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Protection From Spiritual Presences and Negative Energies

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Identifying a Spiritual Presence

You're standing over the kitchen sink washing dishes and suddenly you feel as if someone is standing in the room with you- If you cannot physically see anyone else, this could be a spiritual presence.

Signs a Spirit is in Your Presence

1. You feel as if you are being watched, or you are not alone (even though you can't see anyone else in the room)

2. Hearing things such as humming, footsteps, voices, music etc.

3. There seems to be an increased pressure around your head and chest (you feel like you can't breathe properly)

4. You have heightened feelings of nervousness and anxiety due to feeling a change in energy in your environment

Light vs. Dark Spirits

Light spirits are good spirits, they are friendly and can be angels, a spirit guide or the spirit of a loved one. These spirits live in the divine light. Dark spirits are bad or evil spirits, which live in the dark and are earthbound. Whereas the intentions of a light spirit are usually good, dark spirits have malintent and are the ones from which one needs to protect themselves.

When a light spirit is in your presence you may feel a warm internal or external feeling along with tingling or tickling skin sensations. You may experience a feeling of fullness or feel as if you have been joined to or reconnected with someone.

When a dark spirit is around you may feel a sinking or cooling feeling and as if the energy around you is being drained - one may even feel their own energy being drained. In the presence of a dark spirit, one may feel an intense and overwhelming feeling of otherwise inexplicable fear. A dark spirit may cause you to hear negative or hateful words - this is a result of the dark spirit manipulating your energy.

Using Protection Stones

The use of stones and crystals for protection is quite common. There are many stones which have protective properties, however, three of the most well-known, and commonly used are black tourmaline, onyx, and hematite. Each of these stones are black in color and highly protective.

Black Tourmaline
Known to many as the most powerful protection stone, black tourmaline is one of the only stones that can protect and heal on all of the levels (physical, mental and spiritual). This stone is a powerful grounding stone with the ability to transform any negative energies (even one's own thoughts) into positive energies. In the event of a psychic attack, black tourmaline receives the energy and then directs it back to its sender, blocking the attack. This powerful stone is also characterized by its ability to relieve stress and anxiety and increase alertness.

Black Onyx
Black onyx is a stone that provides protection against negative energies, influences, opinions, ideas, and forces. It has the ability to transform vibrations which are sent to a person. This stone is also known to be able to ground energy, increase happiness and intuition as well as transform bad habits. Black onyx can serve to smooth out one's emotions by balancing the mind and body. It can help one let go of the past and of unhealthy and negative attachments they may have. This protection stone has many benefits to offer its holder.

Hematite is a stone rich with the energy of the earth and is named after a Latin phrase meaning "bloodstone." It got its name because due to its high iron content when it is found naturally it is coated with a layer of rust. Hematite is a metallic stone hence its beautiful shine. This stone creates a shield around its holder which acts as a protective barrier to negative energies, emotions, and spiritual presences. According to some who have used this stone, when it has absorbed too much negativity it either breaks or disappears. Lastly, hematite is a very popular stone among the empathic population as it helps one to feel safe and grounded within their own energy as opposed to that of another.

You can purchase tumbled stones and crystals at stores such as Green Earth, Amazon, online shops and other metaphysical stores. There is an abundance of tumbled stones and crystals out there which are all unique and serve different purposes. These are only three which have a protective nature, though there are others. It is worthwhile taking a look at stores and reading about the different types of stones. Remember to make sure the stone you purchase feels right to you or else it may not perform as you hope.

Once you have chosen a stone, and have it in your possession, you should research how that particular stone can be cleansed and charged. A charged, cleansed stone will have the best results when being used. Stones used for protection need to be cleansed more often as they can tend to absorb negative energy and hold it within them - a simple cleansing ritual should do the trick.

The Pentagram

The Pentagram

Wearing a Pentagram

A pentagram is a five-pointed star with one of its points facing upward. This symbol is known to be highly protective offering protection to both the wearer and the home. As per the image above, the upward facing point represents the spirit, while the other four each represent an element - air, water, earth, and fire. If the symbol is seen so that one of the points is facing downward, in other words, it is inverted, this is known to be symbolic of evil and does not have the same use.

