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Proof Ghosts Do Exist

See the figure looking out the Castle Gate. The castle was locked down at the time and no one was in castle. The mysterious image captured by Chris Aitchison at Tantallon Castle in eastern Scotland.

See the figure looking out the Castle Gate. The castle was locked down at the time and no one was in castle. The mysterious image captured by Chris Aitchison at Tantallon Castle in eastern Scotland.

Close up of the ghostly figure looking out the gate. Notice his middle ages collar.And his face is very clear.

Close up of the ghostly figure looking out the gate. Notice his middle ages collar.And his face is very clear.

The Ghost Of Tantallon Castle

The figure wearing middle age clothing is looking down on the castle grounds. Could this be a member of Scottish royalty from the middle ages. The ghostly figure has been seen for a number of years. In fact the earliest reports of the ghostly figure looking out that particular window can be traced back to the late 1830's. This was far before pictures were being taken on a regular basis. And even way back people have always described the ghost they see looking out the window almost exactly the same way.

Notice the ghostly figure in the close up photo. The figure is clearly wearing a middle ages collar and the face is so clear in the blown up close up. Please notice that this photo has been tested and checked and everyone says that the photo is real and has not been manipulated in any way.

I just love the close up of the ghostly figure in the close up photo. Some people have claimed the ghostly figure is a trick of light. I just don't think so. How about you?

So maybe yes maybe this is finally real proof that ghosts do exist. If this photo really shows a ghost then yes ghosts really do exist.

Haunted Alaska, Ghost Stories From The Far North. Great Video On Haunted Alaska Here.

Boy Washing His Feet Photo

Notice the boy to the left in the photo washing his feet. The boy washing his feet was not there when the photo was taken.

Notice the boy to the left in the photo washing his feet. The boy washing his feet was not there when the photo was taken.

Boy Washing His Feet Photo

Here's another really great photo proving the existence of ghosts. You can clearly see the boy washing his feet in the photo. The boy was not there washing his feet when the photo was taken. The ghostly figure of this boy has been seen often playing and setting on the river bank and several people over the years have reported seeing the boy washing his feet.

Ghostly Figure Photo

Notice the ghostly figure to the left of the couple having their photo taken.

Notice the ghostly figure to the left of the couple having their photo taken.

Ghostly Figure Photo

Notice the ghostly figure in the photo to the left of the couple. This photo has also been investigated and no one has ever been able to prove that this photo has been manipulated in any way. You can clearly see the ghostly figures features and people have reported this same ghostly figure in this area for over a hundred years. But this is the first time that anyone has caught it on film or photograph.

Most Famous Ghost Photo Ever, The Brown Lady

Here is the most famous ghost photo ever taken anywhere on earth. It is said to be the best ghost photo ever.

Here is the most famous ghost photo ever taken anywhere on earth. It is said to be the best ghost photo ever.

Most Famous Ghost Photo Ever, The Brown Lady

In the above photo you can clearly see the outline of the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall as she climbs the stairs. Even NASA has viewed and tried to figure out this photo. But even they say that as far as they can tell the photo is real and has not been manipulated in any way.

The Brown Lady Ghost of Raynham Hall has been seen on those stairs by over a hundred different people over the years and at least two photos have been made of the Brown Lady Ghost.

Most paranormal investigators say that Raynham Hall is haunted and that the above photo of the Brown Lady Ghost is real. If so then this is also proof , absolute proof that ghosts are indeed real. 

How To Tell If Your House Is Haunted Is Covered In This Great Video. If Your House Is Haunted You Need To Watch This Video.

Best Ghost Story Ever On Video , Ghost Do Exist, Virginia Walkers Ghost Story

Virgina Walker tells one of the best ghost stories ever at the below link.

Virgina Walker tells one of the best ghost stories ever at the below link.

More Proof That Ghosts Do Exist

My Mother Virginia Walker tells one of the best ghost stories that has ever been told and if you listen to the story carefully you will hear some of the best evidence ever that ghosts do indeed exist. Listen as Virginia Walker tells this bone chilling ghost story in her own words.

Click Here For Virginia Walkers Ghost Story

Enough Evidence To Convince A Jury, Ghosts Do Exist.

