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Reading Yes or No on a Pendulum


before you start using a pendulum

You may remember hearing stories about someone that could tell the birth of someone’s baby, using a pendulum, or a necklace, and was correct all the time. Here is the information on how it works. Before you use this, understand there is a possibility that you could be incorrect with your answers.

Before you start; quiet your mind. Do not think about an answer before it is given.

Get a necklace with a pendant, or a pendulum, hold it between your index finger and thumb. Look at the necklace as you are holding it up. When the necklace is not moving, picture the necklace moving from side to side.

You will notice, if done correctly, the necklace will start actually moving in the directions you are picturing. It will move from left to right, right to left, back and forth, or forward, and back.

This is known as a psychosomatic reaction. Psychosomatic is also sometimes referred to as the power of suggestion.


getting a yes or no with your pendulum

Now that you understand how this works, you can use it to your advantage. Your mind knows most things. Sometimes we can pull things out of the back of our minds, and use them.

For example, let’s say you have an ire feeling about someone lying to you. You picked signals up that you were not aware you picked up about this person, and stored them in the back of your head. In turn, your gut told you something was wrong. To verify your gut feeling, you use what some call a pendulum. You can use a necklace if you do not have one.

To get yes or no from your pendulum, place your pendulum between your index finger and your thumb, as stated above.

Say to yourself: “What direction will the pendulum move if the answer is yes?” Watch the pendulum. The pendulum is going to move in the direction that means yes. Take note in the direction the pendulum moves in. When you ask a question later, the direction the pendulum moved in for "yes" means yes.

Say to yourself: “What direction will the pendulum move in if the answer is no?” Watch the pendulum. When you ask a question later, the direction that the pendulum moved in for "no" means no.


more on reading a pendulum


When you are reading a pendulum, keep in mind that your answers can be wrong, especially if you already have it in mind what the correct answer is going to be.  If you tell yourself “yes is the correct answer,” and it is followed by, “I knew it…” chances are that you made the answer turn into a  “yes.”

You turned the answer into a yes because you already told yourself that is what the answer is going to be.

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If you are reading a pendulum, do not do it for negative reasons. If you have negative reasons, please do not use the pendulum. For example: You are feeling negative about your boyfriend Tom, and you feel that Tom may be using you, do not use the pendulum for an answer. Since there is negativity in this already, you can actually influence the pendulum to give you a negative answer that may not be true.

Remember in the beginning, you told the pendulum which direction to move in? You are the one that controlled the movement of the pendulum. The same holds true if you exercise judgment when reading one. This is one reason that you should not use a pendulum for something you feel negative about. You do not want to exercise judgment, and make the pendulum give you the negative answer you are anticipating, and falsely accuse someone of something they did not do.

When you are using a pendulum, start off by asking simple questions. Ask questions like: Is my name Sara? Are my eyes green? When you are doing this, you are practicing.  Later, when you understand a little more about how a pendulum works, you can move on to bigger questions. You should ask questions that you feel neutral about. 

If you are using the pendulum in a party, or reading for someone else, make sure you only answer questions that the person feels neutral about.

You do not want to be wrong with an answer (which is possible), and influence someone else to get upset.


Your mind is a very powerful tool.  You should exercise patience, time, and non-judgment whenever possible.

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precy anza from USA on February 28, 2013:

Have one, an aventurine pendulum. Have it for about 3 years now :) I used it to ask questions about anything, but I noticed it was more accurate when I ask about love related questions ^-^'

Annah on October 19, 2011:

Love Pedulums =)

Jalus on March 13, 2011:

I think I wold probably be one of those that chooses my own answers. Very interesting hub.

sarclair (author) on March 12, 2011:

Thank you LoraKay.

LoraKayAlexander on March 11, 2011:

Interesting. :-)

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