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Red - the - Crimson - Stain


RED - The Crimson Stain Washes us clean again and again

Bold and powerful Red; it's not just a color; it stands for so much more. Red is the color we bleed no matter who we are; we bleed red!

Have you ever closed yourself off from something? Then found out it could be the one thing that taught you a precious lesson or opened your eyes. We all make assumptions and often believe our own opinion or, worse, someone else's. We hold to those opinions before knowing the truth or even trying to find it out; what are the reasons for their honesty?

I made one assumption about a band; I thought it was loud and difficult to understand. I claimed to not care for the group, whose lyrics I could not hear, yet I hadn't taken the time to listen.

Maybe it's something said about another person in the media, and though it may be true, we do not know the complete story. People are not aware of all the shards of glass that make people whole or broken. Never aware of what pieces it has taken from them that made cracks show. They did not know how much glue they had tried to find to put them back together before giving up. Also, we don't know what phase of work they are experiencing.

We all have cracks, some are tiny and hidden, and others are under pressure. While we understand our truth, it isn't easy to understand what feeds others' reality. Sometimes we ignore what is not excellent for us because of its popularity. Even though we have tried to listen to a message, we allow ourselves to hear it more often because it has a catchy tune or the person saying something is someone we want to know more about or think we should emulate.

And so, I listened to the band Red again, and it surprised me how important their music became to this ole mama.

We are all important in God's plan. Some days you will be the twenty-dollar bill everyone wants to earn, and other days you may be the penny they pass by. At first glance, we think receiving the twenty makes us the winner, but with a closer look, when the dirt washes away, we see the penny is a collector's item worth the same, if not more.

A double-edged sword presents one side is an assumption, and the other is the truth. I have learned from many mistakes in life, and so have you, but we continue to make them. That is part of our human existence; we are all victims of that reality. We use free will to make choices and then understand by allowing us to accept the consequences.


  • RED is for the blood of Christ, yes His blood, shed for you and me.
  • RED is for the crimson stain, one that is deep and needs only God’s love and forgiveness to be washed clean as snow.
  • RED His blood wiped the slate, creating a new beginning for you as a child of God. Once you realize this, you are never alone; everything changes. Does this mean you can’t get dirty? I wish that were the case, but no, it does not. It says you will recognize your stain more readily.
  • RED the flushing of joy. You will have Christ as living water, and you will know of your stain. If your blemish is old and you have asked forgiveness, then leave it at the cross and show His light and joyful spirit living inside of you.
  • RED the embarrassment of a new stain. If it is new, do not condemn yourself; remember He died for you, for all of your sins. Go humbly to Him in prayer, ask His forgiveness, and quickly use the lesson He has allowed you to learn.
  • RED the power of the cross to believe in the promise, ask for forgiveness, and share His love with others.
  • R = reflection - a fixing of thought on something, careful consideration.
  • E = empathy - the action of understanding without having the entire experience.
  • D = deliverance - the act of freeing from captivity, rescue from bondage.

Some of these harsh lessons are the best He will give you in life, for when we break, He is the carpenter and the potter. Through Him, all things are possible. You will come closer to Him through His word, so learn His lyrics and hold yourself accountable. You can still be human; he knows and allows for that; always go to Him first. God has given us like yokes, but He made you just the way you are for a reason. He will allow all things; some may be tough, but He will give you all you need in His timing. Seek Him first His kingdom, and when you forget that, you will remember RED is the crimson stain of His Blood-shed for all of us.

© 2013 Kathy Henderson


Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on February 13, 2013:

Skye ~

Again you bring tears to my eyes. To write for Him is all I want. to reach the heart of one lost would be a great reward. To find solace in Sisters and Brothers in Christ is a gift sent by His grace for sure. Thank you and blessings always :)

skye2day from Rocky Mountains on February 10, 2013:

stages. Kathy Thank you for such a beautiful writing in honor of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your writing has moved me and I have tears in my eyes. The Spirit of God moves in you sister!

There are many messages in your writing~

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His love is so amazing, the more we know Him, the more we love Him, the more we want to know Him, the more we need Him, the more we love Him. The precious sweet blood of Jesus! We may have been victims sister, in Christ we are victors. He has paid the price for us. Awesome hub precious sister. U Keep going girl, you will I am sure. Phil 4:13

My Love in Christ Jesus, Skye.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on January 28, 2013:

Thank you Debbie, I am so blessed to have met people here that love to share about their faith and love our Father so earnestly.

Blessing to you today and everyday

Deborah Brooks Langford from Brownsville,TX on January 27, 2013:

Oh the blood of Jesus.. so perfect He is our salvation.. thank you for writing such a beautiful hub about our Lord

God Bless you my Christian Friend


Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on January 23, 2013:

Blossom ~

I am blessed to have fellow Christians like you to be encouraged in the sharing of our love of His most precious message.

Blessings to you :)

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on January 23, 2013:

Thank you volleyball :) we live and learn together. So awesome is our God in allowing us to understand we all still have work to do.


Bronwen Scott-Branagan from Victoria, Australia on January 23, 2013:

A great hub on a very important theme for Christians. God bless you.

volleyball94 on January 23, 2013:

This is so true, we can be so quick to judge others from the surface rather than taking the time to figure out the whole situation.

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