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There is enough evidence on this page and in the videos of Virginia Walkers Ghost Story to convince any jury on earth of the existence of ghosts. I could tell you my own stories and of my 100 percent belief in the existence of ghosts but I wanted to present everyone with independent information and videos proving the existence of ghosts. Because believe me ghosts do indeed exist and walk around with us every day.


I welcome your comments and I hope you will post your comments now below. Let me hear from you please.

Please place your comments below now. Please let me hear from you about the existence of ghosts. Negative comments will not be approved here.

Peartree on May 14, 2016:

I do believe in ghosts, not only of people, but also things as they were at some time in the past. The thing is, that nobody seems to be able to come up with any irrefutable evidence for them, so there will always be a debate about their existence or non existence. I think that people who have had supernatural experiences will 'know' that they have seen something out of the ordinary, whereas others will be divided as to their beliefs. Until science can definitely proove there are such things, this will continue to be the situation. It is certainly a subject which can inspire lively debate.

Ashhad faran on January 29, 2015:

I am a vampire hunter please believe me i've killed 17 vampires in Austrailia and 2 in USA and my brother even saw me hunting them

parul on December 31, 2014:

i have just one doubt that the pictures can also be made by modern techniques but still i feel they do exist cause the story i am going to tell you is true story of my neighbour she was17 yrs of old and she were doing that such kind of thing which we cant believe she said that she is the ghost of my mother's sister who was died in1976 and u cant believe that she tell every thing that my mother and she would have been done in there past even a single word and ll was correct not just this i have lso saw many people whose wording are like this,"us aurt me atma aai hai nd this also that us aurat me mata aai hai ". and i seriously felt sooo scared and i feel that they do exists

Thomas Byers (author) from East Coast , United States on July 09, 2013:

You can send it to thomasbyers @ with "Ghosts" in the subject line and I will get it and email you back.

Randi on July 08, 2013:

Hi..ive always been one who didn't believe simply for lack of proof and admitting their exsistence would be quite scary for me. However a few nights ago, staying the night at a friends house left me with undeniable proof that they r actually real and yes im now a believer. I want to share the photo but i don't want it posted all over the web ya know? Could u plz reply with ur personal email maybe or something where i can share with u this scary but REAL photo?

Gurlz on April 27, 2013:

Ya know i strongly believe ghosts exist. My family doesn't believe in ghosts. I've showed them EVERYTHING on this website for proof. Once i was watching t.v. and making t-shirts and when i put on the t-shirt, "WE HUNT GHOSTS AND THAT'S NO JOKE," the strangest thing happened. i swear,i heard a harsh whisper say, "WHY ARE WE ALWAYS HUNTED I'LL GET U!" Fact: ghosts talk so low u can't hear them or so high tell me if u think otherwise

Susan on February 10, 2013:

I have never seen a ghost, however I do believe in them. How cool it would be to experience it for real.

sarah on January 15, 2013:

ghost are real i have an old man in my house i see him all time he plays tricks on me touch my leg turn heating up and down on n of n kettle gose on it self n light go on and of he dose no hurt me n i don't mind him but some people talk shit saying were demons we spirits i no that 100 pc n we all are down ere to learn so we can teach we choose our own path n our spirt guied keeps us on it

sanju on January 15, 2013:

once i went to kolkata at my grandma home . at night nearly 9;30 i saw a girl wearing white dress standing near a street lamp outside the home i can see only her dress not her face , hands and legs . when i called my sister (not own ) who was younger than me the girl went away just then a man came from there but i can see him then y not the girl later i said to grandma . she told me that far away from that street light there is a house where many people reported seeing that girl who is a ghost who were never dare to go near that house but in that house lives a muslim family they didn't felt it but others felt it that means ghost really exist

Lizy Johnson on November 24, 2012:

Yes, there is no doubt that ghost exist. Jesus had cast out many devils from human when he was on this earth. Bible reveals that Lucifer , the original ghost or devil whatever we call , is still existing and will be here up to the second coming of Jesus. Bible reveals , legeons, the battalions of ghost are there to lead us to do wrong . Very easy to understand that when we pray or worship , always we get temptations. Therefore, Jesus commanded his disciples to pray for not to be tempted by devil. What else evidence we want to know the existence of devil or Satan. He came to Edan, God's garden to cheat the Adam and Eve.

