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Prophet Mohammed 's Biography: The Most Influential and Virtuous Figure Setting Foot on This Globe ( Part 2)

I have an overflowing amount of love toward the prophet Muhammad. So,I want to circulate its biography around the world.


The Prophet Mohammed 's Seclusion With Allah In Hira Cave

When he was about to be forty years, isolation had come over him by going to Hira's cave existed on the Nours mountain. Spent long periods in it immersing in his seclusion with Allah. Truth to say, this cave became a soothing refuge for him enabling him to relish in his contemplating in the sky and approaching Allah by good deeds. He used to stay many night and take prepared food by his wife with him. As the days passed over him, signs of prophecy emerged. Any dream saw him started to came true like beam day light.

The Divine Inspiration Descended On The Prophet Mohammed By Allah's Messenger( Gerbil)

Nearly became forty years, the reverent angel Gerbil descended from the heaven into this globe to convey Allah 's noble message to the prophet Mohammed. This was his second descent to this globe.

With his decent, the globe can't be contained for the joy and ecstasy passed over them. Everything seemed to be triumphant and in the happiness of what was came from Allah to the humanity. This angel descended on the prophet Mohammed in Hira cave.

On descending, the sky was blocked due to his wings and the prophet Mohammed stare in surprise and was scared stiff. The angel asked him to read. The prophet replied "I don't know how to read." So , the angel caught the prophet Mohammed forcefully and gave him a violent hug. Having squeezed him among his arms, his strength collapsed and he couldn't endure this violent blow anymore. After that, he released him and asked him to read and the prophet replied "I don't know how to read."

This act repeated three times until the angel Gerbil said : "read in the name of your lord, who has created all that creatures. Created the man out of a clot of congealed blood .Proclaim! and the Lord is the most bountiful. " After that ,the messenger Gerbil returned to the heaven leaving the prophet Mohammed in appalling aggregate state of fear, horror, anxiety and terror about what should he do.

The Prophet Mohammed 's Return To His Home

When he entered his home, Khadijah glimpsed fear and horror in his eyes but, she didn't fathom what happened. He became blistered with Panic and fear and only two words fell upon his tongue " cover me ! " cover me ! " . Quickly she covered him till this fear was over. After that he said " O Khadijah , what is wrong with me ?" Then he told her all the stuff passed through him. He said " I dread that something may happen to me ". Truly , what words Khadijah said were to the point . She said " Allah will never let you down as you maintain strong ties with your family members , relatives and friends, speak the truth, give aid to the poor and destitute, and generously serve your guests."Through her sweet, soft and soothing converse, his heavy burdens are relieved and some of his fear melted away but not enough to calm his racing heart .

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The Prophet Mohammed And Khadijah 's Visit to (Her Cousin) (Waraq Bin Naufal)

In order to remove the reserves of this fear and to reach out to accurate results about what was happening around them , Khadijah accompanied the prophet Mohammed to her cousin ( Waraq bin Naufal). This man was an elderly Christian man during the pre_islamic period. He used to write the Arabic writing and translate the Gospel into Arabic language. So,This man was a man of knowledge enough to give them satisfied answers .

On telling him all the stuff landed over him, Waraq ascertained that Mohammed will be a prophet as Gerbil is the same messenger whom Allah sent to Moses. Also Waraq said that when your message landed over your nation, they would hit you with waves of harm, violence, hostility, persecution until fear squeezed your chest and you groaned in frustration. Quickly gave him a dosage of hope to remove his anxiety from this converse fell over him. He said " if I should remain alive till the day when you will be turned out then I would support you strongly. " But after a couple of days went on ,Waraq died.

The Period Of Calling To Islam In Secrecy By The Prophet Mohammed

The prophet Mohammed started to call to Islam by command from Allah. He started by his family and then relatives but ,this calling was secret and it lasted for three years .A nearly forty person responded to this calling and embraced Islam. Khadijah was the first person from females believing his message without any suspicion and embraced Islam. His best companion ( Abu Bakr ) was the first man from males to embrace Islam and from youth, was his cousin ( Ali bin Abi Talib )
Every one of these people followed the prophet in his calling, started to circulate the calling to their relatives but secretly to avoid quarish's harm. Abu Bakr 's good reputation helped him in his calling. He explained Islam to Uthman ibn Affan , Talhah bin Ubaidallah and AL Zubiar ibn al_awwam . When they heard this, they quickly embraced Islam .
Abu Bakr 's struggle in Islam didn't halt to this limit , he also donated a great amount of his money for the sake of buying slaves and emancipated them from the torment of their owners. These slaves were tormented for the sake of Islam . These slaves are Bilal Ibn Rabah , Amar ibn fohayra, AL Roma and Amm abees.

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