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Understanding The Secret to a Supernatural Strength in all Women


Every Woman is Equipped to Handle her Family

I have an aunt who works all the time even when she isn’t feeling well. All our holiday visits were spent arranging, rearranging flowerbeds. We would plant then uproot. If it wasn’t that then we were cleaning the entire yard.

Done we would work on the vegetable patch. That was good for us it kept us out of mischief. My bones would be aching by bedtime. Morning dawns and we were back at it. Then cook at the end of the day, dishes, mopping the floor. It seemed like some kind of training. We had our moments of cartoons and playtime though.

I grew to appreciate the enormous strength women have. I was young when we did all that gardening, and sweeping, So my duties were limited. I had plenty of time to play. The grown up woman has her day filled with tasks. From bathing the children, preparing them for bed at night, then in the morning for school. She has to wake up extra early to bath, and then make sure all is prepared for her household. Clothes are ironed, shoes lined up for school. Satchels packed for school. Each morning children file out of the house groomed for the day. When they come back from school the once neat uniforms are all smudged with dirt. Mum takes care of it all.

Mum has seen to her children, and her husband. She is back in the office attending to meetings and arranging the diaries for her Director, staff meetings amid loads of typing. The day is done, she heads for home to cook and see to the children’s’ homework. The next day is the same.


The functions of a woman are many and varied

but she handles them all so well from her household to her workplace. Everyone has to have a word with mum at home. They must report to mum when John or Jill is ‘taking my toys” then again report to mum when Cathy’ is not sharing her toys’. They must get mum’s attention when the body isn’t so good. “Mum my head isn’t too good’ mum attends to all.

I grew up seeing them at it. They were always busy. If not ironing, then they were preparing for work. I was sure there was something keeping them on their feet all those hours. I never thought to ask what it was that kept them on their feet all the time. With time I realized that households would ground to a halt if mummy wasn’t at home for the day. It’s like everything went, wrong and something was wasn’t quite right. Mum somehow makes life brighter. She beams with love and always has lots of energy for everyone.


Mum is there all the time. It seems that in her silence and efficiency none think that she too would need that break. If her legs ache then none are aware of it. I never heard any words of compliant. It was always smiles and hugs and soothing words.

I wandered at one time if being a mum made most women forget that they needed time to themselves. Or were they too busy to notice? Being the Centre of everyone’s lives and the solution to many quarrels and fights can be exhausting.

Then I came across the book of proverbs in the bible, the last chapter of proverbs. It spoke of a woman who was all out for her family just like my aunt, my mum and every other woman. She woke up early and put everything for her family in order. She organized clothing for her husband, children, even her ‘servant girls’ she was also a businesswoman. And many men called her husband blessed for having such an industrious wife..


Every Woman has the Ability to be Superwoman

The Woman in Proverbs 31 sounded very efficient, in all places and knowing everything so well. That made me very reflective. She sounded like superwoman, and every mum is pretty much like that. The one think that came to my mind was the ability to function so well in all these roles. She is a wife, she is a mother, she is a business woman and she is the one who puts order in the family.

It seems an overload at first, and then I notice it is all by the spirit of God. It’s the grace that he has given all women the ability to function in all those roles. How else would they keep at it and still be smiling? I sat down and marveled and thanked God for women everywhere and that grace upon their lives. They are more than equipped to handle all the tasks.

It was God all along and His strength. I caught my aunt many times, early in the morning having her private sessions with God. I wandered what she spoke to Him about. I was young. Being a woman and all grown up now makes me realize that it is in those early hours of the morning when all is quite that a woman draws her strength from God. He is her ability. He is her strength. And when it seems like she can’t handle it he empowers her all over again. She draws from Him and shares His strength and love with her family. Sort of like he does all the work through her

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There is no debate about the super efficiency of a woman

, it is in-built. She is born with it, she is always capable, that is how they are created. Many times lots of women allow themselves to get weary never realising that they have the capacity to excel in any kind of situation.

Try leaving a man with a household of children , laundry , house cleaning, homework supervision for just two days, and you will begin to appreciate your own value as a women. You will begin to observe just how strong you are and just how irreplaceable you are. Every home is a warm place to come back to at the end of the day , for the children and the husband, because of the woman's presence.

It is only the touch of a woman that can soothe a child's worries and a husband who has had a most tiring day at the office. Her voice and her presence brings restoration to troubled minds. She is the peacemaker, the one whose hugs have the capacity to make the world right again. She is the one who can make a man believe that he can conqueror in all situations, even when there doesn't seem to be any hope of doing so.

Who else can support a man and make him believe in his dreams and in himself. No one else can encourage a man to go for it like she can, or stand with him in those moments when doubts cloud his mind. Hers is the only hand a wise man knows that will guide him through. She is always there , always smiling, always giving a helping hand.


Most of the time it doesn't look like a wife

is contributing a lot when she is a housewife. It might seem like she spends her days loafing, yet that is far from the truth. It only takes a day of her absence to make a husband realize the importance of a woman, a wife in his heart and home.

In all that she does, this priceless jewel is content with just a thank you for all that she does for her loved ones. It doesn't take diamonds to please her , all she ever yarns for is a word of appreciation.

A wise man who has learnt to value the presence of a woman in his life knows how to go about appreciating her. He knows he is very fortunate to have her in his household and does all he can to nurture her. She might be strong for everyone but she is just as tender as a petal, when she is treated right everything in her world blossoms and when she isn't acknowledged her heart wilts and all round her stop functioning to the best ability.


Every woman has the capacity to build

but sometimes that ability is damaged long before it takes root. Once fractured the heart of a woman might never mend, guarding this heart and nurturing it is a sure way of reaping the best that life all has to offer. An embittered heart can never love nor can it shield . It can never support , and it will never care.

Learn to nurture the women you are , appreciate the wife you are . Understand that nothing and no one in the world can ever take your place. There is only just you and it takes you to nurture your family and bring out the best in you. You are the best there ever was and there ever will be.

It isn't a small thing to bring doctors and lawyers into the world, bringing up household of tiny tots isn't like having cake. It is a huge task and enormous responsibility that no man is equipped to handle without a woman.

Remember you count every step of the way, your presence, your voice , your smile, your hugs. You are what makes a home a warm place and a pleasant place to be. You are always felt and you are always needed.


As you bring laughter to your loved ones

, remember to laugh too and hug yourself well, knowing that you are the reason why the little faces beam with so much pride and you are the drive behind your husband's success. You are the reason why he is confident and assured in all his dealings.

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