Any more evidence do we need ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Bhavya on November 23, 2012:

YA i am sure that ghosts exist...

when i am 15 one day i was on my bed just beside a window chatting wid my frnd i suddenly felt like someone passing through the window watching me but i am sure no one are present in or near my house at that time as my parents gone out and no house is there near my house.

what it might be ?

a spirit 4 sure i still don't understand

Gabby Gomez on October 29, 2012:

umm... I am in school so my ghost story is when we took a picture of my baby sister on her b-day my brothers ghost was behind her high chair

gouthami on September 21, 2012:

ya i truely belive in ghosts but i didnt experinced but i am a beliver of god if gud s there so there vl be evil too

PUNEETH on July 19, 2012:

well i have a doubt here....

Ghosts have their own limitations if i'm not wrong. so, can ghosts do whatever humans can?

can their image appear on mirror? can they eat??

can they enter sacred places like temples or churches??

Well, I have had a personal experience myself actually but that was when I was a kid....when I was riding a cycle on the road where I have not seen many people walking and it was a cold evening, There was one particular house which was really really old and I had never seen any humans or animals there and there were stairs visible from a distance even when riding a cycle. Well as I came by that house, I saw a very old lady sitting on the stairs that I had never seen sitting there...actually she was probably the 1st human I had seen near that house. I don't know why but i actually stopped there....I still can't remember why....

I actually saw the woman's face color changing from skin color to red and then green. I got so scared that I drove away at very great speed and while returning home, A red cloth just passed by me and fell on the road.

I never even went near that road ever again and later my parents changed the house...

Holly on June 06, 2012:

My favourite quote I've come across on these boards is "I always get a kick out of people who don't believe in the afterlife, humans are conscious energy existing in a body for a period of time."

Robin on May 06, 2012:

I tend to believe. There have been so many unimpeachable documented reports, including photographs, regarding such sightings, that one has to take them seriously.

Taz on May 01, 2012:

I do beleieve but not all the way. I beleive there are ghost and their are demonds. I cant say I have seen either one of them (unless you count dreams of people who past on). I don't think I could handle it and that's why I haven't seen them but good pics and info.

siva on April 28, 2012:

i beleive the ghosts are exist because of one day i experienced my self one night it attact my neck. i beleive in that

sai on March 24, 2012:

since my childhood im experiencing ghost's torture,they really torture me to do homeworks etc ieven know tose names

jhon-maths ghost,eva-science ghost.

jan esco on March 19, 2012:

Started my own paranormal investigation team. Based on experience, I know they exist.

Crystal(ghost hunter) on March 09, 2012:

i wanna find out if ghost really exist im young but i can do it i wanna be a ghost hunter

Crystal(ghost hunter) on March 09, 2012:

i am a ghost hunter i am young but i believe in this stuff i remember i saw a white women when i was younger i am not crazy my older brother saw it i want to know what it was i want to look for this i wanna be what i want to be i do not care what others say i just want answers and i will get them.

DraceekXII on February 21, 2012:


james on February 20, 2012:

There real without a doubt, i have seen a few, i saw a girl in my bedroom, in front of my childs cot, when he was asleep, knelt down like she was praying for him, he died 2 weeks latter of meningitas, and apprantly it was his guardian angel... next time me and my partner were stood in our kitchen, and a large black entity came straight out of the wall, straight in between us, and out through the other wall... we was both like wow, did you see that!!!

Ghost scared on January 16, 2012:

When i was little say 2 years old I talked to my great grandma who had passed away a long time before I was born my mum told me she put me in the bushes and i was talking to someone but no one was there she said who r u talking to I said grandma mummy I have had no ghostly experiences since and I can only remember that encounter from the blurry part of my brain I love reading thing and looking at pics about ghosts but I am a bit scared.