This symbol is worn (in the form of a pentacle - the pentagram encased in a circle) to protect the wearer from negative and evil be this in the form of energy or a spirit. A pentagram also protects against demons. It is intended to allow the wearer the ability to conjure forces that may harm them and then allow for its wearer to control and command the forces.

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A pentagram can be used as an asset in ceremonies and rituals as it offers spiritual control and protection. Additionally, wearing a pentagram protects one mentally and physically. The symbol must be worn so it is exposed in order to maximize the level of protection. It should also be cleansed prior to and following its use.

Burning Sage

The burning of sage is a cleansing and protective ritual done to rid the area, person or object of negative energies and or spiritual presences. This ritual was picked up from Indigenous folk who practice smudging. When sage is burnt it produces a beautifully aromatic smoke which absorbs the negative energy, anger, illness or evil from the area or aura of the person being smudged.

Dried white sage comes in bundles which can be purchased from metaphysical or witchcraft stores, online shops, and Amazon. Burning sage is a practice that can be done when moving into a new home, to cleanse a home that seems to have negative energy or spirits within it or to cleanse a person's energy field.

Black Salt

Black salt, like regular salt, can be used as a form of protection, however black salt is stronger. Whereas regular salt is often used in ritual work and for casting protective circles, black salt can be used as a method of trapping negative energy and riding the home of unwanted spiritual presences. It is an absorbent element which has the capacity to contain negative energy.

Black salt is also known to have protective properties as it can drive away evil and spiritual presences by making them want to leave, or by draining them of their power when they are in the vicinity of black salt. This substance can be used to protect properties and belongings.

In order to use black salt to protect a home, sprinkle it around the perimeter of the property and across the thresholds of windows and doors. If you reside in an apartment you can sprinkle it on the floor against the perimeter of the walls. You will also want to distribute it along the threshold of your windows and doors as you would for any property.

Black salt can be sprinkled within a space in banish evil and to cleanse the area of negativity. By keeping it in a small bag beneath the pillow it can provide protection from nightmares and unwanted spirits. Finally, if you find yourself feeling angry, depressed or under the weather you can add a teaspoon of black salt to your bath water and soak in it while it absorbs the negative energies.

You can purchase black salt from many online shops, witchcraft and Wiccan stores or Amazon. You can also make your black salt, here's how...

You Will Need

  • 2 parts sea salt
  • 1 part scrapings from a cast iron pan
  • 1 part fine ash
  • 1 part black pepper, finely ground
  • 1 part ingredient of your choice that relates to your energy and intent, *optional*


  1. Mix all ingredients together
  2. Distribute into locations mentioned above
  3. Bury used black salt underground to release the negative energies back into the earth

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Sherrie Kendrick on September 27, 2018:

I have been told im a beacon and now i havesomething really negative around me draining me in every aspect i need help please. Someone let me know what to do i cant go buy things to do it with but i need to shake this im new to the concept of this me being a beacon but looking at mu past i thought it was just everywhere i lived that was haunted who can i call or contact!!!!!!!

Lexy (author) from Peterborough on November 17, 2017:

Maurice, thank you! I’m glad to have a another reader - yes, the use of Black salt is quite controversial perhaps I will take that idea and write an article on it alone. :) thanks

Maurice Glaude from Mobile on November 17, 2017:

You could make a whole article on just the Black Salt and the methods of use. I really enjoyed that part. It would make it easier to share as the point of topic in forums and conversations as most of our community needs education. I have found so many debates on topics that for most of us known knowledge. I will definitely be following to see more.

Lexy (author) from Peterborough on November 16, 2017:

Schoolgirlforreal, I think that prayer can be a method used for protection however it is important to stay open-minded as others may have different practices and methods :)) Keep doing what works for you though, thanks for reading!

Rosemary Amrhein on November 16, 2017:

All you need to do in my experience is pray each mornung. Psalm 91

Lexy (author) from Peterborough on November 16, 2017:

Hi Lena, I'm glad you're happy to see this article. Let me know if you have any questions! xx L

Lena on November 16, 2017:

I’m so excited that someone finally posted about this! I’ve been experiencing all sorts of strange things ...

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