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Predicting the Year 2022

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Though shalt have no other Zombies before me.

1) A zombie will win the presidency of the United States (whoops, I mean ANOTHER zombie will become the Command in Chief)

2) A robot will win the presidency of the United States (whoops, I mean some OTHER robot will become the leader of the free world).

3)A zombie-robot will become president of the United States

4) Feminists will accuse all male, heterosexual actors of sexual harassment. “Acting” they will say is no excuse.

5) Gene replacement and gene editing technology will be uses to create a generation of humans with cat tails, Wolverine bone claws, cat eyes, super speed and super intelligence. They will take over the world and feed on human blood mostly because they can and because no one can stop them. They will arise first in North Korea because unrestricted cloning and unfettered gene manipulation was encouraged there by Little Fatty. In fact, the mutant clones will all resemble Little Fatty.

6) Pace makers for the brain will be created and implanted. The humans who get augmented in this way will display genus level intellect and then they will display the ability to manipulate non augmented humans to do almost anything.

7) Some human babies will have computer chips implanted at birth so that they can be tracked, controlled and augmented. They will become the hands of worldwide computer network.

8) Putin takes over the Middle East and spends all of Russia’s treasure fighting radical terrorists for the rest of his life.

9) China takes over every Asian country virtually unopposed.

10) Before the getting into the gene splicing business Kim Jong-un tries to create the zombie apocalypse and to blame the United States for it. Then he poses as the world’s savior and asserts that he has the only cure. His will accidently cure all human diseases, sicknesses and ailments with his “zombie drugs.”

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11) Trump attempts to buy the world. First he uses the wealth and technology of the United States to bring water to every nation and region that has water problems. Trump actually solves all the world’s problems chiefly by spreading solar desalinization technology everywhere. Next Trump hires companies to bring solar electrical energy to every nation and region that has power problem. It works and Trump is elected as dictator of the world.


A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste

12) The “purge” concept becomes real when mind reading devices become widespread. Neighbors kill neighbors for having thoughts about raping the wives and daughters who live next door, as well as thoughts about bestiality and any number of vile and illegal things. The first world becomes decimated. China and The Caliphate invade and take over the western world. Both the Chinese and the Caliphate ban mind reading technology from general populace. Only leaders are allowed to possess it. Even the leadership cannot bear the unvarnished, unwashed truth about what people really think so they force their scientists to create mind reading technology that reads only facts and actual intentions. Only a few wealthy perverts pay to wallow in the emotions of others.

13) Once mind reading is perfected the US government will kill everyone involved in developing and funding it so that they can use mind readers with impunity. Certain world leaders will die mysteriously. Foreign weapon systems and espionage against the US will fail publicly and mysteriously. Terrorism against the US will cease since the government can read the terrorists minds. Terrorism against enemies of the US will skyrocket and those particular terrorists will never be caught.

14) Mind reading or the suspicion that minds are being read will spark a huge rise in the sale of tinfoil hats and sales of helmets called Magneto helmets (of X-Men fame).

15) Mind jamming will be perfected. Mind jamming has actually been going on for some time. Ever notice that once in a while some famous personage suddenly spouts utter nonsense in public while giving a speech? Mind jamming in action.

16) Mind spoofing was perfected. If someone was going to try to read your mind then you would wear a device that either blocked him or gave him fake thoughts. Many a nation spent billions running down false leads on make believe nonsense because of fake news they read in someone’s “mind”.

17) Mind fracking, mind jacking and mind controls were also perfected. School teachers and prostitutes were turned into cut outs and throw away assassins and thieves who killed or stole and knew nothing about why and could never remember even how they did it.

18) The North Korea’s leader began to experiment with different ways to make “perfect” electronic and biological copies of himself. None of the copies were perfect at first so the scientists experimented by making small changes in the output copies and continuously measuring the difference between the original and the copies. The output “material” was ground up and continuously reused to make new copies. Somewhere around the millionth copy electronic coherence was achieved. Perfect copies were produced. This effect was feed back into the biological copier and they too made perfect biological copies. Having perfect copies of a macroscopic object running around meant that quantum effects could manifest in the macroscopic world. The space time continuum was ripped open. Wormholes appeared. People, animals and objects began to become untethered in time. Past, present and future became indistinguishable. At last North Korea had achieved its purpose and destroyed not only the world but the universe as well.


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 28, 2020:

I rarely believe in prognostications because so many of them never come to pass. However, your number 15 seems to have already happened. Haha!

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