Conor McCubbin. on December 24, 2011:

Guess what! (I'm 13 BTW) My and my girlfriend and her family were on holliday in America, when I took a picture of her during lunch. I found proof of both ghosts AND aliens, as it is a ghost alien that shows up on a piller behind her. It came up on the camera so we checked the piller, there was no alien markings or drawings there.

hillary on December 08, 2011:

i disagree with the fact that ghosts cannot inhabit objects. sure they are not stuck to that object all the time coming and going as they please-but there are many famous haunted dolls out there such as Robert, and Annabelle sure Annabelle was actually a demon but i believe Robert was a mischievous spirit anchored to that doll by the bohemian maid. you do have to be careful not all spirits are good. but i'm so lucky to actually have a little haunted girl doll named Bella and she's a real sweetheart, although she likes to hide things

Saved One on November 16, 2011:

I am skeptical, although i am still curious.

An interesting thing I have read in the Holy Bible, Revelations, to be exact, leads me to believe that ghosts are real.

In the book of revelations, It talks of Christ's Return to judge the Earth according to her sins.

It clearly states the the Dead in Christ will rise up from their graves to join him. The Dead that did not choose Christ are also called up from the grave to be judged, along with all the living, that have not chosen Christ. The people that are alive in this day, and have chosen Christ, join him with the Dead in Christ. This leaves a huge hole for the possibility of the existence of ghosts, or spirits, if you will. According to Revelations, We do not instantly go to Hell or Heaven, but wait in our graves, in this dimension, to be called up by Christ. It is in this time that some spirits may wander. Because the energy in our souls is so minute, compared to the awesomeness of God's energy according to Moses, (another bible reference), I do not believe ghosts can actually interact with us, as they lack the energy to manipulate physical objects, (Unless, of course the spirit or ghost has made a deal with a Demon or Demons, which would reward with super-natural powers.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus exorcised Demons from people who were possessed, and cast them into a bunch of pigs, which ran off a cliff to their death. The name of this Demon, or Demons was/were... Legion. Because they were many demons occupying just one or two people.

Don't believe me? Read the Bible. It has many references to the dead, spirits, demons, and early-day exorcism.

But beware of the warnings in the book of Exodus and Leviticus, pertaining to the occult, sooth-sayers, mediums, etc...

It warns to stay away from these people and these kinds of acts...

What is God protecting us from? True Spiritual Evil!

Shubham on November 05, 2011:

Ghosts do exist.good pics by the way

PeterSoner on November 02, 2011:

Ghost sure exist!!!

I've seen thing floating in the air in front of me,i've heard noises from other rooms of the house while I'm alone in the house,I usually hear someone whispering my name and one day my bed started trembling and i had just lied!!!

And I'm expecting for MORE!

ghost gal on October 27, 2011:

you don't have to be scared try to communicate with it (only if not evil) Even though i am 11, i have dreamed of being of a ghost hunter. If any ghost hunter is reading this,Thank you for making me be a ghost hunter.Also if Ghost Adventures Crew is reading this, you are awesome you made me want to be a ghost hunter when i grow up,Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laurrad on October 20, 2011:

I still don't know wether to beleive in ghosts, although i feel as though i have had encounters of seeing them in the past i still find it hard to completely beleive, when i was young i was in my room, i looked across the room and in the corner it looked like the shadow of an old lady, knitting, rocking back and forth, there was no light/lamp on, curtains were completely shut, i just stared at it. Also not long ago while i was brushing my teeth i cud hear whistling in my mum n dads old bedroom, and knew they were downstairs, as i crept towards the room, as it felt clearly abnormal the whistling carried on, as i peered into the room there was blatent whistling but nobody was there. as i walked completely into the room it suddenly stopped. then as i left it happened again. nobody else was in the house other than my mum n dad and they were both definitely downstairs. Although it all did feel paranormal i still don't know if i wont beleive in them because im scared or i wont beleive in them simply because i do not think they are real. all that said, the pictures can be seen as proof and beleivable.

