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Did Prof Arysio Santos find Atlantis?

Professor Arysio Santos believed he had found Atlantis

I first came upon the name of Professor Arysio Nunes dos Santos, which is often shortened to Prof. Arysio Santos, back in 2002 after I had returned to Wales from Tenerife. I had become fascinated with the Guanche people, who were the original inhabitants of Tenerife and the other Canary Islands, as well as the strange Dragon Trees (Dracaena draco ) that grow here.

I had been searching for information online and soon came upon Prof. Santos and his website about Atlantis. The Canary Islands are believed by many to be all that is left of Atlantis and this is confirmed in the books of Colonel James Churchward, however, Arysio did not agree with this and had come up with a discovery he believed was where the true location of Atlantis was. I became his friend and we exchanged very many emails.

Prof. Santos, who was trained in academic science and was a professor of nuclear physics in Brazil, told me he had originally started his research into Atlantis as a sceptic and unbeliever but having researched thoroughly into world religions, occult traditions, geology and word derivations he had become convinced it was very very real indeed. It became a mission of his to get the knowledge that Atlantis was real out to this crazy world.

Atlantis book by Prof. Arysio Santos

Atlantis The Lost Continent Finally Found

Atlantis The Lost Continent Finally Found

Atlantis the lost continent

New theory about Atlantis

He had a completely new theory - that Atlantis could not be found because everyone had been looking in the wrong place and that Plato's work on the subject had been misunderstood. Arysio believed that the true location of Atlantis was in the area of the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. The Indonesian islands are all that is left of it.

He also felt that India was one of its nearest and many colonies and that the holy books known as the Vedas and the Hindu religion are based on and in Atlantis. The professor also believed that many other religious ceremonies such as baptism were memories of Atlantis and how it perished under the seas.

Arysio thought that that Guanche language was derived from Dravidian and set out a very good case proving this by comparing Dravidian words with those of the Guanche tongue - many are nearly identical. He had also written on The Mysterious Origin of the Guanches.

He believed that the "Golden Age" and the Garden of Eden and "Paradise" were all memories of Atlantis as it once was and that after its destruction the survivors had to begin again and had lost all their technological advances and were reduced to a very primitive way of living.

His idea was that Atlantis was destroyed following a cataclysmic volcanic eruption and tsunami that shook the entire world. He told me once that he thought it might have been triggered deliberately in nuclear war by these ancient people who lived on Atlantis and he was praying this was not going to be the fate of the world again.

Arysio asked me if I thought we could collaborate in putting a book together for the European or American market, a book that would be condensed from all of his research work that spanned over 20 years of time.

His work covered so many fields of knowledge and also speculated on the Atlanteans as being brilliant genetic scientists who had created plants we have today including most of those that have entheogenic or other drug properties.

As I said, his work covered so many fields such as geology, linguistics, climatology, anthropology, archaeology and included botany, a subject I was very interested in myself. I agreed to help put a book together but having made several starts on it I had to admit defeat. I told Arysio that I simply could not find a way of linking all the pieces of the massive jigsaw together and keep it within one volume and make it a work that a publisher would be likely to take on. He understood my difficulty completely.

I carried on corresponding and joined the forums for his website and eventually I was delighted to find that he had at last found someone to help put that book together and had got it published. I knew this was part of his mission in life to get that book out there.

I moved from Wales to Tenerife back at the end of 2004 and lost personal touch to a large degree with Arysio but I was still keeping up to date on his forums but sadly the site got hacked and the forums were lost.

I just had cause to go to his site today and very sadly found that my friend Prof. Arysio Santos has passed away and an announcement to this effect had been posted on the site earlier this year.

I am writing this hub as a sort of tribute to a very great man, who was a true pioneer when it came to alternative history of this planet, and a man whose work needs to be looked at if you are interested in the mystery of Atlantis. Prof. Arysio Santos believed he had solved that mystery.

