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Do the Work

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Exploring Purpose and Vision

I know this that is not a new subject. You can find books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, and workshops advertised all over the virtual world. The problem doesn't seem to be access to information but our ability to apply the changes necessary to fulfill one's purpose and vision.


The Day of Responsibility

How many times have we made "Monday" a Holy Grail day? On "Monday" I'll start my diet!, On "Monday" I'll write a new Hub!, On "Monday" I'll look for a new job! So many "Monday's" have arrived and left and we still have not written that book, finished that project, wrote down our vision, declared our purpose, made reconciliation, asked for forgiveness, and started that diet!

And after a series of "Monday's," I have arrived at the latter part of my journey and close to retirement and find the most urgent need to reinvent myself! There were choices that I made due to certain needs. I needed a job to take care of my son, unemployed husband and myself. So, I took the first, decent-paying job in my field. I needed a car and purchased with the first dealer that accepted my credit. I needed a place to stay and moved into a place that was affordable but now best for my well-being.

Most of us have made choices like these at one time or another in our lives. Choices that did not nurture our well-being but met a need. Those choices allowed me to "settle." Settling caused me to "accept" the extra stress, 30 lbs., unfulfilling job, and put up with what T.D. Jakes calls "turtles!" Those people portraying to be friends and supporters but whose chatter is that of negativity and betrayal.

However, The Day of Responsibility knocks at the door! It shows up with all our excuses, poor judgments, fear, doubt, and paralysis! It demands accountability! "When you know better, do better!"

Iylana Vanzant calls it "Doing the work!" Reaching for Higher Ground demands that we do the work! The Day of Responsibility not only touts our decisions but reveals our ability to make better choices with the knowledge that we have acquired up until the point of taking responsibility of what we have done until the present time!


Doing The Work

The scripture states: You did run well, who did hinder you? -- Galatians 5:7

Along the journey, we get side-tracked, distracted, and pulled off course! This is where Doing the Work comes into play! It requires that we investigate what took us off course and when did it happen, and enables us, with that knowledge to move forward. What holds us HOSTAGE!

We must do an "inside" work! What do I see mirrored by my friends and the company I keep? What are my relationships like with my immediate family? Why do I fear success? It is oftentimes the need to "heal" the "child" in us. Some left abandoned, rejected, ridiculed, and abused!

For this, there is no quick remedy or "take a pill and see me in the morning!" The wake up call is that "we" have built the walls that keep us confined. Simply existing -- having our breath, activities of our limbs, and somewhat of a right mind! Not living, fulfilling purpose and pursuing vision!

Doing the Work entails the mind, body, and soul! There is an imbalance with most of us! Work is great but I'm 50 pounds overweight! I understand/know my purpose but when it comes to love, I suffer from anorexia. A powerful preach but drawn away by lust!


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Doing the Work will promote "change!" Changes of people, places, and things! Change in our addictions that we don't call additions! Chocolate, video games, shopping, eating, self-sabotage, work, or however, you have chosen to SELF-MEDICATE!

Because of these addictions, our body and mind will be resistant to the "Do the Work!" process. Cravings that you didn't even know that you had will arise! You will remember things from your past that made you afraid of the dark now! Abused children realize why they have built a wall of fat to ward off further violators!

Change will mean that you cannot partake of what has brought The Day of Responsibility to knock at your door!


I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! - Phillipians 3:17

Spiritually armed. We can begin to make changes that are needed to live an authentic life!

I must decrease, so that He can increase! I need to surrender. Admit that I've made some mistakes, wrong choices, and may have even become bitter with my life! It is through admittance that we forgive ourselves and release all that we have to the One who loves us most!

With surrender I empty myself of the responsibility to try to make right every wrong and give myself the permission to be set free to began again!



Let's Pray

Dear Father, we thank you for your grace and mercy and the knowledge to know that we are nothing without you. It is your desire that we prosper and be in good health. Whatever, my brother or sister needs at this point in their journey, I ask that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide them into that Truth! We thank you for another opportunity to live a life of abudance. In Jesus' Name!

Don't Run From Your Problems


© 2014 Lady Summerset

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Lady Summerset (author) from Willingboro, New Jersey on May 20, 2014:

Thank you WiccanSage and welcome to my world. It was one of those days that I didn't "feel" like writing/doing. However, sometimes we just simply need to DO and not wait on a "magical" moment to happen. Thanks so much for commenting!

Mackenzie Sage Wright on May 20, 2014:

Interesting hub, I enjoyed it very much as I've had to learn similar lessons on my own spiritual path-- to basically get up and be pr0-active and take responsibility for myself, rather than laying around praying things will sort themselves out. Thanks for sharing, voted up.

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