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Radiating the Beauty of a Spirit-filled Life

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Be Filled with the Holy Spirit and Work Out your Faith

“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.”

James 2:26 (NIV)

To possess a true spiritual beauty a woman must work out her faith. A mere profession of faith does not reveal the true spirituality of a woman. The kind of life a woman lived is a strong evidence of spirituality. Authentic faith is evident in a woman whose life has been an exhibit of Christ-likeness. This woman possesses the radiance and beauty of Christ's character. How can a woman be Christ-like? Galatians chapter 5 v. 22-23 enumerates the nine fruits of the holy spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control. These nine fruits of the Holy Spirit are actually the nine great virtues of Christ. If a woman is filled with and controlled by the Holy Spirit these nine virtues will be evident in her life. In pursuing Christ-likeness, a woman must seek to be filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit.

A Christian woman is called to work out the salvation that God began working in her life the day He saved her. This working out is actually her sanctification, the ongoing process by which she becomes more like Jesus Christ because she is sanctified or set apart for Him. God has freely given Christians everything in Jesus Christ to be capable of living an upright life. He gives the Holy Spirit who indwells and fills every believer in Christ and produces transformation in his/her heart and mind. Christian need to work out what God has worked into them so that they become fully developed followers of Christ.

During the times of the apostles, there was a woman in Joppa named Dorcas who was a believer and she had lived a life of charity. She had done many good deeds for the poor widows of Joppa. These poor widows had loved her and they agonized greatly at the time of her death. But later she was restored to life by Peter.

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This woman Dorcas has left a beautiful legacy for these women, the poor widows. She will always be remembered as a woman who had truly lived out the virtues of Christ. They saw the positive difference a relationship with God had made in her life. Her life is an exhibit of a beautiful transformation worked out by the Spirit.

(Bible Text : Acts 9:36-42)

My friend Lyn resembles Dorcas in many ways. Just like Dorcas, Lyn has a giving heart. With her crafts, she expresses her thoughtfulness to Christian friends. Lyn has an open heart to the needy even outside her household. Many times, she is willing to extend help to the afflicted ones. I can see in her a beautiful transformation from a once proud woman into a humble servant of CHRIST. I see how her life was transformed by the power of God’s Spirit. She is indeed a beautiful workmanship of God’s marvelous grace.

Pursue Christlikeness, be filled with the Holy Spirit.

“And as we yield to His workmanship, we will find that the secret to the final product is the Craftman’s touch.” – Dennis Fisher-

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