For more info: There is a very interesting and in depth interview with Frank Joseph Hoff - Prof. Arysio Santos' Understudy, Researcher & Business Agent until his untimely death on September 09, 2005, that can be listened to on the following link:

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Atlantis - Finally Found

  • Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found
    This site presents a new theory on Atlantis by a Brazilian scientist, Prof. Arysio Santos, which he discovered in the Indian Ocean. It presents a series of articles, periodically renewed.
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1997 Interview with Prof. Arysio Santos - Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found


brianjanuary on August 03, 2013:

I love this stuff!

Atlantis is a mythic locale, and was so regarded in Plato's time. IMO he made the story up as an allegory.

However--and this is a theory endorsed by one of the characters in my thriller novel "Emerald"--there is a lot of compelling evidence to support the breaching of the Bosporus Strait 7500 years ago and the resulting flooding of the Euxine Lake to create the modern Black Sea. Obviously such a catastrophic event would have caused a diaspora of the surviving inhabitants of the area, leading to mythological tales of a sunken continent centuries later.

Brian January

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on August 27, 2012:

William, questioned about why he wasn't looking for it in the Atlantic, as we know it today, this is what he said: "But the fact is that what we call by the name of "Atlantic Ocean" is not the same as that of the ancients. Herodotus, Aristotle, Plato, Strabo, and several other ancient authors are very specific on the fact that the "Atlantic Ocean" — otherwise called "Ocean of the Atlanteans", "Outer Ocean", "Kronian Ocean", Mare Oceanum ("Ocean Sea") or Mare Magnum ("Great Sea") was indeed the whole of the "earth-encircling ocean". This Ocean surrounded the whole world then known, that of Eurasia and Africa. In other words, the Atlantic Ocean of the ancients was the World Ocean that is indeed coterminous and encircles the entire globe of the earth, and which we now arbitrarily divide into Pacific, Indian and Atlantic, despite the fact that all three are coterminous." Source:

William Bond from England on August 26, 2012:

I think to find a lost civilization on the bottom of the ocean is nearly impossible. It is hard enough to find one buried on land, but it would be a hundred times more difficult to find anything on the bottom of the ocean. The only real evidence of Atlantis is what Plato wrote. Everything else since then has been speculation.

I should image that Arysio was influenced by plate tectonics theories that suggests that continents move sideways but don't move up and down. Now there is doubt about this, and new research on plumes that suggest that continents and islands can move up or down. So now scientifically it would now be possible for a large island in the middle of the Atlantic to sink. Though whether that happened in reality, is another question.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on August 26, 2012:

Well, I first got into contact with Arysio after I came here the first time and was looking for info on the Guanches. Arysio is in agreement with all those who have said it isn't in the Atlantic. He explains on his site that it is because everyone was looking in the wrong place that they never found it. From what I can understand there is no historical or geological evidence at all that the Canary Islands were part of Atlantis apart from what Colonel James Churchward showed on a map in his books on Mu and what is posted on this site by a lady who says she channels Thoth: I tend to accept what the academics say: that the Guanches were descended from the Berbers of North Africa.

William Bond from England on August 26, 2012:

Hi Bard, living in Tenerife, I would have thought you would be more interested having Atlantis in the Atlantic and not on the other side of the world.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on May 18, 2012:

Thanks for your feedback!

pays on April 07, 2012:

indonesia is real atlantis...

ih the west java province.. one mountain is golden mountain is name gunung pongkor...

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 23, 2012:

Well Arysio's theory is very good and explains why it has never really been found because people were looking in the wrong places. And also he explained that it had colonies in other places like India that would have survived.

Soldadu on February 23, 2012:

Hi Bard! Maybe Jasz it's right bout that .. and maybe not ... but that have written in history that either prince or the king have go under water and married with sea kingdom's princess ... that's all i can tell .. cos i'm not remember it .... How about if Atlantis is around America?

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 16, 2012:

Thanks for your feedback!

Aryo on February 16, 2012:

Hey that statement maybe true, in the java island there are candi (temple)Sukuh that the shape is uncommon with the other candi that found in java island. The common candi is built in Hindhus era and have same shape one among another, but this candi have different shape, the shape most likely like mayan pyramids. Is this just coincidence? And now, in 2012 there is hot topic in indonesia, some group of ancient kingdom lover is discover that there is pyramid beneath the Mount Lalakon and Sadaurip. Hopes that true.. And then can be a step stone to reveal the other mysteries.

