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Protecting Yourself While Communicating With Spirits

the protective boho hamsa hand

the protective boho hamsa hand

With all of the dangers and superstition surrounding spiritual communication, it’s no wonder that protection would be on the mind. There are those that imagine a white light circling them, surrounding them, and protecting them. There are others that prefer to put effort into reaching up to take the best and highest from the world around them. Think of it as positive self-reinforcement. When you focus on the best and highest possible outcome before you begin, you’re infusing yourself with the benefit of taking that first step afterwards with the utmost confidence. Prayers and mini rituals are also common forms of protection before attempts at spiritual communication.

Whether or not these protection rituals actually do anything is up for debate, but there is a lot to say for the mental benefits of these types of positive reinforcement. When you begin something with the thought that you are going to do your best and that you are protected from harm, it helps you be confident enough to make it happen. Most will argue that the intent itself is the protection, not the rituals themselves. Whichever side you believe, it doesn’t hurt to include these protection rituals into your experience. Just don’t get too caught up in the ritual, or distracted by superstition. Remember that “like attracts like,” so as long as you put all of your effort into the intention behind the ritual, you’ll get the desired result. If you actively put thought and effort into reaching the highest good, then it is very likely that you will reach your goal.

Though protection charms and spells aren’t considered necessary by every source, they can be quite a comfort when it comes to something that can be as dangerous as spiritual communication. Most of the written sources that list off protection methods are pagan in some way. But even if you aren’t Pagan, you can still benefit from the positive thought behind the charm. One of the simplest ways to protect you is to just keep something that symbolizes protection around you, like a protective gemstone, crystal, or a charm.
The following gemstones are known to have protective properties;

  • Agate
  • Emerald
  • Bloodstone
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Black Onyx
  • Labradorite
  • Peridot

These gemstones are all known to protect you from psychic intrusion and harmful spirits. Arguably the most effective is Black Tourmaline, but you will get results out of any of them. Any of these gemstones will be made even more effective if you can find them in orgonite.
The next way that you can protect yourself, as was already mentioned, is by imagining yourself encircled with a protective light that will work as a shield. This light will come from within you, and it is something that you can conjure at any time through the use of meditation. Strengthen this protective light by taking time out of every day to practice with it. Find a nice, quiet corner to sit down in and close your eyes. Meditate to clear your thoughts, and then imagine that warm light as it surrounds you. Visualize it as a bright bubble, wrapping you in light. It should be just big enough for you to reach the end of it if you reach your arms out. It can be any color that you want; whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Another way to strengthen this protective circle of light is by bring in vocal reinforcement. Speak out loud, using words that show confidence in the protective circle that you have created. Something like, “This is a protective shield that I am surrounding myself with. It is strong and I am always safe within this sacred space.” Really feel the light as it emanates from you and let it grow brighter as you grow in confidence. Imagine it as a strong force that you have full control over, something that vibrates at a very high frequency. Remind yourself that there is no way that any sort of evil spirit or force will be able to break through your protective shield.

Cleansing Your Sacred Space

If you’ve ever felt as though the sacred space that you conduct your spiritual communication has been contaminated, then you may be interested in cleaning in it the hopes that you can feel safe and clean within it again. Negative energy can follow you around, and it is never fun.

Start by burning sage, frankincense, or sandalwood and sprinkling sea salt around the room. Sage and sea salt are two of the most powerful spiritual cleansing agents. While you spread the smoke and salt, speak out loud. This can be anything that feels right to you, but it should convey the message that all spirits that are not there for positive help should leave. Be firm. You’re sending them home. There will be no sticking around after this. Make sure to thank them when you’ve said your piece, and repeat it as often as you need to until you feel satisfied with the result.

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Maurice Glaude from Mobile on September 21, 2017:

I use Crystals and Cinnamon most often,

Tim Begg on January 17, 2017:

Hi there Eli. Firstly, thank-you for a very informative hub. I think that there are any number of people who have run into trouble because they have done some form of spiritual work or other without properly protecting themselves.

There is another aspect that I have found essential when doing this kind of work, and the best way I can describe it is the act of self-sanctification. We live in a world in which we come into contact with all kinds of energy, and sometimes it has a spin-off effect on us. For example, a bad day at the office, or an irresponsible motorist on the road ... All of which can cause oneself to be negative - even if only slightly. Now, you don't want to take that negativity into your working. So, before you embark upon whatever you want to do, you need to cleanse yourself of any of its effects.

How exactly you choose to do this is up to you, but it is another essential part of protecting yourself, because it lessens the likelihood of attracting negative influences on the other side. As you said: "Like attracts like."


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