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Use this Psychic Method to Change Your World

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.

As Above, So Below. ...choosing forgiveness, compassion, and peace attracts futures that reflect such qualities. Gregg Braden.

As Above, So Below. ...choosing forgiveness, compassion, and peace attracts futures that reflect such qualities. Gregg Braden.

In the modern age, the methods of communication and technology have advanced, but what we need to communicate about is still the same.

It is well-recognized that the moon and sun’s pull of gravity affects life on earth. Witches of old worked with the changing forces of Nature to see into the future, to generate change for good, and to heal and help heal.

Modern day witches use plants, candles, wooden instruments, talismans, and the forces of Nature like witches of old. They use the same forces of natures by adapting them to today’s needs.


Inner Journey to Change the World

The best way to change your world is to start with a vivid imagination that is enhanced by magical training.

Take an inner journey to a place of your choice that is lovely and magical. This will help you sink into an altered state of consciousness so you can communicate with an inner being.

If you wish, light a candle.

  1. Open a circle of protection (see Boost Your Power of Concentration paragraph) and make yourself open and ready.
  2. Sit straight, close your eyes, and pay attention to your breathing. Let your breathing become slow and deep.
  3. Create an image of an ornate door or entrance and see its frame and all its details such as size, color, touch and feel. This door is your entry to the realm of the God or Creative Spirit.
  4. As you relax deeper and deeper, the door opens and a great light shines through. Everything is breathtaking and on a big scale.
  5. Step into the heavenly realm and take the steps leading to a figure
    that is splendid and welcoming.
  6. Clearly share your heart’s desire with the magnificent being.
  7. Give thanks, then let the image fade away.
  8. The realm is now darkened. You return to your own sacred physical space through the entrance from where you came.
  9. Undo your circle gently and take time to recall every detail.

Boost Your Power of Concentration

Circle of Protection

The purpose of this exercise is to purify the area around you when you are meditating or performing magical work. This will help clear your vision.

  1. Sit at ease on a chair or on a blanket on the floor. Mentally create a ball of white light large enough to hold you and to hold some space around you.
  2. See it glowing clearly.
  3. Let it expand and surround you from above, below and each side, enclosing you in a sphere of brilliant light, like a transparent bubble.
  4. Feel it so strongly that you can practically smell your preferred perfume, or see the transparent globe enclosing you.
  5. This is your circle of protection.

By changing our point of view, by developing our own inner skills, each of us can learn to shape the world into the perfect planet everyone yearns for.

— Marian Green

Power of the Elements

Spiritual or psychic methods are designed to awaken senses and feelings that have been dampened by living in today’s stressful world.

All paths of magic use symbols, rituals, and the development of inner power.

A witch uses her own power to summon the power of the Elements. Following the ancient arts of Natural magic, witches use the seasons and tides of the earth, moon, and sun to strengthen their spells. The power of the stars and planets have always been called upon in magic.

Using the power of the elements aims to respect the tradition while accommodating modern times. These practices enable witches to be in control of their own being and be aware of what is going on around them. They do not let their power go to sleep for lack of use.

Willpower plays a vital role in the work of a witch. Following others blindly is not encouraged.

Magical Religion

Witches are pagans. Witches of old worshiped a Mother Goddess and a Solar God. Modern neo-pagans worship many pagan deities.

The word ‘pagan’ means ‘rustic, peasant’. Traditionally, it meant a person who was not a follower of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.

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According to Shelley TSivia Rabinovitch, “neo-paganism and modern witchcraft in North America face a host of titles, covens, temples, and even churches”. There is no one definition of what constitutes a witch.

Witches have a cycle of sacred celebrations throughout the year, and work with the energy of the full moon. Some witches work as individuals performing their rituals alone. Others are members of a family or tradition. Some celebrate the seasons or make magic alone, while others are initiated into covens, and share meetings and festival with a group throughout the sacred year.

If you do not belong to a religion, you must discover for yourself a close and living connection to a deity, god, goddess, or a creative spirit according to your preference and common good sense.

Art of Magic

The art of magic is nothing more than a method of causing chances to happen. We define our need, focus on it, use ancient symbols from Nature, and create a pattern. We start by making the pattern in the world of imagination and creativity, then by working the ritual we bring it into our own world reality.

Meditation and creative visualization are the two basic skills to calm a conscious mind, set aside routine concerns from our awareness, and allow the more subtle senses to become wide awake and inform our conscious awareness. Meditation and creative visualization strengthen our concentration, which helps to focus on the wish of the spell or ritual and makes the wish come true.

Sacred Physical Space

Witches create a sacred physical space for their witchcraft.

A sacred physical space is completely different from everyday space. It is a bridge between ordinary physical reality and the metaphysical realms. The circle is the outer expression of an imagined inner world where anything is possible.

The link between a bounded physical space and an unbounded otherworld is in the hands of the witch; she crosses between both worlds at will.

Your sacred space can be outside in nature or at the heart of a city or town. You are free to choose the physical space that speaks to you as long as it is cleared out and honored.

Ethics of Witchcraft

Ethical thinking and ethical behavior are essential in the work of witches. Because they work with powerful forces for change, they must make sure these changes are for the better.

They strive to do no harm as doing so will reflect on them. If they do good, that too will reflect on them.

They do not meddle in the affairs of others if they were not asked to help as they will reap the consequences of all their actions and/or omissions.

Art of Rituals

Rituals are part of magical ceremonies. They are conscious acts done to make a specific goal come true.

The various aspects of rituals are bathing and robing, preparing the place, and creating the circle.

To work the rituals, a witch calls the elements, connects with her chosen creative spirit or god, meditates, and closes the ritual by releasing the elements.


The art of magic makes coincidences happen. You start by identifying your need, then you focus on it, use ancient symbols from Nature, and create a pattern. You create the pattern in the world of imagination and creativity, then work a ritual to bring it into your own reality.

This is one of the methods to bring change into your life.


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Liliane Najm

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