JASZ on July 14, 2011:



Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on March 02, 2011:

I hope you are right!

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on March 02, 2011:

Usually, when something like that happens to me - I think about how I missed out on something, somehow something even better comes along and I end up glad I missed the "other thing":-)

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on March 02, 2011:

Thank you! I didn't get it because it would have worked out I was losing money what with bus fares and after taxes on the pay so a wasted journey! The man who interviewed me would have taken me on otherwise!

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on March 02, 2011:

Bonne chance! Good luck! I have an idea for a line of children's books For you to write - the first one should be called, " momma what's a hypocrite?". Then so on and so forth:-) hahahah! I'm sending you all good vibes:-) LOL

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on March 02, 2011:

Thank you again! I am shortly on my way to an interview so wish me luck!

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on March 02, 2011:

That's why I dig ya Bard - I can see that you do - so many many interesting hubs!

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on March 02, 2011:

I do my best! :)

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on March 01, 2011:

Thanks for keeping it real:-)

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on March 01, 2011:

Thank you, RealHousewife!

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on March 01, 2011:

Great hub though I am sorry about the passing of your friend.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 24, 2011:

Thank you for the info, Carlos!

Carlos Calvet on February 24, 2011:


The posts on the Anciant History of the Canary Islands and their Language can be followed on Facebook on this link:

Canarian History and Language Link:

English books are also available from the author, which deal about a former period on quantum physics.

The English books of the author:

Books in Spanish and German are also available, dealing about History of the Canary Islands, Anciant History of the World, and History of Physics.

All the books of the author:

Carlos Calvet on January 28, 2011:

Hallo again!

More and detailed imnformation on the Canarian guanches and the etymology of their language can be read on my FB site above shown. The Guanche language clearly derives from Sankrit and Tamil, although it is also related to Caucasian languages - may be because Aryans came from the Caucasus.

Here e.g. the etymology of "Tindaya", holy mountain of Fuerteventura and its explanation (in Spanish):

""Tindaya. Fuerteventura. Montaña sagrada, cuya silueta y el cielo son alumbrados por la luna; santuario sobre el que grabaron unas 300 huellas de pies y desde donde adoraban a Magec (el sol) y a Yur (la luna); en ella incluso construyeron .. .... enterramientos en forma de túmulos. Montaña blanquecina, moteada en la cumbre, y rojiza y grisácea en la base, formada en su parte superior de traquita blanquecina (una roca a menudo de estructura como la espuma o esponjosa). Sánscrito+: DiNDira = hueso de sepia (de color blanquecino, considerado “la espuma del mar”); trayayAyya = que debe ser guardado o protegido; Proto-Altaico: *ti?o?lgu = luna; *tiant? = sol; Proto-Japonés: *tia?nta = sol; Tamil: tI = fuego, lámpara, maldad, calor, infierno; ti?kal? = luna, mes; tikaz-tal = brillar como un diamante o una estrella, ser brillante o eminente; Malayalam: ti?kal? = luna; Kannada: din?d?e = gran piedra redondeada; ti?gal? = luna, mes; Telugu: t?n?d?ra = resplandor, calor, luz; t?n?d?ramu = resplandeciente, brillante, calor, luz, caliente, temible; Brahui: t?n = (calor) abrasador, chamuscamiento; d? = sol, luz del sol, día; Proto-Chádico Central: *tiyal- = luna; Nor-Caucásico: Proto-Avaro-Andian: *t?int?? = moteado, peca(s), marcado de cráteres; Zhuang-Tai: Siamés: d?an = luna.

Es decir que "Tindaya" es una palabra que está directamente relacionada con la luna, la espuma de mar, el brillo blanquecino de piedras y perlas, y ciertas manchas, como p.ej. las de la luna, pero sobre todo con el color blanquecino.

