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Prosperity Preachers Are Milking Covid-19

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False doctrine continues in spite of the signs of the times

Since March, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused death and suffering around the world. In America, many governors are thinking about sheltering in place again because the curve was not flattened. This will mean that more businesses will close, some permanently. With more people testing positive, hospitals are filled to capacity. The increased deaths are causing morgues to run out of space and in some states, freezers are being utilized to store dead bodies. Christians are to walk by faith and not by sight but the Bible never tells us to -pretend that we don't see what is happening right in front of us. Sadly, the prosperity pimps are milking this virus by teaching that we are going to come out of it with bountiful blessings. Each believer in Christ can trust the Lord for whatever they choose as they exercise personal faith. After 25 years, however, of this false doctrine without it ever coming to pass, more people should be speaking against it instead of preaching it.

Yes it is that serious

Yes it is that serious

Just the facts

I first became acquainted with Dr. Leroy Thompson's book, Money cometh to the body of Christ, in 1997. This book gives so-called principles that believers can work that will guarantee supernatural unexpected money from heaven. I have addressed this in many different forums, but it bears repeating. Leroy Thompsons teaches that when you sow financial seeds into spiritual leaders and make them rich, God is obligated to reward you with money. Leroy Thompson came to a church I attended twice preaching this message and people ran to the altar laying down hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars that went to Leroy Thompson. During the past 25 years, he has gone around the nation, preaching this message and raking in the money that is laid at the altar. The church I attended back then still preaches prosperity and Leroy Thompson continues to come and preach his false doctrine. There has not, however, in all these years been one person who has become a billionaire that I know of, by giving money to a rich preacher. What has happened is that churchgoers are told a bunch of fables as to why they have not received that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Whenever anyone questions why they don't have their "harvest" they are told the following;

1. You did not give your tithe regularly.

2. You are not sowing enough seeds into your pastor

3. Your faith is weak

4. You must have unforgiveness in your heart

5. Perhaps your due season is at a later date.

6. You must give offerings above and beyond your tithe

7. You have not given enough and must increase the seeds you sow.

Blind guides lead everyone over the cliff.

Blind guides lead everyone over the cliff.

Blind guides

Jesus said in Matthew 15:14, "Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” Prosperity preachers are rich because they get their money from the people. In spite of numerous Christians catching on to the scam and walking away from these churches, you have others who stay and new people that come on board. There are preachers who have heard this message for so long from the megachurch pimps that it rolls out of them without a second thought. Even now, rather than humbling themselves and seeking the Lord regarding the pandemic, they are playing back the sound they have recorded for the past two decades. It is true that people can obtain extra money from various sources. Someone could die and leave a fortune in their will. A settlement from an accident, or even hitting the lottery can bring additional money, You can go to college and get a degree that increases your earnings, work overtime or two jobs. If you are a believer you should thank the Lord for all of this but, none of this is necessarily God Himself showering you with blessings. No one that I know of is seeing God Almighty rain dollars from heaven. Over the decades there have been specific times that preachers said would bring the harvest but it never happened. In 1998 they said it was 50 years since Israel became a nation again and the year of Jubilee for all because Christians are the spiritual Isreal. When that did not take place they said it would be 1999 because first the Jew then the Gentile, Next they said in 2000 when the new millennium came in we would "get our stuff" but nobody did except those preaching the message. Now the blind guides are saying our due season is going to be when the pandemic is over. I have heard at least two preachers use the phrasing, " We ar4e coming out if this with blessings" because the Bible says the Israelites came out of Egypt wth riches.

Open your eyes and don't be pimped.

Open your eyes and don't be pimped.

Blocking the truth

Rather than acknowledge that the Lord never, promised us riches in this earth as a reward for serving Him, prosperity preachers need to save face and block the truth. The big guns know the message is false and they are living in mansions and driving expensive cars off the backs of the people. Their loyal followers are desperate for this message to manifest because they don't want to hear from anyone, "I told you so." None of us know if or when this coronavirus will be eradicated. Many churches are still not open and losing income. Some pastors, musicians, and church employees are not able to receive their salary. We are in the middle of a serious crisis and ignorant people, who refuse to use common sense are promising that the harvest is coming after the pandemic. The Lord did say I His word that eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard what He has in store for His children, but that promise is for the afterlife. Think about it for a moment. Eyes and ears have heard and seen everything that is in this earth realm, yet preachers use this scripture to make Christians believe that "money cometh." Again I say, in your personal walk He can choose to bless you financially and I have experienced that. I have had random people say the Lord led them to put money in my hands and I have found money on the ground while walking many times. I thank the Lord but I don't look at any of it as if my ship has come in.

We need Him to heal

We need Him to heal

Free will choice

We all have free will choice, so you can continue sowing seeds into millionaire preachers, and giving extra to your pastor above his or her salary. You can continue to shout money cometh and believe a due season is coming because you earned it. Should the pandemic pass and things get back to some sort of normal or if they get worse and you don't get your harvest, just remember you have been warned. Just look in the mirror and imagine that sucker sign on your face and remember that PT Barnum said there is one born every minute. It really is too late in the game for anyone to still be giving theri hard-earned money to those preaching a false gospel. Jesus is coming back and souls are on the line. Don't be like the foolish virgins who did not have oil in their lamps. Trust Him in your personal walk, and be content in all things. Share the good news that He died for our sins and we can spend eternity with Him. Heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, and lead someone to salvation. Use your free will choice wisely so He will say "Well done My good and faithful servant rather than "Depart I never knew you." It's time to humble ourselves so He will heal.

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Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on July 17, 2020:

Yes that’s a wonderful scripture and thank you for reading.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on July 17, 2020:

What these preachers have done is awful. I appreciate your article as you spell out this whole situation. I was thinking about this scripture after reading the article. "All thing work together for good fo those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose."

Lorna Lamon on July 17, 2020:

A great article Cheryl. Taking advantage of others to line your own pockets is the opposite of Christ's teachings. Shame on them.

OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on July 17, 2020:

We need to have full understanding of the word of God to stand and live above these kinds of preachers globally. Good work.

Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on July 16, 2020:

Yes sir so true.

John Gardiner on July 16, 2020:

Great job. Many need to be reminded that there are those among us whose goal is selfish greed, while slapping the name of Jesus on their antics. Funny how they teach prosperity to people who will likely never financially prosper, while they, themselves, are making huge bucks and living lavish lifestyles.

We all need to be reminded to get back with Jesus.

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