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Protection Magick 101

How bad can it be without setting up protection? Right..?

How bad can it be without setting up protection? Right..?

Protection 101

Over the years I've personally developed my own ways of protection but I still use some of the practices I noted down at the very beginning. I no longer feel the need to be bound by certain elements but they definitely aid the process (don't just throw a piece of wood on the windowsill and expect it to protect you because there's a superstition). I might write an article on more complex forms like passive egregores that I power with energy, deities, elements, runes, and and how to disguise your protection, if there's demand. Thought we'd share a few suggestions for inspiration. This article is mostly aimed at beginner practitioners, but perhaps one could find this to be a useful review. I would like to note this is withcraft heavy - not all practitioners use it. It's very comfortable as a tool for ceremonial magick though.

I must say, a lot of protections help against attracting negative energies, deities, and in intention formulation, but there is a different type of protection one ought to use against hexes and self-created tulpas and parasites (in my experience). For those who just begun, start here.


Whether its energy, visualization, salt, or tracing make sure to add intention into what you're doing. I'll attach a concise video on the subject below the article. In his practical magic grimoire Papus recommended 5 circles anti-clockwise to "mark territory".

Aroma water spray

Get a spray bottle, carrier alcohol, water, 20-30 drops of Rose essential oil, 5-8 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil, and 1-3 drops of Vanilla essential oil. Fill the bottle half with alcohol and half with the essential oil. Add some water to distill it and test the scent. If you like it, shake it up and put it on your windowsill overnight.

Protection Jar

Get a jar, some olive oil, salt, black pepper, basil, cinnamon, sage, cloves, coffee, dandelion, and bay. Maybe a few crystals (usually black crystals help cleanse) like tourmaline, onyx, or obsidian. I use crystal break offs.


Cleansing helps get rid of unwanted energy, basically resetting the object/area.

There are many ways to cleanse: energy work, intention, water, incense, water, burying, sunlight/moonlight, music, crystals, your breath, sigils, and many more. Though you can cleanse whenever you want, I recommend cleansing yourself every couple of days, cleansing your room every week, and cleaning your entire house every month.

Check ups

For the body: take a raw egg, apply intention to "scan" or take in negative energies on you. I usually draw a rune on it. Move the egg over all the body parts. Crack the egg carefully into a glass and observe the strains. It's hard to give you a precise guide on how to interpret (if you've done intuition work before like tarot this is your level). Heavy strains of egg white that connect from the surface water to the egg could illustrate some drains. Dark foam could mean a curse.

For the room: Grab a lemon, a knife, salt/black salt, rosemary, and a small bowl. Cleanse everything. Pour black salt in a circle in the bowl. Inside, put regular salt inside. Cut the lemon into quarters and put it on top of the salt. Press rosemary into the lemon. Put it in a room and leave it for 3-4 days- mold means there’s negative energy and you need stronger banishment and cleansing.


Charging goes with cleansing- it fills the object with positive energy.

There’s so many ways to charge. There’s energy work, intention, sunlight/moonlight, water, crystals, your breath, sigils and so on.


Get a slip of paper, a pen, fireproof bowl, a heat-resistant surface, and matches/lighter. Write down what you’re banishing on the paper, and focus on it. Light the slip of paper on fire and drop it into the bowl, imagine the entity leaving your life and focus on your life after it leaves. Dispose of the ashes away from your house as soon as possible.

Candle Banishing

Grab a black candle + candle holder, matches, black/white pepper, salt, a carving tool, and oil. Sprinkle salt in a counter clockwise circle around you and visualize that salt creating a barrier around you, keeping you protected. Carve your intention into the candle in the form of words or a sigil.

Another Candle Banishing

Grab a black candle + candle holder, matches, black/white pepper, salt, a carving tool, and oil. Sprinkle salt in a counter clockwise circle around you and visualize that salt creating a barrier around you, keeping you protected. Carve your intention into the candle in the form of words or a sigil. Anoint your candle with the oil and sprinkle pepper over it. Put it in the candle holder and light it while speaking your intentions aloud. Wait for it to go out by itself.