Después de dar por terminado el análisis etimológico completo, "Tindaya" resulta una palabra claramente derivada del Sánscrito "DiNDira" (espuma de mar), pues todas las demás etimologías rondan alrededor de ésta. La explicación radica en la esencia más antigua de las Vedas, las sagradas escrituras de los Indoarios, que fueron escritas como mínimo el 1500 a.C.:

Por el año 1200 A.D., Sri Vadirajaru, el gran santo de la filosofía Dvaita, escribió el Dashavathara, una Purana (recopilación de la esencia de textos de las Vedas (1500 a.C.)), que describe los avatares o formas que los dioses toman en la Tierra:

“Sri Hari es un dios que toma la forma de un pez y vive en el agua. Cuando nada, todo el océano se balancea. En su estómago guarda todas las Vedas que se dieron a Brahma, firmemente y sin que se muevan. Sus cuernos de oro protegen el vehículo que guarda las semillas de la creación, pues el Hijo del Sol, Vyvasvatha Manu, que tiene el cuerpo dorado brillante, las necesitará para volver a sembrar la Tierra tras la siguiente destrucción (es decir, en el ciclo que viene).

Sri Hayagriva es un dios que vive en el océano lleno de espuma, que dispersa por doquier cuando se enfurece. Él es la causa de este universo (por eso, los Indoarios daban tanta importancia a la “espuma de mar”).

El dios Vishnu, en su avatar (forma) de Vamana, exigió de Bali, jefe de los sacrificios, tres pies de Tierra como donación. En su forma de Sri Tivikrama (Cabeza de tres regiones) midió un pie de la región superior, un pie de la región inferior (de la Tierra), y el tercer pie lo puso sobre la cabeza de Bali, empujándolo a Pathala (guarida de serpientes y demonios).

Pero cuando Sri Tivikrama alzaba su bello pie para medir la Tierra, las uñas de su pie tocaron Brahmanda (el universo) y le hicieron un agujero, por el cual el Dios Río Ganga (Gangues) fluyó de fuera del universo hacia dentro de él.

Finalmente, Sri Narayani, un avatar del dios Sri Hari, cada vez que pisa la Tierra, la embellece.”

“También Buda, la “Luz de Asia”, santifica el suelo que pisa y sus pisadas son sagradas y motivo de grabados y de adoración.”

Es decir que según la filosofía védica y su posterior recopilación e interpretación pre y postbudista, "Tindaya" es una montaña sagrada, formada por densa "espuma de mar", que resplandece como la luna o como una perla en la noche, y lleva en su cumbre grabados de "pisadas sagradas" (los mal llamados "podomorfos"), porque son las sagradas pisadas del dios Vishnu, quién midió la Tierra con su pie, hizo correr el río sagrado (vean el barranco que baja por el lomo de Tindaya), lleva en sí las sagradas escrituras y embellece la Tierra con sus pisadas. Más tarde llegaría Buda, quién seguiría esa misma filosofía milenaria, cuyo origen es la India, pero que influyó incluso al Antiguo Testamento, al Cristianismo y al Islam, pues la Santísima Trinidad no es más que un dios y dos de sus avatares o formas, pues ningún dios puede pisar nuestro universo sin destruirlo. Por eso, en el Judaismo, el Cristianismo y el Islam se usan formas de dios que puedan estar en la tierra, como Jesucristo o Mahoma. Pero el origen de las Religiones del Libro está en la filosofía de la India y tiene como mínimo unos 5 o 6 mil años de antigüedad. Por otra parte, la moderna cosmología coincide con la filosofía de la India en que el universo está formado por “espuma”, y fueron los Indios los primeros en inventar los números del 0 al 9, y mucho antes que los Griegos ya habían llegado a la conclusión de que existían átomos y moléculas. De hecho, la cosmología moderna está estudiando esa sabiduría antigua y ha llegado a la conclusión de que la filosofía de la India, con sus dioses principales Indra, Shiva, Vishnu y Brahma, ya contiene en sí lo que ahora estamos descubriendo en el siglo XXI.""

