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Predictions, projections & Intuitions

Alysia writes of personal experiences of a paranormal venue. She has one book self published and one Ebook. She is a human rights advocate.


How To Self Empower By Thinking Positive

People will become more health conscious after this period of history is over. Right now it has been suggested all are sick or on their way to be sick. I think that is the wrong way to think about yourself because it causes fear thoughts. Have you heard the phrase, alas, what I feared has come upon me? There will be a trend away from fast foods and a trend towards cooking healthy at home. As a consequence people will be trimmer and more fit than ever. At present the overweight population in each state is said to be between 40 and 50%.

People become more active in local government according to their talents, knowing that freedom does not come free, as we have seen.

Needless to say, elections will be guarded zealously to keep them accurate and to make sure there is no interference, and of course we won’t let dead people vote. They had their chance when alive, and look what a mess was made!


Self Empowerment Though God

Nations will no longer trust ANY vaccine after this. Consequently, we will work on disease as a matter of increasing immunity and using medicines that have the best track record down through the ages. We will have become sufficiently enlightened to understand that supporting Big Pharma and/or misplaced trust in science is just not in our best interests.

The kids that are born from here on out will be special. Like the 100th monkey theory. The kids are born with missions and knowledge of which we are only beginning to understand, they will grasp right away. Only unvaccinated parents will likely be welcoming these into this world. That is because there is a sterilization effect of the toxic jabs.

It will be a better world because we learn to listen to intuition and to hear the still small voice which tells us right from wrong, truth from false.

Technology Already Here

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New Energy And Technology Hidden From Us To Be Revealed

Thus when we pray, it will not be to ask of God something to bestow on us, but rather it will be a listening to Gods voice in the silence.

We have an energy source coming that Tesla invented and it was withheld from us due to greed of the globalists. This energy source will mean we will pay only 25% of what we pay now for electricity.

We will be able to phase out reliance on oil energy at some point as this new energy takes off. The new energy could consist of harnessing the power of water, sun and crystals perhaps, just as was done in the days of Atlantis.

Solar For All Homes


The American Family Remains Intact

Everyone will possess at least one talent they can give to society; they will be encouraged to develop it fully. Generosity, morals and teaching the golden rule, to do unto others as you would have done to yourself, will make a comeback and this time it will stick. The family unit will teach this. We will realize everything starts from the home.

There won’t be any raping and haphazard accidental pregnancies. All pregnancies will be planned and wanted by both parents.

Education will be free. College included. Teachers and staff will not be able to practice medicine or to tell children it’s ok to self mutilate themselves by changing the gender. It’s none of their business to meddle in such affairs just as it's none of the government's business to mandate wearing of a medical device. That is government overreach and will this will come to an end. It will be the parents who help to create the curriculum. There will be new schools springing up with this in mind and it's already happening.

Space Homes Or On The Water Homes


Realizing We Are Spiritual Beings

God comes back into the schools and the nations. Or, at the least a sense of something out there or in here that is “greater” than our own philosophy and creeds.

Earth school 101 will jump over to Earth School 102, whereby your immortality is known from the get go, in that we keep coming back here and doing the same thing over and over until we realize if we don’t get it right our deeds just keep coming back to slap us in the face. Fear of death thus ceases, but we regard death as the final adventure of this life, knowing we can return if we choose to another life, but if we do, it will be less stressful than this one by far, as more people begin practicing what is mere theory now; thy kingdom come, thy will be done, as it is in heaven. And how is it in heaven? There is no force allowed in heaven. This thought alone reduces crime tremendously.

I could go on and on but will quit for now. I sense something mind blowing about the future and I think we all came here at this time to witness and influence a better world to come.

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