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Libra Intuitive Reading

Past- 3 of Cups. A relationship started in the recent past, however, it may have involved an extra person. You were most likely unaware of the other person until the truth came out. Seems like this could be taking place now, to be honest, or you're starting to suspect something.

Present- The Fool. Aquarius energy, and the energy of a fresh start. If you recently realized your person was up to no good, this card makes a lot of sense. It's actually good to pull the fool here in this situation. You are looking forward to the journey, and trying to stay optimistic. Confidence surrounds you, no matter what obstacles are on the path.

Protected Outcome- 9 of Swords. If your head is up in the clouds, you will eventually fall back down to earth...aka, reality. While it's good to have hope, having too much hope without any action leads to a dead end. We can't sit still and just wait for destiny to place our purpose directly before us. We do have to sow the seeds, and then make the correct moves.

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