My books on the Canaries and other anciant civilizations:

Carlos Calvet, „Civilizaciones“, Ediciones Corona Borealis, Málaga 2011

Carlos Calvet, “Las Islas Afortunadas”, Sílex Ediciones, Madrid, 2009, 280 pg.

ISBN 978-84-7737-230-1

Carlos Calvet, "Zivilisationen - Wie die Kultur nach Sumer kam“, Grin Verlag, München 2007

ISBN 978-3-638-84502-1

Carlos Calvet, "Geschichte und Mythen der Kanaren“, Bohmeier Verlag, Leipzig (2007), 216 S.

ISBN 978-3-89094-517-0

Available at amazon US, UK, europe, DE, FR, etc.

Greetings from Spain!


Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on September 07, 2010:

Thank you for your feedback!

TheMeditationist on August 31, 2010:

I saw a comment that they would have left things that weren't biodegradable, I disagree. Not only would they have been tehcnologically advanced but they were also spiritually advanced, realizing their oneness with the earth and universe. Plastic and other things like that is unneeded for a spiritually advanced society. Although now that i think of it there probably would have been stone carvings or other kind of art, which may be either unfound or someone is trying to hide the existence of Atlantis. The reason i believe they would want to hide it is that the art they find, if it was revealed to the public it would also reveal the power of spirituality, and we would no longer need the people in power to "protect us" (governments and all that). Those in power dont want to lose their power.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on August 16, 2010:

Have a look at Prof Arysio's website at the link posted.

andreas benedictus on August 15, 2010:

Thanks Prof. I'm Indonesian, Interested to know where atlantis is actually. maybe because Atlantis is in Indonesia, the descendant of the continent from India, taiwan or other places in the world come here to find their ancestors' place. Is there any proof for this ?

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on May 17, 2010:

Thank you for this detailed feedback, Antonio!

Antonio Roberto on May 17, 2010:

Indeed Atlantis vanished in nuclear catastrophe that decimated the whole world – in fact 95% of all living things apparently died in that event. Knowing a little on what happened at the end of the Pleistocene might be the explanation to that doubt of yours. First note that earth was in “Ice age” for a long 1.8 million years undisturbed (where everything flourished) and that “era” ended just about 12 thousand years ago – which is like nothing in geological terms – from then we have seen no new species arriving or returning – nothing else is developing - but instead many species are encountering their ends or are in deep trouble. In that event (the transition to the present “hotter” era – known as the end of the ice age) most great mammals simply disappeared in the disaster (and kept vanishing to date). It seems that transition was not smooth at all – it rather destroyed mostly by water (as stated in the Deluge myths) – Know we learn that Tsunamis and such events as volcano eruptions are close for they relate to disturbances underneath the earth´s crust due to the movements (rearrangement?) of tectonic plates. It seems – as Professor Arysio well stated – that “earth could not support the weight of the raised ocean level after the melting of the glaciers…” which took place in the raising of temperatures – just as its happening nowadays. With the melting of the ice, ocean level rise and subsequent earth´s crust accommodation, we are presented with Tsunamis and Volcano eruptions and all might happen again for sure. As the ocean level is - today – about 450 feet over what it used to be I can be sure Atlantis is about diving depth and will soon be found – exactly where Professor Arysio stated. According to his research – The only place that fits Plato´s description and “fulfills all prophecies of the past” is Indonesia – much specially the Java sea – You can easily see in Google Earth that it is at very short depth, if you know how to identify the Continental Shelves – You can check depth by pointing mouse on region.

In essence – Arysio found that the transformation that led us to present “era” was a perturbance of (the delicate) temperatures balance in which earth was so stably by one artificial excitation of the Krakatoa Volcano which has started the ”flip” of the scale which might tend to chill or cook everybody in… (according to a theory of Professor Arysio this delicate temperature balance is a “Flip-Flop” mechanism and might as well be reversed in a near future meaning we might be close to getting back to ice-age!)

For the ones wandering where are the signs… Come on – if you are looking for, you probably have seen something already.

