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Princess Diana’s Zodiac Sign

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Whether it is following all the updates on Prince Harry’s and Ms. Meghan Markle’s wedding, predicting the gender of the next royal baby, or reminiscing all the beautiful royal weddings, we all love the royals, don’t we? However, it is Princess Diana who has always been the absolute favorite for most people, including the media which still talks about her, the fashion designers who continue to marvel at her dresses, and the astrology lovers who love to analyze her birth chart. So for all those Diana fans, here is something more about her zodiac sign.

Who was Lady Diana?

For all those who do not know, Diana was the Princess of Wales, married to Prince Charles. She was born to the Viscount and Viscountess Althorp on the 1st of July 1961, and died untimely in a car crash in Paris on the 31st of August 1997. If alive today, she would have been celebrating her 57th birthday this year. Lady Diana shares her son, Prince William’s, zodiac sign, Cancer, and is perhaps one of the most famous Cancer women out there. There are a number of reasons why you, as a Cancer, can relate to her.


The Cancer sign is associated with tradition and heritage. By being born to an aristocratic English family with royal ancestry and then getting married to Prince Charles, Lady Diana, also known as The Honorable Diana Spencer, was well suited for this role. Conversely, being a Cancer also meant that she was someone who enjoyed simplicity, family and a more private life. This explains the difficulties the couple faced in their marriage later on. We understand that with Prince Harry getting married now, the chances for you to ever become a princess have almost been diminished. Nonetheless, as a Cancer sign you can still relate with Lady Diana, when you face same dilemma in your life: where you have to balance your private as well as a demanding career life all together.


Care and Compassion

Diana was a nursery teacher before she married Prince Charles, and later gave birth to two sons Prince William and Prince Harry. Her employment as well as her role as a mother is the perfect representation of a caring Cancer woman. With the moon in the Cancer sign, motherhood and the role of a caregiver is extremely important. Although, she died at the age of 36 when both her sons were quite young, her role as their mother is still admired more than her position as a Princess; old pictures of Lady Diana with William and Harry are an evidence of this.


Lady Diana is an embodiment of diverse positive things for different people. She may be the archetype of beauty for some, for others a role model for an independent women, and for most a source of utmost love and compassion. She is still remembered as the loving mother, rebellious ex-wife and a wonderful friend by everyone. In these different roles she played throughout her life, her personal characteristics as a Cancer woman did shine out.

Her personality can more aptly be described as being soft on the exterior, but tough inside. In the public sphere her feminine planets, namely Venus and the moon always predominated. This explains the huge amount of charitable work she did as well as the love and compassion she had in her heart for the world; this was definitely her motherly feelings as a Cancer woman in play. In contrast to this Diana was definitely had a more powerful or in other words a dominant personality which remained hidden in the background. With Uranus, Mars and Pluto all acting in conjunction she exercised independence in her private life. However, sometimes a mixture of both these paradoxical elements of her personality did show up in the public sphere, with her participation in sports or even when she start kick-boxing as a coping strategy after the breakdown of her marriage with Prince Charles.

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Horoscope forecasts for 2018

There is a lot someone with a Cancer zodiac sign can learn from Diana’s life and the choices that she made. Here is how all these valuable lessons may seem more beneficial in 2018 for all those Cancers out there.
2018 is a great year for you and it comes with loads of new opportunities as well as new avenues for you to explore. However, you must remember that just like Diana’s you have a soft and emotional side which defines who you are at the core. Hence, this year is a great time to show this side of your personality. A good idea would be to spend time with family and work on reconnecting with them. Perhaps learn cooking or join a painting class to express how you feel. Personal relations are important for you as a Cancer. So, whether you are a sister, mother, partner, or a friend, all those at the other end of these relationships are important to you. So, this year value those who matter and let yourself relax for a bit.
On the other hand, it is important to recognize the free, independent spirit within you as well. Caring for others and showing compassion does not mean being hard on yourself. Allow yourself the space to move on and leave behind the pains of the past. It is sometimes important to stop taking the blame for everything and stand up for yourself. This is where you can definitely learn a lot for Lady Diana.
You will definitely find 2018 to be more relaxing and a year where you focus on yourself. It is all about what is going on in your life, internally. You must use this time to understand what you really want in life and find the right perspective. It might be difficult to pinpoint what motivates you when all your emotional responses are heightened, nonetheless it is definitely the best time to experiment with your life and find the right independence between the two conflicting sides of your personality.

