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Bri writes about random things she's interested in. She loves history and reads tarot cards.


Justice card = Libra energy-OR dealing with a Libra.

You're Striving for fairness and balance within your life. You're being led to answer for your actions-whether good or bad. You could also be seeking a way to make a fair decision on something.

8 of Pentacles: You're dedicated to finishing a project or goal you have. You may be close to finishing a class, to graduating, or are working very hard in general, commiting to whatever it is.You're dedicated 100% and whole- heartedly.

6 of Wands: victory is coming bc of your hardwork, & the postive Karma-it is bringing in many positive accolaids.

You will end up on top here, whatever this may be. It's yours. You have the upper hand.

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3 of cups: you'll be celebrating the victory, and you'll be extremely happy. Relationships may also be forming, or will be made official.

7 of Pentacles (Reversed) = another confirmation that you hard work is being acknowledged. You may not see it now, but you will get all the good things you deserve. Remain Steadfast in the energy you've got now.

4 of Swords (Reversed) = you're restless at the moment. So, try to calm down & shift your focus onto something else. You may need to recharge for awhile- get rest before it's time to celebrate.

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