Atlantis left colonies all over the world (they all look like in a manner) by tracking their languages as Arysio did you can find The Mayas, Brazilian Indians, American Indians, Esquimoes, Hawaiians, Hindis, Indonesian, Aborigines, Egyptians and so on are all descendants of a common people which is what we call Atlantis. It´s just that this catastrophe has happened to them and they kind of returned to “Stone Age” – they literally had to carve stone – and recover from the beginning… For many years after this nuclear incident which took place due to a war as you can find if further research is sought after – the atmosphere was so badly contaminated with radioactivity that people literally had to live in caves. For no other reason would we care to live all right in a cave. As Arysio was a Nuclear Physicist he could note that by tracking radioactivity levels through the known error in carbon 14 dating there was a nuclear activity period which corresponded to the end of the Pleistocene. Said errors are equal to those presented when nuclear bombs were detonated in modern age.

MixedMasters79 on May 10, 2010:

wow thats a good one the beardless indians are the reults of cain and his mark as they till the land but must forever be nomads...anyway good points though Ms.Susanlang.... But i think Atlantis did perish in atomic wars too its in their veedas and in sumerian text the god-king list in Oxford is what predates the pharohs and is said to predate man by 140thousand years not the physical list but the time of their reign as kings.but some good eats in hear wipe them plates

thanks Mr. Bard

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on April 29, 2010:

Hello Carlos! Thank you very much for your interesting feedback and suggestions to readers here! I have just written an article on the Guanches for Feed Your Brain magazine as it happens!

Carlos Calvet on April 29, 2010:

Dear Indian friends:

I am a Spanish Scientist, specialized in Biology, and author of several books on history, especially history of the Canary Islands. In this context, I ("Carlos Calvet") created the Facebook group called "Diccionario etimológico de la lengua guanche" (Ethymologic dictionary of the Guanche language). Although this group has mainly at the moment Spanish members and messages, you are welcome to join this group and explain in detail and in English the fact, why the extinct Guanche language is so similar to Sanskrit and/or the Dravidian language. I have found personally hundreds of similar and even identical words. In fact, there are several homepages that treat this theme like the ones you can find searching "Dravidian Guanche" at Yahoo under:

So, I would be happy, you all to join this group, to spread the Indian tradition and history as far as to the Canary Islands, where apparently in the 3rd C B.C., Indoarian, Dravidian and Persian allies of Alexander the Great colonized the 7 dvipas, which are very similar to the island of Socotra. Please feel free to invite any other friend to meet the group and to give Spanish people the chance to know what Indian people think and know about the Canaries and the Dravidians and the Indoarians that went there. You may write any comment in English if you like.

Be welcome!

anneteoh on April 09, 2010:

Professor Arysio Santos is an enlightened scientist. I pay great respect to his fine intuition, intellect and pursuit of science. His work is reveals aspects of natural science, history and philosophy as well. I must read his great revelation.

How did he die so young?

It's such a loss but luckily, I've reconnected.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 21, 2010:

Mu/Lemuria was before Atlantis and is talked about by Prof Santos too. In the James Churhward books, which I have, it was the Motherland.

Hi-Jinks from Wisconsin on February 21, 2010:

Atlantis may be just a story, but Mu is now being found off the coast of Japan.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 10, 2010:

Thanks for posting, wannabwestern! If you do get his book I hope you enjoy it. Prof Arysio went into many different areas of study to put his theory together.

Carolyn Augustine from Iowa on February 10, 2010:

Bard, this was fun reading. I hope to read the professor's book. It sounds like something out of an Indiana Jones movie script, but makes for interesting reading, as few people stretch themselves beyond one discipline to look at the big picture of the world's history and origins.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on December 30, 2009:

I know and it is already posted in my hub!

atlantis maniac on December 30, 2009:

well you guys can go to His site and get His book

Tina Irene on October 22, 2009:

Oh! OK. Thanks for the clarification, Bard.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on October 21, 2009:

Thanks for posting, Tina! Yes, Lemuria/Mu could be viewed as the first Atlantis.

