 2013:

First of almost every woman would like to be a vampire,second. If vampires are real {never been proven or disproven) they are either. A}blood thirsty monsters or b}they want to be left alone.let's face it they could walk amongst us and we would never know ,and if they told you so you would write them off as crazy, I too would love to be eternel but only so I could have a second chance..most people think it would be glamorous I don't think that's how it works it would take sacrifice and pain most people would only make more to be afraid of ....

ShadowWolfX51 on March 16, 2013:

Honestly, I do believe a lot of ancient legends have some truth. I mean, nearly every country has vampire legends that date back to long before countries got into contact with each other, so it could be a natural thing. If this is the case, the most likely bit of truth would be in general they have sharper teeth (though its possible they may sharpen themselves so they can get a good bite) as well as a bit stronger and faster, but not stupidly so, just on the level of the best modern athletes/the few remaining modern ninjas. Due to the legends from different countries, they would possibly all have additional mutations that are dependant on the bloodline/country origin. What I expect may have happened, is back before the industrial revolution humans would have trouble fighting back, and so the could let legends spread with no problem since it would take an organised group of people to take one down. Now as the revolution came about, or even a long while before. Because of this the older, the experienced or the clever would have started to spread to other vampires the need for secrecy since weapons that could make short work of them were being made. They most likely would have also killed off any that didn't agree. Because if this some sort of council of vampires focused on keeping order with a small set of laws mainly set to stop them from revealing the population and being made short work of. There would most likely be some sort of laws on how to feed, making sure that they do something like use stab wounds instead of bites unless desperate to keep the secret. Well that's just a guess, but it seems like a logical progression of ideas if vampires are real given the information I have. Tell me what ya think.

truptimayee nayak on February 24, 2013:

i believe in this but i don't want to know about this because a years ago in my family have suffered from this.

rose1968 on February 22, 2013:

hello peter i would like to ask you something ok, for 1 i wold like to know if you would come to my home and meet with me face to face i would like to get to know you, and i would like for you to get to know me,you said that you can here what i'am thinking so if you are thinking that i'am a vampire hunter you are very rong my name is rose sherrie anderson i was born on may 3 ,1968, in harnado mississippi, i did live in sc and nc for a long time ,i would like it if you would come here to fort mitchell moble home park my add is 966 hwy 165 lot 149 fort mitchell alabama 36856,so pater if you do not trust me you can come and i will stand not to close to you so you can read my mine ok,oh i don't wish to be a vampire ok ,never die are grow old i would like that but to drank blood no way, i wish i could meet you be for i die ,love rose

sushma sridhar on February 22, 2013:

i hav lot of confusion about vempires. where they came from ? where r thy now ? is still they r here?

Elizabeth on February 08, 2013:


bhau on February 03, 2013:

yes vempire is real

alexis jen on November 26, 2012:

i really so amaze and i also believe vmpires

Asha frm India on October 24, 2012:

I love vampires movies and pls let me knw wer dey live and hw dey look like???? i love der luv stories too much...............

Zainie on October 14, 2012:

I believe in vampires and they really exist

... on October 04, 2012:

It may be nice to believe that something is out there that isn't of the norm, but the facts set forth for you by scientists and logic dictate that even if some things such as this happen, which you can't say it's true because you weren't alive to prove it to be so, then is this really reason to go googly eyed over the fantasy? I mean correct me if I'm wrong but those things want your blood, they would obviously kill you for it, so is it really a great idea to invite the idea into your small mind that they aren't some folklore bored people made up?

Tanmay on September 27, 2012:

I like to read this types of stories so much. So i liked this story also very much...