jamie smith on October 16, 2011:

i think they do exist cuz i was im my bed when the light tured on in the loo and the chain flushed, in the morning my mum and dad asked me if they went to the loo and i said "no, i thought you did"...... i have no siblings, so who could it have been??? ;/

cliff on September 22, 2011:

about20 years ago when we were first married, my wfe and i were staying at her parents house in cornwall, i awoke early one morning and my wife was still sleeping, still lying in bed i looked up to see 2 old women looking down at me, they were just stood there very calmly with perhaps peaceful expressions, their legs seemed to go through the bed as they were right beside me in the middle bed area. Strangely i felt no fear whatsoever being otherwise prone to jitters on the obligitory spooky situations etc, the calm fearlessness was what surprised me the most so much so i eventually turned and went back to sleep. Having no previous knowledge of the house or it's history I told my inlaws what happened that morning and my Mother inlaw then told me the Bond sisters who were spinsters lived there many years ago, it was at this point the hairs on my neck went up and i felt very spooked, my Motehr in law then asked my not to tell anyone as my sister in law still used that room. To my knowledge no one else has seen these two ghosts though inlaws have heard footsteps many times. I am also a Christian and my inlaws are Christians. I am still puzzled by this event to this day.

Rajkumar on September 13, 2011:

my friends hv no belief in ghost but i am believing in both God & Ghost

martin.. on September 12, 2011:

years ago i and my friend went up to a railway track to take pictures of the eclipse. We dident see anything but we did hear footsteps. The outer part of the tracks is covered in stones so you could hear the footsteps very clearly. We still talk about that night to this day. And no way was it an animal we would have seen it the footsteps where that close.

South Africa on August 04, 2011:

Seen them myself 3x in my life, and I believe my eyes :)

Justanothercommenter on August 02, 2011:

Ahem. They are called spirits and every one of u will become one when you die. I'm not going to force my beliefs down your throats but I hope that each of you experience some kind of communication with spirit. It is amazing. Just stay open minded. Since being involved with spirit I no longer fear death. They bring a light to the end of the tunnel that is life.

Andrew Dexter on July 21, 2011:

Ghosts certainly do exist! without doubt! In the 1970s my family and i lived in a big villa in a former mining town in the south wales valleys, and we heard noises in the bedroom that simply defied rational explanation, things like footsteps and draging sounds, when we went upstairs to investigate we could find nothing to account for it!we eventually had a medium who confirmed it was an earthbound spirit after the medium challenged the spirit to perform by knocking on the ceiling with a brush, and sure enough it knocked back! we also had a vicer to bless the house and it was quiet for a short while, but it return, my mother saw the apparition of a monk standing near the doorway one evening when we were all watching tv, we eventually moved out of the villa in the summer of 1978, and now it's a hotel, the staff have told me about their own experiences.

siddhi on July 10, 2011:

I do think that ghosts exist ands think that it is mainly followed in muslim and christian religions because they do not burn the body but instead just bury the body and have a prayer 16 days later.But after all ghosts do exist and some or should I say many people have expereienced it.

Larry on June 23, 2011:

I didn't believe in ghost until one day a child's ghost came up to me in my friend's spare bedroom. Now I have a different outlook on the matter. Like I tell people, everyone is so sure, until a ghost shows up.

me on April 06, 2011:

to crazyhorseghost

the fact that you may see ghosts or experience your grandfathers presence is not enough to say that ghosts exist. for something to be a 100% true fact you have to be able to demonstrte it and it has to be repeatable eg gravity; if i drop a rock im 100% sure it will fall

goody7 from over there under the sycamore tree on March 20, 2011:

This is a great hub, and I find this to be a fascinating topic. I have put a link from my very own ghostly hub to yours. If this is not okay, just let me know and I will remove it. on January 29, 2011:

Do you believe that ghosts are just energy imprints that have remained static? Or are these apparitions conscious beings?

jd on January 25, 2011:


I am amazed what some people think constitutes "proof". I believe in many inexplicable things due to some of my personal experiences with precognitive dreams, deja-vu, etc., but I also understand that I cannot put those experiences in a test tube and centrifuge them and then present the "evidence" to the scientific community. I also understand that I am not in control of those events as much as most people (if not all people)are obviously not in control of their experiences. If they were, they could simply say, "Hey, Mr. Scientist, come over to my house and I'll ask my deceased UNcle Bert to show up and you can then take a photo of him". The arrogance of the scientific community has this sense of entitlement; they believe you have proof only after you have proven it to them. If you have had a personal experience seeing a ghost, they forget that that is proof-it's proof for YOU!

mark weller on January 23, 2011:

i know for a fact that ghosts are real,from an early age i have experienced variouss things and when was 6 years old saw a full bodied apporitian.