Ground and center. Visualize a white (or any color that correlates to different intents) sphere of light surrounding your body. Feel it hardening- not completely solid, but hard. Visualize the outside of this sphere becoming reflective.

There’s so many types of shields that aren’t just spheres of light. Try ocean waves, tornadoes, flames, mountains, thorns (with flowers!), smoke/mist, blankets, or literally anything else.


Warding protects a specific room like a shield. There’s so many ways to ward here is a basic one.

Ground and center. Trace the parameters of the space you’re in. Visualize energy glowing in the area, and unwanted energy leaving. Visualize walls growing around this with no gaps or spaces. As you create these walls, assign rules. Do not let people know these rules.

Here’s a list I found online:

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1. This is a ward. Any being that tries to forcefully enter my ward will be sapped of their own energy.

2. No being may enter my ward unless they are specifically invited. Once they leave, they will have to ask permission to enter again.

3. [I named the beings that were able to enter my ward] are allowed to enter/leave my ward at any time unless I say otherwise.

4. The ward will injure, eat, and forcefully expel any being that tries to enter the ward without permission. The ward will take 15% of [my and my spirit companions’] energy before failing and letting the intruder(s) inside, where they will be trapped until I personally expel them. The elements will contribute however much energy they are willing.

5. I can temporarily let any being enter the ward by saying, “I accept [(name) into my ward]”

6. Negative energy will be continuously expelled from and deflected by my ward.

7. Any curses or hexes cast on any member of my family, including me, will be reflected back at the castor(s).

8. [My spirit companions] can all add their own protective spells to strengthen this ward, but cannot change any of the existing rules.

9. My own energy cannot leave the ward unless I specifically will it to do so.

10. The ward will be rooted to my house [my address]. A small part of the ward will break off and come with me or [my mother] any time we leave the house, physically or spiritually, and will return to the ward rooted at [my address] when we re-enter it.

11. I can change these rules at any time.

Hold it until you feel it’s warded. Make sure to keep checking on the ward’s integrity.


Grounding helps you get rid of excess energy or receive energy by connecting with an element (usually earth).

Lay down, sit, or stand. Imagine you’re in a field, specifically focus on the ground. Visualize roots growing from whatever is in contact with the ground, and watch it seep into the earth. Transfer your energy or the earth’s energy using the roots.

You can also use rain and the beach (water), clouds and wind (air), or the heat of a fire (fire).


Centering helps you feel whole again by reconnecting your energy so it’s not flying all over the place.

Lay down, sit, or stand. Find your “center”, whatever you think your energy circulates. Visualize your body as a galaxy, and pull all the planets at the end in.


Channeling is used to get more energy.

Pick an element you want to work with (you can do multiple, but start with one) and get a physical manifestation of this you can either throw out or use as a channeling item permanently. For example, air could be a feather, incense, or the rune for air; fire could be candle, light, or the rune for fire; earth could be a plant, a bowl of dirt, a rock, or the rune for earth; and water could be a bowl of water, a crystal, or the rune for water. Try to call on an element by saying things, thinking of memories, what it represents, drawing sigils, even dancing or singing. Once you feel a lot of energy in you, send it into the object. From there, you can do whatever you want from it! Once you’re finished, you can release the energy by thanking the element and clarifying you’re done with it.


Jewelry, pins, runes sewn into clothes, or anything you and your creative mind can think of could serve as an artifact. Essentially, its an object you put a "program" into, then you feed the program for some time until it becomes passive. Some programs become autonomous although I don't recommend leaving potential for Will development (working with bones tends to be wired for that by default). The amount of times my pendants would shatter on my neck, bracelet beads fly into various directions, or silver rings crack is more than I could count. I still much rather my protective artifacts take a hint. For beginner artifacts I recommend crystals (onyx and obsidian). Hold them in your hand a bit, give them an intention, charge, and wear. They could have a symbol of your protective animal, land from your home, some kind of family object, or a sigil that is important to you.

Protection Rune Example


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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