Mercedes on September 26, 2012:

I have been looking for these type of stories, I love when I find people who believe in vampires as much as I do.

hana on September 04, 2012:

I wanna to see vampires so much.. I think vampire good than people

rabbiya on August 30, 2012:

vry intrsting...

teengirl12 on July 27, 2012:

it fascinates me that there is a possibility that vamps exist. it means that evolution is not over. you should read more about them. vamps aren't bad at all, they just need to control there cravings more. they might be able to exist on animal blood. if they really can't control their craving they need to order blood from a blood bank. you should also read stuff on werewolves, witches, and ghosts. they are part of the more mysterious part of this world too. we live in fear of what we don't understand. if vamps would come out of hiding and tell us about them we would understand and they wouldn't have to live in the dark any more. people may even want to HELP them.

JNUelsmann98 from D.C. on July 05, 2012:

Thank you very much crazyhorseghost, I’m sure it can be trying at times to be a go-between and so I appreciate the help.

So, I’ll make my questions short, but hopefully will stimulate a conversation?

1) What is Peter’s and or Riland’s opinion of the DAR, both past and in present time?

2) There are many books out now about Lincoln, his life and assassination.

a) Does he have any first-hand knowledge of this event or the events leading up to it?

b) What is his opinion of the book, “Killing Lincoln”? It is being made into a movie and will film in VA in July of this year. It is being shown as the possible real “truth” of historical events, what is their opinion?

3) The book Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter has been made into a movie. It has been stated in the press that the characters are not real yet there are many who say it is based on real people and vampires and photos are shown to support these ideas.

A) What is their opinion?

So this is my three questions. Although they are compound questions, I hope they may stimulate some conversation. I did have one more question, but it is more personal as I had mentioned previously.

If I may ask, does either Peter or Riland know a gentleman of their kind who calls himself “Klein”?

Thank you again,


Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on July 04, 2012:

Sure ask them and I will try to point him to them.

JNUelsmann98 from D.C. on July 04, 2012:

May I submit a few short questions for him? Really only 3 right now, and have to do with literature now and one about if he knows a particular person? I have read the blog, but my questions are a bit different, more for historical reference and his opinion on some current historistorical books being made into movies. I figure it would be more appropriate and worth his time given it is the 4th of July today.

Thank you.



Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on July 03, 2012:

With Riland but not with Peter any longer. I miss him.

JNUelsmann98 from D.C. on July 03, 2012:


Do ever still communicate with Peter or Riland?

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on June 08, 2012:

I believe that vampires really do exist. But they are not going to email you or come over to your house and be your friend or give you the dark gift. If you expect that then your deluding yourself. I think they can walk in sun the same as at night and I think it has nothing to do with witches. I think they have the ability from the time they are turned and I feel there are far fewer real vampires than any one wants to believe. A few hundred at most in the USA

navii on June 01, 2012:

just LOV vampires

Kelvin on May 30, 2012:

I belived in de story but i think some of th vamps are not wicked i wanna hnow more about vamps mine mail is

jericodinogan on May 29, 2012:

iwana be a vampire

Miller 1888 on May 17, 2012:

U all need to stop searching and looking for info that will end up getting you hirt vampires are not real and have never been alive they are created from the overactive minds of feble minded humans now please leave the subject at peace if they are real im sure that they would greatly unepreceate the monsters that humans have made them out to be blood is a consumable substence like water it can be drunk but unlike water it has a taste that some people crave. now please to all that read this leave the matter alone. thank you

clair88 on May 16, 2012:

Well, I do believe that We humans are powerful than other creature, that is the reason why God created us to be the leader. They may be supernaturals but We still be lucky because nobody will hunt and slay us unlike them,,they are like rats over the big cats

aman on May 09, 2012:

i want to be a vampire bcoze i love their everything

nimra on May 09, 2012:


Neelav on May 08, 2012:

I Loved the stories in fact when I told this stories to my bro he was scared enough to tell my mom that I am a vampire and this stories are mine. Ha.....

vampogal on May 04, 2012:

since from my child hood i was under spirits but healers told ans some of my questions i was carrying im having a strong imagination thinks usualy came true i have some marks around i use to thirsty all the even though im human but living style is much much resembles to vampires bats are usually around me whenever i use to be outside im being having so many vampiric dreams in that im getting married with them or they r being telling me that at some ryte time will get u with us but still they r so many things to discuss with u all but i dnt know wether im ryte or wrong

Jaz on May 03, 2012:

I want to believe in vampires I love twilight iv never met a vampire it's creepy but I would like the experience hmmmm ???? Anyone help me out

Alo kent on April 16, 2012:

But it seems no real vampire stories from the 21st century, i think they have extinct.

