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How to Empower Yourself with Powerful Life Transforming Truths

Powerful Hidden Truths For An Awesome Mind Blowing Life.

Catherine Ponder says ''When you praise and give thanks for the opulence of the Universe, you open the way to receive it in your own life!

  • You can praise a failing business into a successful one.
  • You can praise an empty pocketbook into one of abundance.
  • You can praise a sick body into one of renewed health.
  • You can praise an inharmonious relationship into one of peace and release''

For years a housewife had wanted a new rug for her living room floor. She heard of the law of praise and began to praise her old rug. Within two weeks, a new one appeared from an unexpected source!

A watch repairman had done all he could to repair a certain watch, to no avail. Then he heard of the power that praise has even upon inanimate objects. He placed the watch in question on a shelf, blessed it, praised it, and left it alone for several days. Later when he inspected it, the watch ran perfectly. The whole creation responds to praise and is glad.

Excerpt from Catherine Ponder Speaks


Never Heard of Hidden Secrets For Mind Blowing Transformation

You can restore your world to perfection by declaring often words of praise and thanksgiving such as these: "Words of praise now restore my world to perfection.

I praise and give thinks for the opulence of the universe.

I can, praise a failing business into a successful one.

I can praise an empty pocketbook into one of abundance.

I can praise a sick body Into one of renewed health.

I can praise an inharmonious relationship Into one of peace and release. The whole creation now responds to praise and is glad."

Catherine ponder


How to make life beautiful with transforming Praise Secrets

Armed with this knowledge on Praise i decided to experiment for myself, in the process i discovered that nature responds so well when it is praised, flowers bloom and trees seem greener.

I had a small garden where I grow vegetables. My garden was so small compared to my neighbor’s. When I started that garden I recalled the one I had seen when I was a small girl. My grandmother had a garden and her vegetables were the leafiest compared to her neighbor’s.Years, later, I learnt that Praise was behind her healthy garden.

Bearing the wisdom of praise in mind I set out to appreciate and praise the soil, i praised the seedlings before planting them .I told them I loved them and appreciated them and I enjoyed working with them. Sure enough they grew,fast too, it seemed, they were even greener and leafy.

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Let the praise go up

Let the praise go up

The Powerful Hidden Secrets In Praise for Transformational Life

It seems that praise has the power to bring out the best in anything. I didn’t stop at praising my plants, but I praise my body too. It started out as an experiment.

Early in the morning I relax in my bed and just concentrate on my body. I like to start with my hands. They do a lot of work. So I address them, specifically then begin to praise them for the good work that they do, daily. Cleaning the house, the typing at work, the ironing everything thing that I know my hands do. From there I concentrate on my legs. They have the job of carrying the body everywhere. So I praise them, for standing for walking. For all that they do. Then the mouth for the work it does and then the tongue. When I am done with every part, I go my way. I praise the body out of lethargy.

A woman once broke her bones and the doctors thought it would take mouths to heal. She praised herself back to her feet. The bones responded to praise and healed, quickly.

You can praise anything that’s not working and it will start to work well. Praise a situation that’s difficult and every opposition to your good disappears. Praise opens doors too that seemed locked in your face. Even a dead business can be praised into life.

Praise has the power of breaking chains, removing every obstacle and stagnation.


Let everything that has breathe praise the Lord!

The power of praise works in relationships too. Try praising every person you know. Everyone, even your foes and you will be amazed at the harmony it brings in those relationships. People respond so well to you and every-one is attentive where they weren’t before. They are ready to assist you when previously they wanted to do nothing with you. They even go out of their way to assist you. People that haven’t spoken to you in years start calling you.

That’s what praise does. It works by removing every blockage, every resistance. Every negative thought towards you from yourself to others. The power in Praise works wanders.

How to Use Unparalleled Powerful Truths for Incredible Results

Imagine what would happen if instead of quarreling or fighting husbands and wives set aside their differences and start praising. Love will reign. Knowing the secret power behind praise helps us heal relationships around us and our own. It helps us live in harmony with everything in creation.

When are neighbors became troublesome praise them into harmony. When situations come out of hand, praise them into harmony. No wander the Bible speaks a lot on Praise.

Let everything that has breathe praise the Lord!

Paul and Silas, from the book of Acts in the Bible praised the Lord and their chains were broken, jail gates opened.

Praise can be given to all things, your children, your spouse, your relations, nations, and the economy. Praise every item in your house.

get loud in in praises

get loud in in praises

How To Reclaim Your Power Through Mind Blowing Secrets

An excerpt from prison to praise by Merlin R. Carothers

''Later an officer candidate came to my office. He openly wept for a long time. “sir, you must help me. My wife has been asking for a divorce. Her lawyer has jest sent me the papers to sign. I just can’t keep on with the officer candidate program, I don’t even want to stay in the army. Please help me.

‘’ I know just how to get your problem solved, Let’s kneel down and thank God that your wife wants a divorce.’’

He didn’t understand but decided to try it. When he returned to his unit he was so shaken emotionally that they gave him the rest of the day off. He went to his bed and lay there, repeating over and over, “Thank you, Lord, that my wife wants a divorce. I surely don’t understand it, but your word says I should thank you for all things, so I’ll do it.’’

The next day he went through training in a daze, ‘’ Lord, you know I don’t understand, but I thank you anyhow.

That evening he was sitting in the mess hall having dinner. As he was eating it suddenly hit him, ‘’Lord, you really must know what is better for me, much more than I do. I know all of this must be your will. Thank you, Lord; now I understand!’’

At that moment another candidate tapped him on the shoulder and told him to come to the telephone.

In all the weeks he’d been a candidate, no one had ever wanted him on the phone. When he lifted the receiver there was some-one weeping on the other end, ‘’ Honey, can you ever forgive me? I don’t want a Divorce


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