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Is There Such a Thing as Global Consciousness?

Athlyn reads and feels energy and has had a long acquaintance with the ethereal.

Does a Human Consciousness Field Encircle the Earth?


Random Event Generators are Tapping Into Global Consciousness... With Surprising Results.

Can human intention and emotion be tapped?

The Global Consciousness Project has been initiated to find out. A multidisciplinary collaboration among approximately 100 scientists, engineers, artists and others, is underway to study the effects of consciousness and how it interacts with physical systems.

REGs are employed in an effort to tap a postulated human consciousness field that may encircle the earth. The REGs have been operating in the background, around the globe, for a number of years.

Random Event Generators use quantum-indeterminate electronic noise and are placed at numerous host sites, comprising a network that has been called the EGG. Timeservers are used to synchronize all of the EGGs and over 3 million trials are generated daily. The data is transmitted to an archive.

The REGs use computer technology to generate ones and zeros in random sequences. The numbers are printed on a graph. The laws of chance dictate that equal numbers of ones and zeros should be churned out, represented by a nearly flat line on the graph. Any deviation would show as a curve or a spike. And kind of structure in random data would indicate that something was influencing the REGs and that this might indicate consciousness around the world.

The Global Consciousness Project has a protocol for testing all the EGGs. Data is combined into a single Stouffer Z-score, which reflects all EGGs for each second. The hypothesis is that significant events may affect the EGGs and that this can be detected and confirmed by statistical analysis.

Global Consciousness Project Studies Affects on REGs

A vast network of REG's has confirmed that human thoughts and intention can dramatically influence physical systems, with the machines showing a huge deviation, that correlates to major events.

How Thoughts Influence Random Event Generators

During the late 70's, Professor Robert Jahn carried out tests to determine whether the power of human thoughts could impact on the output of an REG. Test subjects were asked to direct their minds on the machine.

The results were astonishing. Ordinary people, using their thoughts or intention, could influence the REG. It responded by spitting out unequal numbers of ones or zeros, producing significant fluctuations on the graph.

Dr. Roger Nelson enlarged on Professor Jahn's work by taking the machines to group meditations. Once again, dramatic shifts were seen in the patterns of numbers.

Nelson connected 40 REGs to his laboratory computer in Princeton. On September 6, 1997, the graph catapulted upwards; his machines reported a huge deviation from the norm. What could be causing such an upswing?

That day, an estimated one billion people around the world watched the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, at Westminster Abbey. That huge outpouring of grief had somehow registered on the EGG network.

In 1998, Dr. Nelson gathered together scientists from all corners of the globe to analyze the phenomenon. And subsequently, the Global Consciousness Project was born.

REGs and the EGG Network

♠ Data has been collected since 1998.

♠ The network embodies 65 host sites around the world.

♠ Data is transmitted to a server in Princeton, NJ, USA.

♠ The data comprises a database of synchronized parallel sequences of random numbers.

Diana's Funeral Saw an Outpouring of Emotion


The Objective

Intentions and REG Activity

If the REGs in the EGG network only spiked before, during or in the wake of one world event, it could be said that the deviation was likely random. It would still be hard to explain away why the REGS in the network responded concurrently. However...

Investigators have examined the REGs' output before, during, and after highly focused group events, such as the Academy Awards or New Year's celebrations, when millions of people share similar emotions or intentions. This outpouring shows a correlation in regard to non-random activity in the REGs.

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If it can be determined conclusively that the REGs show a deviation when major events impact on many people, the REGs will ultimately demonstrate the validity and presence of consciousness in the world.

Registering the Attacks Before They Happened

Princeton University researchers believe that so many people around the world were affected in the same way by the events before, during, and after 9/11, that this collective consciousness actually impacted the operation of the computers.

Twin Towers


Before, During, and After 9/11

Sept. 11-13th. What was about to unfold would prove truly astonishing...

All was quiet In the days preceding the attack on the Twin Towers. The EGGs had behaved normally; then suddenly, researchers saw a bizarre spike of non-random activity (an extraordinary increase in non-random deviation) 4 hours before the attacks on the Twin Towers. Furthermore, this continued for 2 days following the first attack.

These findings, understandably roused controversy in scientific circles.

How Did the EGG Network Respond?

Terrorist Attacks Registered on EGG Network

Terrorist Attacks Registered on EGG Network

Sept 11, Terrorist Attacks

Commercial airliners flew into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon

  • Time: 8:45 North Tower hit
  • 18 minutes later . . . South Tower hit
  • 9:40 Pentagon hit
  • 9:58 South Tower collapsed
  • 10:28 North Tower collapsed
September 11 Attacks as Shown on Graph

September 11 Attacks as Shown on Graph

REGs Recorded 9/11

The EGG network confirmed that global events and human reactions are interconnected in some fashion. The horrific events of that day and the outpouring of human emotion was recorded by Random Event Generators, which lends credibility to the possibility of global consciousness or what has been described as a type of giant hive mind.

Graph Demonstrating Spike

Courtesy of Roger Nelson, Global Consciousness Project.

Courtesy of Roger Nelson, Global Consciousness Project.

Roger Nelson: Global Consciousness and New Findings

60 EGGs Around The World

Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Fiji, India, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, South America, Thailand, U.S.

Intriguing Possibilities

If human consciousness is powerful enough to register on equipment, could our thoughts shape our reality? Could human consciousness be used to create a better world? Could thoughts and intention be used to shape the future?

If so, large-scale group consciousness or directed intention could be employed to create beneficial effects in the physical world.

Another possibility: If the EGG network spikes before events, could the data be used to predict the future?

Skepticism Around a Postulated Global Consciousness Field

The Global Consciousness Project has received its share of criticism, and skeptics contend that spikes and fluctuations are to be expected and could be anticipated in any random distribution of data, and thus, they feel that the data is not compelling.

20 Years of Study About Global Consciousness

Time has passed and with it, the evidence only grows more compelling. How and why does a network of eggs, respond when chaos hits the world scene? This shouldn't be possible and yet time and time again, REGs have responded to world events, confirming that on some level human thoughts and intention appear to dramatically influence physical systems, with the machines showing a huge deviation that correlates to major events.

The results suggest that mind and matter may be linked in some fashion, that human consciousness can influence REGs, with resultant non-random fluctuations in streams of truly random data.

© 2007 Athlyn Green

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