Gage on April 15, 2012:

Sup im Gage I think "VAMPIRES"are something nobody knows about.Ur right Vampires might be real ,but how do u know for sure?Sure vampires could sneak into ur house and kill u,but they can also turn u into something beautiful, somthing powerful,somthing no one would be able to take from u.Trust me i know i used tobe one,but now im a werewolf.Just be on the lookout.:().

vamgirl1999 on April 08, 2012:

I have been searching to be a vamp it sounds fun being the undead i want to be too a vampire it sounds very cool if anyone has any info on where to find them serch me on facebook cheyenne hightower( tearani hightower)

airwin on April 07, 2012:

when i was 4th year high school my english teacher told me and my classmates as well to provide a "research paper" of all the things that are existing, and i used the VAMPIRE as my materials but i don't know why maybe i am curious to know if they are really real. Out of my determination to get a high grade in the said paper ive search all things about this vampire their origin, history, ways to recognize them and even the way on how to put them to death (if there is a way) and i also read some story where in the character is vampire, then i found out that they can live as if they were a human. I dnt know if it true? Now its stupid to say but i want to meet them and become my friend. Somebody here can help me? By the way i got 98. :)))

..... on April 04, 2012:

i believe in vampires as well as wanna be one....i had a very strange feeling that i am different from everyone else and the fact that i always and up on sights about vampires is very weird and freaky...i think its a sighn

Melodygal98 on April 01, 2012:

There could be another world where vampires exist just like human's world....

Those are really interesting.

Bianca Sanchez on March 29, 2012:

I think that vampires are real i mean back then they use to live but do you still know if they are still walking on earth?

ARNOB INTISAR SHAN on March 23, 2012:


the lame kids on March 18, 2012:

ima use this for homework lol!

prachi wadhawan on March 13, 2012:

these stories are real that i know for sure

its amazing reading them

i often have a great interest in reading stories on vampires

motimberhead on March 08, 2012:


Yes that is a very good idea, I often discuss personal paranormal experiences, theories, and beliefs with my friends and co workers. But you haven't answered my question, have you personally found anything in your research that just cant be explained?

cassandra on March 07, 2012:

if they are real vampires please contact me on my email

Adrienne on March 07, 2012:

So, in answer to the questions about proof....I'm going to suggest something interesting...When I was in school, I used to go around with yellow sheets of paper, and ask fellow students about their ghost stories/ monster stories..and I would write them down. This made me one of the "weirdos" in school..but people would also come to me for advice on supernatural things. I suggest starting with your close friends, write down all the details..and investigate...find out what you can. Keeps things interesting I promise

no one on March 06, 2012:

you don't need evidence to believe if there are humans y can't their be vampires

no one on March 06, 2012:

vampires are real if their evil so what if their good so what i know pleanty of humans who are good and evil if their real they don't want us to know so tryy to get over it that thing you think is stalking you could very well be a human or....a bird they haven't hurt me

motimberhead on March 05, 2012:


So throughout your research of vampire myths and legends, have you stumbled upon and piece of evidence that really makes you believe? I have done a fair amount of research myself and only seem to find some interesting stuff but nothing big.

motimberhead on March 03, 2012:


Throughout all of your vampire research have you stumbled upon that one piece of emperical evidence that just, without a reasonable doubt, that makes you believe vampires exist? I have done my fair share of research and have some rather interesting things but nothing major.

eliza on March 03, 2012:

vampire are real...... And im an half vampire

yessica pilsburry on March 02, 2012:

hallo, everybody,

i wanna tell you something about real vampires.