Cancer and Love in 2018

Whether you are single, going to enter into a new relationship or are already in one, 2018 will definitely be an important year for you. Your love life will definitely have some spice this year and their might be a lot matters that you would need to sort out as you move forward. It is all a game of emotions for you, Cancer. Remember emotions are your thing; the only issue, however, is learning to control them. Communication is critical. You must not only try to speak up about how you feel, just like Diana did when she was not happy with her marriage. However, it is also important to listen at the same time about what your partner has to say. This is definitely better than all the blame games couples with communication problems tend to play. Bring some transparency in your relationship to establish trust. Trust and reciprocal is extremely important for someone with a cancer zodiac sign, as it was for Lady Diana in her marriage with Prince Charles. Although, it may be okay to walk away from an unhappy relationship, but only after you have given it a chance. So make sure that the feelings of your partners do not go unheard. It might be hard to sort out everything at once so be patient, yet bold and charming; this is what you do best.

Cancer and Family in 2018

Family is extremely important for a Cancer sign. Your family life may undergo a lot of changes this year and it might get hard for you after a certain points. The obstacles may be too many and the will to overcome them litter. However, you must remember how important all this is for you. A great tip would be to make some special effort this year. Learn from Diana: when it comes to motherhood show love, but stay firm as well to keep everything in check. Moreover, it is pertinent that you settle everything this year. Call your mother more often, she would definitely love to hear from you and you might feel better after reconnecting with her. Take your father out on a lunch and treat him special, you will see the difference it would make on your mental well-being. So use 2018, to settle old grudges and to create a new balance in your family life.

Cancer and Career in 2018

There would be a lot happening in your career life this year; you probably would find your plates full all year round even when you do not expect to be busy. You might struggle in the beginning, but must soon learn to strike a balance between your personal and work life. Be the best with your bosses and considerate with your peers. In addition to this, 2018 might be your year if you are starting a new job or just looking for a promotion in your current one. This is the time for you to explore all these opportunities and to actually be provided with the opportunity to work on all of them. You must make the best out of this time by learning new skills and making new contacts. Maybe sign up for that training course, and perhaps, start looking forward to all those office parties. You never know when your social circle at work would come to your own advantage. Make the best of what you have this year and make the right choices to enjoy watching your career life prosper.

Cancer and Money in 2018

Maybe you have been throwing too many parties or making long trips to meet your long-distance girlfriend, we understand you need to reconnect this year. You need all this to ensure your emotional stability in 2018, however it may start costing you a lot in the first half. You might get annoyed about all this, but stay calm, good budgeting can help you survive this turmoil. If you see the same pattern continue later on in the year is well, try to control yourself. Spending on personal relationship is one thing and wasting money to satisfy all the unnecessary people around you is another. Maybe that college reunion with all the people you hate must not be the first thing on your spending list. Nonetheless, you will find that the second half of the year would not be so bad for your finances. Just remember to make small savings throughout the year to always have a backup when you run out of money.

Cancer and Health in 2018

Eating healthy is important at all times, but taking care of your health becomes even more important this year. As a Cancer, you are an emotional person and expending all this mental as well as physical energy on personal issues can have adverse effects on your health. You must learn from the manner in which Diana dealt with her eating disorders. Hence, make sure that you surround yourself with positive energies and start adopting healthier eating habits. Get that gym membership and learn how to make that amazing green juice; just start with making a little effort and you will definitely see wonders happening. Remember that a healthier life is a happier life.

Therefore, for all those astrology lovers out there, Princess Diana’s personality definitely relates a lot to her zodiac sign, Cancer and also explains the many life choices she made throughout her life. All those with the same zodiac sign could definitely relate to the struggles she faced and the dilemmas she had to overcome, hence, making her life a good example for many to relate and follow. Hence, learn from her life and apply the lessons you like the most this year. 2018 will definitely be amazing for all Cancerians; all you need to work on is finding what is right for you and how can you achieve the right balance. So enjoy this year and seize all the incredible opportunities you get. Be the Diana in your own life.

Here is the link to a video for you to learn more about Lady Diana and her zodiac sign:

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