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When We Feel We Are All Alone, Even If...

This is the first article that I wrote to my audience on Christianity, Jesus, and the Bible. I have to say my experience was like "I Am!"


Psalms 139:8-10

If I ascend into heaven, You are there.

If I make my bed in hell, behold, you are there.

If I take the wings of the morning,

And dwell in the innermost parts of the sea,

Even there your hand shall lead me,

And your right hand shall hold me.

This psalm reminds us that the word of God will not leave or abandon you; to believe that the word of God is true. If you are angry for something somebody did to you, if your parents or siblings have left you, know that God will never forsake you. If the people you hang around, if the people who live amongst you do not mean well for you, God's word reminds us that He is still on the throne. He is our provider, and even if you feel all hope is gone, that no one cares for you, God is always by your side, and he will see you through your most difficult times. Just don't give up, keep your mind stayed on Him. He's faithful, and He will give you hope and a future. When we reach a certain stanza (threshold) in our life, His presence, His confidence, and His grace will give us the right path.

How do we know? Oftentimes we question our beliefs about God and what we cannot see. We know He is our protector and our provider. We may feel that with our suffering and abiding in a false identity, that it is time to move on. So we bind in heaven as its bound on earth, and loose in heaven what is loose on earth. All things can become new. With Jesus, we can create a new vision for ourselves; we have the newfound knowledge to become a new creation to move forward in our lives. By changing the way we feel about ourselves, and by learning how to be in relationship with Jesus Christ, we learn how to make our desires and goals a reality.

We begin with great enthusiasm, find direction by being grounded in our truth; certainly a principle that Jesus thought necessary to teach to us. Sometimes we get distracted from doing what God has called us to do. This set-back is a discouraging moment in our lives, but God tells us not to fear, to go boldly to the cross, and learn of His yoke, to ask for forgiveness. This takes daily asking in His presence, talking with Him, and praying. He tells us not to murmur, get upset, or cry, but when we do, He will hear us. By continuing in His presence, we can face the true meaning of getting to know ourselves through him. It is important to remember that these emotions are not harmful to us. We are given a clear slate and our perseverance challenges us to stay the course. We can learn to make our goals a reality, become successful in our pursuits, and believe that by giving God the glory, we can have peace. By this, our commitment will amaze even us.

He is the way, the truth, and the life. His way will shape our character and show us how to let our light shine. We need to be more like Jesus and live a life worthy of His calling.

Proverbs 3:8

It shall be health to thy navel and marrow to thy bones.

How do we come to do His good pleasure? We come to do His good pleasure because it is pleasing in His sight. His love for us directs us in the right paths. He knows us from the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet, He leads us beside the still waters. By His guidance we can focus our efforts righteously toward His will, His way, and His truth. By His guidance, we can have an exciting, refreshing, creative, and energetic life; this allows us a good feeling to help others. Ask God for strength in your ability to continue in your goals. Stretch and reach and pray each day to receive your reward in the Lord.

In Psalms 139:24 the Psalmist asks “if there is any wicked way in me.” There are times in our lives where our God who is the center of our lives, find we tend to push our thoughts to a dimension too hard to fully understand. We know God's thoughts are not our thoughts, and who can comprehend the length, depth, and height of God's thoughts. Yet, some of us as a culture want to know how the universe works, (I did at least) not fully taking into consideration the dominion of the knowledge of good and evil.

God's word alone deepens our love for Him. His love enlightens our wanting to help others to experience the Holy Spirit to save. Well...saving someone does not always turn out the way we envisioned. We still need to encourage those people in our culture even when it seems they think they can do better by themselves.

By the author of Thin Within – Everything is permissible for me...But everything is not beneficial for me. Take for an example young children who have the opportunity to go to church, develop certain attributes fitting for a Christian. They experience joy and happiness in church the same as the adults do. You can tell by their dispositions, mannerisms, and thoughtfulness; that they know the love of Jesus Christ by how they act. By attending church service, these children have been saved from some really bad habits, attitudes, or at least knowing. Children though who are immature, still babies needing the milk, do not always understand that with certain actions, come certain circumstances. Even if they think they are doing something for the right reasons, find out later in life that these actions count. We know God chastises the ones He loves. The same lessons apply with the commandment “love thy father and mother” growing up. Yes, we have to ask, seek, and find the right answers to God questions. Ask we must, and expect an answer.

When we question our God too much, do you think he gets angry? God's angry righteousness gave the responsibility to Jesus. You have to know God, his character in regards to behavior....

Wanting the assurance to be saved is something we have to strive for. Growing up in the word through God's eyes requires being obedient to obtain understanding. We go outside ourselves looking for answers not trying to be smarter than God, but seeking understanding that comprehends what we already know. Or, when trying to find answers of other people's beliefs and/or behaviors, trying times, hatefulness, depression, etc....

How can a church culture with specific characterizations, expressions, opinions, and half truths comprehend a just God. By adhering to basic principles and doctrine that churches have created or written and abide by; setting standards and adhering to those standards. When the nation experienced the protest of Black Lives Matter in June 2020, what was manifested was a desire for respect; for equal treatment, to be recognized in this regard as people of color.

Romans 4:17.

In God's eyes, its about the power of God's promises and His faithfulness to keep those promises. God's promise over our confession.