I think I saw a real vampire yesterday.

he stood in my backyard behind a tree.

with him was a dead rabbit,

and everywhere there was blood.

he saw me and looked up.


And if you read this, I'm maybe dead..

Littlefox on February 29, 2012:

There are mixtures of snake brothers, if you are any more then 1\3 in ones blood line one is compelled to live with the snake brother. Mixtures such as 1/2 and 1/3 tend to not live long--1/4 mixtures tend to have a severally over-active-immune-system. Often, being diagnosed with diseases such as lupus, while they tend to have the signature "butterfly rash," and red scaly skin around the finger nails, making ones nail bed to appear larger and elongated. In addition, skin walkers are not real shape shifters, they were merely attempting to copy what they were seeing--having acknowledged it was possible to do so.

Adrienne on February 28, 2012:

I have read some fantastical legends on them as well. Skin Walkers were people though, they evoked the spirits of animals by wearing their skins. Also, my days of wanting to find Vampires, ect. Are long over. That's a fire I don't want to dance to close to. I've done a lot of research over the use....the topic still interests me, as do responses to such things.

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on February 28, 2012:

Yes they are.

Adrienne on February 28, 2012:

Aren't Native American shape shifters called skin walkers?

Littlefox on February 28, 2012:

People are too much; you think you would want to meet a vampire until you met one. Vampires are not people, they never were. If you truly want to know where vampire comes from look up native american snake brothers and shape shifters.

Adrienne on February 27, 2012:

That does indeed make sense. Endings are always scary. I just don't think these kids have really thought out the consequences of immortality as a vampire. Does that make sense? Also, thank you for the compliment. I've done quiet a bit of research in to vampires...and mythology in general...I've always felt it important to believe in some things...but to take the Houdini route.

motimberhead on February 25, 2012:


Yes I would agree, a lot of these comments are very interesting and entertaining. Sadly most are fakes and wannabes that enjoy whatever fantasy/role playing they can find on the internet. After reading these various hubs and the comments, have you found any sort of empirical evidence that vampires exist? I have actually found the hubs very helpful and are good starting points for ones own research.


You seem to be very well thought out and articulated as well, which is nice to see. Sadly almost everyone else seems to disregard grammer, spelling, and non abbreviated text talk. You raised a rather interesting point about death and the chance of immortality that vampires offer. I feel that is one reason people will frantically search or want to believe in their existence. That small fleeting chance vampires do exist lets people avoid what most often scares them the most, death.

Adienne on February 22, 2012:

Why? Why would any of you want to be a vampire? I'm not asking this rhetoricly...I can understand the lure of immortality. Death is a scary thing. It is the great unknown...but death in many ways defines us. Hurting people to live forever..sounds..for lack of a better word, selfish. Like I said earlier, and even I have been guilty of (too much Forever Knight and Bram Stokers Dracula)....we over romanticize them. They are dark, mysterious beings...but they feed on us. We are food. That's to be feared and respected I think.

gudiya on February 21, 2012:

i meet vampires and i want to become vampire.

Adrienne on February 18, 2012:

Okay, I could say so much here. First off...If you want to do some basic research, I would start by reading In Search of Dracula by Radu Florescu and Raymond T. McNally (the revised edition), and The Vampire Encyclapedia(they put out new editions pretty regularly).Radu once told me in an email that it's important to find the kernel of truth behind our Myths...and there always is...truth...I think it's important for humans to believe in monsters.These stories bring out some of our truly human qualities. I do think we have completely over romatacised them. The fight between good and evil has been lost to bubblegum vampires. That scares me a bit. Every culture has a vampire story, from the Yaramayhoo, to the Strigoi. It would be foolish to assume there aren't strange magical things around us.....we have believed so since pretty much the beginning

Lotusbud101 from Somewhere pa on February 17, 2012:


Yes I have read it and yes I must agree.In awnser to ur other question I am very interested in the idea of them being real.I have done a lot of research online but it all seems to be the same thing over and over again lol....... I find peoples comments and thoughts interesting on these hubs.I feel that there are a lot of things that surround us in our everyday life that we may not notice I would live to have proof.

motimberhead on February 17, 2012:

@lotus bud

After reading numerous hubs from crazyhorse it seems that you are the only person actively posting. My question have you read the hub, "interview with a real vampire"? If so doesn't his story seem a BIT too similar to the book/movie interview with the vampire? Also what brings you here to these various hubs discussing vampire mythology? I myself am here because I find the IDEA of vampires being real intriguing and looking for that emprical evidence that they do exist, not just stories that are mostly made up by fools on the internet.

