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Elderfuthark Rune RAIDO


Alternative Names

Rad; Raidho; Reidh, Rit, Radio.

Key Phrase

“For every action

there is an equal and opposite reaction”.


Journey, travel, a wagon, a cartwheel, the Cosmic Chariot, the Wheel of Stars, transportation, a path or road.

Viking Rune Equivalent and Meaning


A journey; a riding carriage; the journey of the soul after death.



Tarot Card Equivalent

8 of Wands

Divinatory Meaning

The Wheel of Life

Corresponding Letter


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Associated Colour

Bright Red

Associated Herb


Associated Gemstone


Associated Tree


Associated Myths and Deities

The Norns or Nornir; Sigurd’s journey and sacred to Thor and thunder.

Manifestation Uses

Protection for travellers; to ease or bring about change; to reconnect; awakens the inner advice; strengthens ritual experiences; rights thoughts and actions.

Relationship Interpretation

Indicates the rights of the individual within the relationship.

Ruptures are likely with Raido, as battles for individuality flare. Both partners need to be aware of their own boundaries as well as that of their partner.

Healing Colour and Qualities


Used to strengthen the aura; aids insomnia and sleep disorders.

Can also assist with headache.


Raido is a talisman that protects travellers. It is useful to bring about changes and eases uncomfortable situations, particularly if a reconnection is sought.

Raido Drawn Upright


Journey, pilgrimage, change, action, wheel, travel, the right move to make, road, ride, journey, directed activity, channel energy, conscious effort, personal transformation, destiny, quest, progress, life lessons, new adventures, new beginnings, vacation or holiday, relocation, evolution, chance of place, setting or mind set, seeing a larger perspective, personal rhythm, world rhythm, dance of life, cause and effect, movement, law and order, spiritual development, equal and opposite reactions, cycles.

RAIDO is the ‘effect of your actions’

The Raido rune is the fifth rune of the first aett. This rune represents the path of a person’s life and how it interacts and intersects with other people’s lifepaths.

This rune also shows us the properties of movement and cause and effect – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The movement between actions is Raido. Rhythm and movement are important to the concept of Raido, and show us that primal forces can be controlled by conscious thought.

Raido reminds us that although it may seem that we have accomplished our goals, life and change continue and we must go along with the flow. Raido points out the right (or best) path among a selection of choices and alternatives. We will eventually end up where we began, but on a higher level and with a better perspective. The journey never really ends.

The Raido rune shows your ability to relate and connect and the amount of control you feel you can exert on your life. Drawing the Raido rune could be telling you that you need to look at your position and feelings in regards to your life as it stands today.

Drawing the Raido rune can mean a possible or necessary journey, destination or transportation. It can mean a path or road to be considered or a way through a dilemma. It can represent a needed journey in consciousness or a change in viewpoint or opinion.

Drawing the Raido rune will show you the right move for you to make and tell you how to go about it.

Recognise that everything comes in cycles. By following these cycles you will be able to progress quickly and efficiently and live your life with the flow of the seasons.

Raido speaks of a spiritual journey, as the soul moves towards its destiny. Raido puts things in perspective.

Embrace hard times in the certainty that the harder it is now, the more beautiful things will be in the future.

Raido Drawn Reversed


Crisis, rigidity, stagnation, injustice, irrationality, disruption, dislocation, demolition, delusion, a possible death.

Drawing the Raido rune reversed indicates a fear to move forward. By not walking your path of destiny, you are inviting more obstacles and difficulties into your life. There are lessons to be learnt, but you may be rejecting them in favour of pain and turmoil. Listen to what your own heart is really saying, then take heed and move forward towards better times.

Regulate any excesses in your life. The requirements of your situation may disrupt what you had intended and the desired result may elude you. Yet what you may regard as detours, disruptions, inconveniences and failures, will actually be a doorway for new opportunities.

Reversed, Raido indicates a crisis of some sort is brewing. Injustice and irrationality will threaten disruption, bringing delusion in its wake. It also instils a feeling of being caged in by present circumstances.

Everything has it’s opposites -

challenges bring equal and opposite rewards. Keep in mind that when times are difficult, they will not go on forever.


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Kitty Fields from Summerland on June 14, 2011:

Wonderful! I love the fact that you are providing so much individualized information on the runes! Voted up and useful! I can't wait to read the rest. :)

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