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Remaking Ourselves

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Thinking About Greatness

When I first read the Ghandi quote: “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world…as in being able to remake ourselves.” I didn’t think a whole lot about it. Then I read it again recently and realized that although I do not often think about greatness, I do frequently think about how greatly I’ve changed. In fact, it is something that is never far from my mind these days. I feel so thankful, so happy, so real.

What I think about from time to time too, are the remarks people sometimes make to me. Oh, I envy your peace; I wish I had your depth of knowledge; you are so very wise. You always seem so strong, so calm about everything. And I marvel that these statements actually reflect what is now true for me—I am at peace, I have grown in knowledge and wisdom, I feel strong.

Changing My Story

Sometimes, it does not seem that long ago when I was wallowing in self-pity, struggling to find meaning in anything and feeling like I would never be happy. So, if I am surprised occasionally, by who I am these days, I am delighted too. I have been able to move far away from my own sad story and remake myself.

Like so many others who have done this, I feel blessed that what I truly yearned for, is now in my life. All of it. I have found meaning, joy and peace—a deep inner peace that never leaves me. It is the anchor, the place from which I live, most of the time.

Yes, as a result of remaking myself, I have found endless love, total freedom, unlimited power. What I want, I attract. What I have I love!

I am more accepting, more forgiving, more compassionate, and less judgmental than I ever was. As I often say and write, I am comfortable with myself and with what is. I used to long for answers, but now I accept they will come when I am ready to receive them.

Gone are the days when I had to have something to look forward to. When I thought I needed to be a certain way or have something to feel good about myself. When I felt disappointed if my expectations were not met.

In remaking myself, I have released all that.

Being Thankful

I have let go of needing life to be anything other than what it is. Perhaps it would be true to say that I do not even think about life too much at all. I simply take it a day at a time, live in the present and don’t worry about, or get involved too much in planning the future.

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In my daily meditation sessions, I allow the mundane thoughts to come and go. I relax, breathe deeply and then travel deeper within. I find that vast and silent place where the energy of Love is in me and surrounding me.

I am thankful for each precious moment that allows me to experience life, to know love. And in this quiet, peaceful place, I am filled with heartfelt gratitude for having been able to remake myself—for the person I have become.

As always, I acknowledge I did not get here alone. I recognize the help I have been given by all those who have found and remade themselves, and then looked for ways in which to help others do so too. I deeply appreciate the guidance, the answers and the unconditional love I have received, all of which moved me to find my true self.

It was Love’s powerful, compassionate, wise and loving energy—that whispered into my heart the truth about greatness—that taught me it does not come from the mind or success.

It was Love who led me to the wisdom inside my heart. Who consistently reassured me that remaking myself simply involved knowing and living from who I really am.

Anyone Can Remake Themselves

I believe it is possible for all of us. If I can remake myself then anyone can. All it takes is a strong intention to find peace. To know who we really are. From that awareness comes understanding—our greatness is already here inside us. It lies in the acceptance that we are not weak, or victims, or anything anyone else has told us we are.

And in the moment when we lose who we thought we were, we find our true selves. We end up remaking ourselves. We begin again, learning and practicing what Love teaches us.

It is no big thing. And yet it is everything. We are forever changed.

It seems remarkable doesn’t it, that by not focusing on greatness, success or accomplishing anything, in simply living from Love, we are remaking ourselves? That is what I discovered. There is no secret to doing this, no special talent or ability required. It is something we all can do.

Just by taking it a step at a time—not wondering about, or anticipating outcomes, but following our hearts—we become involved in the process of remaking ourselves.

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