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Pray for the Nation

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Jesus Loves You


Pray for the Nation

The doors are open the doors are open

I'm taking your hand I'm bringing you through

It's a great land it's a good land it's

Everything that you want

Come with me I love you I will take you there

The gates are open wide well

Do not fear I am with you says the Lord

I am with you as a mighty warrior

I will do this for you I have gone to

your future I'm standing there

Full expectation tonight I will

move by my spirit

I will defeat your enemy before you

Be for you in great display

All things are possible father we just

pray for attorney general Bar we thank

you for the anointing

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the breaker anointing on him we thank

you that he will have wisdom I thank you

that he will succeed

and I thank you for the angels

Lord there with him I thank you for everyone

In leadership in our country father

Father you know what to do you decide

You judge father

and I thank you father that no evil

worker will be able to prosper

And I thank you father that all the good

things that you have planned for this

country will come to pass

and we push back the darkness we forbid

darkness we forbid

these evil workers of iniquity to prosper

In Jesus name we cut off all their

supply in the spirit in Jesus name

every evil spirit must stop and desist

against us in Jesus name they will not prosper

I tell you they will not prosper

Thank you for the indictments that are coming

Father thank you for the justice in our country

Thank you Lord God that evil workers

will not be able to prosper

I thank you father I thank you that

we're in Goshen father I think that we

are protected as children of the most

high God and I thank you father that no

plague shall touch us no curse shall touch us

We will prosper we will prosper in the

land that you've given us fatherand I thank you for it in Jesus name

I thank you for this night

It's set apart holy unto you and you are

certainly welcome father

here with by your spirit in Jesus name

Thank you father we give you the glory

Everybody say amen

That Lord we agree with you

We thank you Lord raise your hands this

love on the Lord he's so wonderful he's

so good to us

he didn't leave us

he didn't leave us comfortless let's all pray

Thank you Lord for the completion Lord

Everybody that's in here Lord we declare the completion

of their books what's written in heaven comes to pass

Agree with heaven Hallelujah thank you Lord

Hallelujah Hallelujah

Hallelujah you know there is such expectancy in the air amen

Uou might as well go ahead and reach out

and take whatever you came for


I believe with all my heart you're here

under divine appointment

I mean and when you are set up for a

divine appointment that means you

position yourself to receive whatever

God has for you in that divine appointment

and so this is your night this is your

night to encounter God this your

night to receive I don't know about you

but I'm excited

Lord we bless this giving in Jesus name

we thank you Lord that you're going to

take whatever is being given

and you're going to bring it Lord to the nations

Lord I thank you that nations will be saved

I thank you doors are open to preach the

gospel like never before

and Lord we thank you for the blessing

of being part of your ministry

in Jesus name amen


Jacob (author) from Delhi, India on September 07, 2020:

Thanks Eric Dierker for your kind visit and comment. May God Bless You abundantly.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on September 04, 2020:

Wonderful, I am excited also.

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