Tina Irene on October 21, 2009:

Hi, Bard -

There is also the theory of Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean, as there is the theory of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. So, I wonder why Atlantis would have been called "Atlantis" if it had been in the Pacific, or around the Pacific. In any case, this is a very interesting hub. Thanks for writing it.

b-rad-g on September 16, 2009:

atlantis rocks

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on September 11, 2009:

Thank you for posting, Rich! I appreciate hearing your support for the professor's theory.

rich on September 11, 2009:

Bravo to the late Prof. Santos! A very interesting theory! I'm Malaysian. I read the whole theory and I think that the theory is likely to be true.Long time ago,in 1980's, I came to know that South China Sea had been flooded some 10,000 years ago, I just imagined that may be there's ancient people have been buried there, along with their advance civilization. But that just only an imagination of a schoolboy without any proof! But now I know it is true, a very advance civilization, our lost paradise! As I've studied at the school, I disappointed to find that Southeast Asia has not produce any advance civilization that can be matched to another part of the world.But now I'm very proud that my homeland is the most advance civilization many milleniums before, and truly the cradle of civilization! Thanks Prof. Santos. You should be given Noble Prize for resolving the mystery of Atlantis!

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on August 07, 2009:

It has been said by other people that I was an Atlantean! One psychic went as far as to say I was a "plant scientist". Nowadays where I live is considered to be part of what is left of Atlantis according to the books of James Churchward. Prof Santos located it over the side of the world though!

Dolores Monet from East Coast, United States on August 07, 2009:

Bard, don't we all love Atlantis? I read a book a few years back that put Atlantis in the middle of the Mediteranean Sea, the island of Thera off Greece. A huge volcano blew a hole in the island but the people got off in time...the author claimed that the ensuing disturbances were the source of the troubles the Egyptians suffered after Ramses and Moses had their little set-to.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on July 08, 2009:

Thanks for reading and posting, James!

James A Watkins from Chicago on July 07, 2009:

I had always thought it was in the area of Santorini or Crete.  But, it could be near Indonesia.  Or maybe it was in the Gulf of Mexico when that asteroid hit? I enjoyed reading and getting a new slant on this one.  Thanks.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on July 02, 2009:

The Indian mainland would have been such a colony. Good point though, to which I have no answer. I suppose we need to ask how long our most impressive buildings, technological devices and machinery would last in and after a worldwide catastrophe? And again I do not know.

But then again we do not know for certain how many massive ancient buildings like the pyramids and Stonehenge were constructed and it is admitted that people could not produce such constructions today. That these buildings are still here after thousands of years are signs of a previous culture worldwide that built better than we can today.

Pete Maida on July 02, 2009:

It makes sense to me that a land mass could have been in that area. I have a problem with an advanced culture being there. If they were that advanced why didn't they have at least a few advanced colonies in other parts of the world? A culture that advanced would have left some evidence. A culture at that level would have left many things that do not bio-degrade.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on July 02, 2009:

Thank you for your messages, BrainFire and Dementia!

Arysio's work is very different to all other books on Atlantis.

Dementia, have a look at the Free Articles on his website. The one entitled Guanche Language Derived From Dravida? is amazing. In it he shows cleary that many words used by the Guanche, including some that are still place names on Tenerife today, were nearly identical with Dravidian ones from the other side of the world.

The idea that Indian culture was from Atlantis makes sense to me when I consider that the Vedas are said to be the oldest written texts and wisdom we have. L Ron Hubbard actually credits the Vedas as the source of a lot of his inspiration for Scientology - I know that because I used to be a Scientologist.

Dementia Armand on July 02, 2009:

Quite interesting..... Atlantis has always been a fascination for me.... and I will have to check out the book you referenced here as I was unfamiliar with his work... The idea that the culture of India sprang from Atlantis is an interesting theory. Great hub.... and will be checking your hubs more regularly now that I have my own system again. Thanks for the comment you left on my article as well.... I hope I can attain to your level of prolificity in writing!

Many blessings Bard!

MotherGoddessEarth from The Island on July 01, 2009:

Very nice...(noting history)... you know... that I

Interesting that we ended up in the same area...the same day. Deep connections here usual great hub. :)

We'll have to ponder that one.


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