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Pray for Wisdom and Understanding, Power, Love and Sound Mind

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An occasional writer who love Jesus and believe in Him. Salvation is only through Jesus Christ. No other way how hard you try.

Father, Enlighten Us With Your Spirit, Knowledge, Wisdom, And Revelation

God wants us to pray for wisdom and understanding in all our ways. Because his ways should be our ways. We don’t know his ways. He said that his ways are higher than our ways.

God wants us to pray for wisdom and understanding in all our ways. Because his ways should be our ways. We don’t know his ways. He said that his ways are higher than our ways.

Pray For Wisdom And Understanding In All Our Ways

The Lord wants us to pray for wisdom and understanding in all our ways. These are all prayer points that the Lord has given me, but he wants us to pray for wisdom and understanding in all our ways. Because his ways should be our ways. We don’t know his ways. He said that his ways are higher than our ways. We can know his ways according to the first Corinthians chapter two. It talks about that we can know the mind of Christ. We have the mind of Christ. If that’s the truth then we should be praying what Paul prayed to the Ephesians in chapter 1 verse 17-23. It says to pray that the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him would be upon us that our inner man would be lit up with wisdom and understanding poured with light from the other realm. That’s what Paul prayed, we can understand our inheritance. That we can understand what God has done for us through Jesus Christ.

We have the power of the resurrection as well. We have eyes that see, we have ears to hear. We know the hope to which we’ve been called. We know the glorious inheritance. We also know the power that rose Jesus from the dead. You can put your name in that prayer that Paul prayed and that’s in Ephesians chapter 1 verse 17 through 23. This is the other thing that Jesus wanted me to tell people that they need to start praying that prayer. This is a prayer that I pray all the time for myself, and I don’t pray for myself that much. These are the scriptures that I do pray for myself.

We need to understand the greatness and the power that has been given to us that’s inside of us. If we understood this, we wouldn’t be backing off. We would say that we want to see things change. We’re going to call the shouts and so you start to call for righteousness and justice to come back into our system and our government. You start to proclaim the Lord’s favor on the believer. We’re in Goshen in other words we’re in the land that the Israelites dwelt in slavery. They did not get any of those terrible plagues on them, as Egypt did. They were delivered out of it eventually, and they’ve got their promised land.

It’s a type and shadow of what we’re encountering right now. In the new testament, we are in Goshen. We are in a secret place. We’re part of God’s blessing and favor. In this time we are not judged. It’s not appointed for the children to encounter wrath. We’re not going to encounter the things that the world’s going to encounter. Because God doesn’t judge his children with the world. We’re to stand out from among the world. We’re not judged, and this is the way it is and this is why it’s good news. That’s why it’s called a gospel. It’s good news.

So I pray father right now in the name of Jesus for every believer all over the world, I pray that they have eyes that see and ears that hear. That their spirit would be enlightened with your spirit that with knowledge and wisdom and revelation and I know Lord God that you want to show them the inheritance they have. How good you are Lord. I know you want to show them how much you love them and I know you want to show them and have them understand the power that rose Jesus from the dead and so father I thank you right now that by your spirit you’re touching everyone right now. We pray for every believer on the earth right now and in this nation Lord that they would rise up and that even our president and all our leaders that they would have a spirit of wisdom and revelation that their eyes would be opened. We want none of those people to go to hell, and I thank you father that they would repent right now and turn from their wicked ways and that they would live upright lives. I’m just praying Lord God, because no one is too hard of a case father for you. I just ask for repentance among the congress and repentance among our leadership in the name of Jesus. I thank you that our justice system, all the unjust judges that they would repent of their sins right now and that they would turn to God. One last chance before they go to hell. I just call out to every judge, every senator, every congressman, every representative I call you to repentance right now just repent of your sins and represent righteousness and justice in this country in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Help Others and Pray for Love, Power and a Sound Mind

The point I want to talk about is serving others at this time. You have to remember that that satan wants everyone to hold up and be alone. And be in a survival mode. Which is false doctrine to be hold up right now. This is the time to be out there preaching the good news and telling people that the Lord Jesus Christ and the father God are good. They’re good God and they do not do these terrible things that these things are coming upon the earth. Because we’re in a fallen world that’s under a curse. We can reconcile people to God.

Did you know that Paul in 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 says that we have a ministry of reconciliation. Whereby we go out, we go forth, and we proclaim that people’s sins have been forgiven. They’ve been bought and that price has been paid and that God isn’t angry anymore. Because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, you tell people. Say just come in, just repent of your sins. Accept Jesus as the way and you shall be saved. This is a time that we need to be telling people this. This is the devil that’s doing these terrible things. God is not doing these things.

That’s what Jesus said to preach the gospel. He said don’t back off. He said serve others. He said do things for others. When you go to the grocery store, you go and get something for someone else too. You buy two of everything. You buy one for yourself, and you buy one for someone else. This is the will of God. God gave us the heart to love and to serve people. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing now. We’re not supposed to be held up waiting for the antichrist to come. Because he isn’t coming. He isn’t coming until Jesus removes the one who is holding him back and that’s us. We’re here. We’re ruining the devil’s party.

Every single day you wake up, you’re ruining the devil’s party. Because he can’t do a thing on your watch because you are a good watchman. We pray against those evil spirits that would want to get people into a survival mode through fear. We pray against fear. We ask that you would serve people and show forth the love of God everywhere you go. All your co-workers, everywhere you go you tell people that God is a loving God and that he cares about people. He wants people to come to the knowledge of Lord Jesus Christ. If you’ll do this, you’ll prophesy. Testify about Jesus.

You’re going to see miracles. You’re going to see signs and wonders. We have so many reports of people getting healed during the prayer meeting. Today my wife just told me that she had an injury to her hand and while we were having the meeting today she got healed right here just a couple of hours ago. I mean it was bad because she was in a lot of pain and said it just went away. She said it’s gone. God wants to heal people he wants us to tell people about him. He wants us to serve people and let people know that God is a good God. Also so we’re going to pray for that.

Father, I just thank you that we are not given a spirit of fear but of love and a power and a sound mind. I thank you, Lord, in this nation that all the believers stand up and that they are bold to speak their faith and that they are being given over to a giving heart father. That they would allow you to use them to give to others and then even in their time of need Lord they can spare a canned good or something a blanket or a pillow or something father just anything to just show your love to other people. We break that spirit of fear right now. Any kind of spirit that’s causing people to hold up and to back off and to hide in the name of Jesus I pray for boldness right now. I pray for boldness for every believer we would stand up in our authority in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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Jacob (author) from Delhi, India on October 05, 2020:

Thanks, Olusegun for stopping by and comment. Blessings.

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OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on October 05, 2020:

Pro_4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

Good work.

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