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Psychic Blocks

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Psychic Blocks

When you're relying on your intuition and psychic clairs on a daily basis, either for work, sharing, or personal reasons, feeling blocked can be a huge problem.

Why isn't the energy flowing? Why does it feel like things have turned off like a water faucet? There are a lot of reasons why this happens, sometimes it's for a good reason, sometimes it's you. Yes...most of the time that is the cause.

If you've ever met a psychic or medium that says they've never been through this, they are, pardon my french, full of shit. This happens to everyone.

If you run a business working as a Medium, or doing psychic readings (I am not referring to tarot or oracle card readings), blocks can have a serious impact on your business. Anyone working ethically in this field will not take payment when they know they are not up to par to give the client what they need and deserve. And sometimes even without energy blocks, we don't get info on demand.

So what kind of blocks happen and how do you work through them to get them cleared?

To much of your own crap or others crap!

Yep, when you've got too much of your own "stuff" going on, you'll more than likely end up blocking your intuition. Deaths in your own family, job loss, health problems, moving, everything that normal people go through can cause a lot of stress and shut you down temporarily. Sorry, no one gets to escape tending to their own life. Toxic relationships with others will also drain you of your vitality and excitement, and muddle up your intuitive information. If you find yourself having extreme emotional reactions to things, it's time to take a break. Soured relationships can cause so many problems with life and intuition there are just too many to list.

If you find your head is racing at night when you try to go to sleep, you've got too many personal issues to attend to. And to be fair to your clients you need to work on these the best you can before resuming this type of work.


Have you been working non-stop and reading for others? Not living your own life joyfully and doing things you love to do?

Neglecting your own physical health and not taking the time to do your own recuperating routines will give you psychic constipation.

Burnout will just about completely shut you down. You'll have hardly any drive or motivation to even do basic spiritual work. Your adrenals may be completely fried, physically and emotionally you'll be exhausted.

This one is probably the worst. When burn out happens you just have to STOP and ride it out. There is no time limit on how long this takes and forcing things will just make it worse. Do the things you love to do in life, and let things gradually come back, they will. Follow things you're interested in doing, not forcing anything.


Fear really isn't an issue for me anymore but at one point it sure was. For some, it may be. More often though this affects those newly developing. When you're opening up to psychic energy all sorts of old belief systems will be challenged and that can be pretty scary. Visions can be scary. Things you may hear can be scary. And I am talking about clairaudiently. Unless you've become pretty good at determining what is imagination vs what is spiritual information, you can really freak yourself out.

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Fears are personal, and unfortunately, these take time to work through. You do not want to be driven by fear, or thinking demons are going to get you or that you have some silly curse. You'll only project that onto others and cause more damage. Another issue is not being mindful of who you associate with that will project their fears and worn-out beliefs on to you, making it worse. So if fear is a block, that's a good sign that you need to do some psychological work and healing on your own! Unless you have an absolute spiritual teacher or guru you trust entirely, do the fear working self on your own. Your guides will help you! But take the time needed to work through your fears.

A really bad read

Having a really bad read can be similar to the fear issue. If you've worked on murder cases or see details that are terribly upsetting you may temporarily close off psychic abilities. It's really a mental protective measure.

I've been doing this long enough that most information does not affect me enough to cause a block, but it has not always been that way. It took time and many gruesome reads to develop thick skin with certain information.

If blood or brutal deaths bother you, you can meditate and ask for sensitive info to come in, in a way you can handle. Or not at all. A lot of mediums I know prefer not to get details of brutal events or passing, I'm just not one of them. This is more personal preference. But if it's causing mental distress, it may be worth it to change the ways you work. More importantly, is how you deliver sensitive information to a client. If brutal details cause you to stumble with your words, it's better to take a break until you learn how to deliver the info.


Energy Ebb and Flows

I'm sorry to say this, but some blocks you just have to ride out. We are part of a collective that is constantly shifting and moving. It's kind of silly when I really think about it, but some times during the months there are just more things happening making working with psychic ability that more conductive. Full moons and days leading up to them will always be more open for psychic work, speaking with disembodied beings and astral projection. New moons, seem to have the opposite effect, at least for me they do. This doesn't mean the energy isn't available, it just seems those times it's more like trying to get info through a field of smoke.

These are global and elemental blocks that you will discover as you grow, and you won't be able to change them so don't bother. You'll learn to work around them or through them. It's no secret that tides change and the pull on the earth changes during moon cycles, and these cycles will change how your intuition operates. Almost like peak timing. Take the time to learn them, and how they influence you.

Getting bored

I said it. Yes, the dreaded boredom. This is similar to burnout but not to the same degree. You learn so much about the world, yourself and others when you are psychic, HSP, or a medium and after awhile the high of the next info hit can't seem to be interesting enough. Not all will have this, but I get it. Some of the things people seek help on may not interest you enough to set yourself aside and help them. This is primarily an ego problem, see? Your own stuff. I'm just being honest. I've gotten so bored at times that I just don't want to tap into the part of my brain that can help someone. And for me, I'm not bothered by gruesome details, I love horror movies. I want to see everything I possibly can. Most deaths are not that eventful, really they are not. It can get boring to reassure people all the time of things I just know through and through. Death is not permanent. People that ask about relationships all the time or people cheating on them gets really boring too.

It takes a lot of personal energy to constantly give to others not just on a psychic level but since that is the topic, I'm just being honest. To some extent, your own level of personal engagement needs to be there or you'll want to do something else. This equals blocks. The best solution for this is to allow yourself to be more creative. See things from different perspectives and don't trivialize where others are in life.


Removing Blocks, things you can do...

  1. Take the time to evaluate your life. Are you where you need to be? Are you managing stress? Diet? Bigger issues with 3D life should be tended to.
  2. Meditate
  3. See a therapist or healer
  4. Get Reiki
  5. Stay hydrated, sleep and eat well.
  6. Avoid substances
  7. Get acupuncture
  8. Journal
  9. Get into nature
  10. Deal with fears and emotional traumas
  11. More than likely you're also not doing things you enjoy, or used to enjoy...start doing those again.
  12. Exercise, do Yoga
  13. Support your adrenals (adaptogenic herbs will help)

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