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Reading for Taurus

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☆Reading for Taurus! Much Needed today!☆

I swear I can't make this stuff up if I tried! The first card to fly out of my deck was the Hierophant - I shit you not! How that for confirmation ? You got your own card-crazy!
Not only did this let me know we are certainly dealing with your story [energy]- It could also include a union OR Relationship of some Kind- whether it’s in real life, or something slightly more involved in the "Spiritual" realm.

The next card to fall out was the Knight of Swords in Reverse... You're acting impulsively & anxiously, yet without clarity. You're being arrogant and dominating-you're not connecting with the truth. You’re doing more harm than good Right Now- take some time to Reflect…and don't use this hasty energy lightly, it can cause problems with you and the people around you. Slow down!!!

Empress in Reverse was the 3rd card. You may be dealing with someone who's possessive and Smothering. (OR this could be you).
You are longing for security and stability, but you may be viewing your current person or Situation as lacking what you believed was once available to you. (OR Sadly, you may be (or somebody near you) may be dealing with the loss of a pregnancy).

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The last card is the Judgement in Reverse as well. You're tempted to go back to something that isn’t good for you. These people and habits are calling to you- and it's difficult for you to let all of those things go. This is a test to see how prepared you are for all the things coming to you- the things you said you wanted. Is what you have now what makes you happy? Think really hard.

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