Lotusbud101 from Somewhere pa on February 16, 2012:

Very interesting I would like to hear more thoughts


Jhonson_x08 on February 15, 2012:

vamarism is the term of '' blood feeding '' they are just unreal creatures, which came across the reality.

It get popular among us from 18th centuary. But, some of body have information on their great existence.

Vampaire are the real one as I and u but, this creature hav great spirit to so on.

They donot look alike an animal or a proper man but some of bit difference.

Some body says it is "walking death" (dead body with living spirit). But, it is not complete truth!

Some of them have live like human's have. But in some of case he/she different from vampaire (dead).

There are mainly two kinds of vampires are in existence(basic vampires only)

1. Living.

2. Dead.

1. Living- they get birth from the host one.

2. Dead- they are created by the *spirit/owner.

[*spirit, according to "cc_0x1"(Creature Classification) it came from another one or self]

for any question or more to know-

contact me or email @:

Jhonson_x08 on February 15, 2012:

''thrst of blood hs no emotion, no politness,and no relations''.

thousands of body,

1000s of revols,

1000s of years nither change their faith.

Once u chased, will never returned back!

U all hv ur life don't waste, in trying this nonsense!

No one knows wat is or was true or false, who is real or not?

Power is not gug for all time, sometimes it will takes a price.

Very hard!

Lotusbud101 from Somewhere pa on February 11, 2012:

If it is mindless chatter why take the time to read it ? Or why respond to it if u feel that? Negativity accomplishes nothing.


jen on February 11, 2012:

vampires don't wish to be found. we pray on those who interst us the most. in nearly five in the morning and i have spent nearlt fifteen minutes readinthrough all of your mindless chatter of how all of you want to meet a vampire. oh boy. we creatures well some of us for that matter have a higher intelligence level than most of you out there. we choose to not let you see us because you're too dumb to realize we're actually standing right in front of you as every day people. we are looking for the right beings to pocess and only with permission for that matter. good day fellow beings and your mindless chatter.

alana on February 09, 2012:

heyyyy i beleive in vampires don't we all and i love them i really fell in love with them i am so obssesed its not funny i am really interested in these things i am scene and its kinda weird i beleive but not really OWWWWWW AND NICE ARTICLE!

eyasu on February 08, 2012:

I sense like a vampire. but some sites say vampires does not exist. u belong which group? just tell me the truth!

ishu on January 22, 2012:

plz tell me vampires real story

i like vampires movie

candyse on January 14, 2012:

Can someone please explain to me how vampires are real. I mean this with all due respect. The people that comment back and claim to be "vampires" how do i know that's true. Someone please comment back with better proof and maybe i will be more of a beleiver when it comes to vampires. Thank you.

dark on January 11, 2012:

maybe its real ...

vidhi on January 08, 2012:

hello PETER i wish you reply me soon what i have asked some questions. i am so desperate to know about you. thanks

Thee Unkown on January 07, 2012:

I'm not here to judge but i do believe vampires are real and the Hollywood movies are just based on lies most of the time Vampires die they don't live 4 ever and ever they will die sooner or later they may not be mortal but they are just like us it's possible for me to be one i thirst for blood sometimes i want to kill my best frinnz and others i don't wanna b a monster! It's not all you think it's the worst thing to imagine being a monster that has no love for anyone.

alyssa on January 07, 2012:

not gonna lie.....a little bit skeptical. i do want to believe they exist....but i just need better proof i guess.

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