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How to Successfully Empower Your World With Powerful Words

How to Master Words for astonishing Beautiful Results

Our world is a world made up of words. We use words to communicate, and to express ourselves in various situations. We use words to convey our feelings to each other. Words are used all the time and how they are used depends on the thoughts of the person releasing them. Words are used to hide truths from others. Words are very good at expressing an emotion, words can be very hateful and very painful. In all their use words are powerful and creative.


How to use Hidden Powerful Truths for life Transformation

Words are like messengers that you sent out and you expect to deliver well. They do just that. At times once released they cannot be retrieved. This is why there is much heartache in relationships and marriages, people say words in anger, which are meant to hurt, and they do just that. There are some words that make people laugh and rejoice. Other words bring tears to the eyes. Other words stub the heart to the core. Other words have the potency to cause many men sleepless nights. So many more have broken up marriages, pulled families apart and set up many children in single parent homes . Other words have crippled the destinies of man and woman. They are quite effective and quick to create.

Words have been known to start wars, throughout history, and they will continue to do so as long as they are in existence and man is in continuous use of them. It is only the wise man that can tame the tongue that can quench the fire. They have a life of their own, Jesus Christ said;” words are life and they are spirit”


Learning how to control the most Powerful life tools

As long as you are human, you will have moments when people stir up your fury and moments when you too, innocently at times spark someone’s antagonism. When this happens quickly ask for forgiveness to stem the flow of negative speech. Saves you both. I try to keep my tongue in control; it only gets a bit loosened when people take that for stupidity. Mostly I like to keep my distance so there would be no occasion where the tongue is loosened.

Potency of words is not only demonstrated in public but in private too. Those thoughts you nurture about self. You need to keep them positive; else you become what you think of all day. Many don't understand this and don't even know about it, so they curse themselves and others all day long.

To practise silence is the best weapon of all times, and try to detach from an unpleasant scenario. Negative word play is very creative , so avoid it at all costs. Flee from negative thoughts and lean more on positive things.

Many times people realise after they have spoken negatively that they didn't really mean it. Words don't know that, their job is to create and they always create after their kind. Whatsoever is said is what is created.


Work at keeping your words positive

There are environments where people consistently release negative words. They get angry over one thing or the other and the next moment they say the very things they shouldn't say. Parents tell their children;“You are useless” and “will never amount to anything” and of course they never do amount to anything. Children attract lots of negative words. We all know children can be very naughty, exasperating, most of the time. If they aren’t up to one thing then it’s the other. And sometimes they just get you so angry you only see red and words just come out. Better left unsaid though. An angry father storming out of the house shouts ”stupid fool”.

Words hurt every person, especially those words that are spoken by role models, from parents. So those words stick and sure enough, not much gets going for that child or that person. No-one is aware that the negative words sown in the hearing of the child worked so well. “What if your parents die” and the child is orphaned. “ What if you never get work” and ” What if you never marry”

Not surprisingly all the ‘what ifs’ do work and each condition stipulated by the ‘what if’, brings about all the anticipated negativity. What would it take to say” What if you got three martial offers? What if you got four job offers? What if you met the woman of your dreams today? What if your sales increased?”

Word play in our lives and those of others is creative and we are the ones to regulate the words. People can practice to proclaim positively, they would just have to remember not to speak in anger, resentment, or bitterness and not to think negatively at all.

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How to Empower yourself for Amazing Never Heard LIfestyle

I grew up with no knowledge of word power, and liked to vent my anger in words especially on those that were bigger than me. In a way I felt justified. You get hurt then you hurt back with words. Now I know it doesn’t work like that and doesn’t have to be that way. If many people knew about the creative power of words then they would think twice before 'shooting' back aggressively. I heard of one man who when angered likes to bit his tongue and say bless you instead.Control like that takes a lot of effort, you know what anger does. It robs a person of his calmness and reasoning capacity.

Whichever way you look at it negative circumstances come about as a result of the words that are carelessly thrown at others or those that get stuck in the minds of many. His wife told him” he is a good for nothing husband”. As a result he does not feel good about his supremacy as a husband and head of the home; the passion is gone from his marital relationship. Man likes to think that they are the head of their own homes and not the wives and much respecrt in a marriage goes a long way.


How to empower your tongue for Mind blowing positivity

It seems a natural inclination of men to speak negatively and it takes enlightenment to stop the habit of negative words. Even the media likes to report all the negative things that happen in every part of the world. It's like nations are in competition to showcase just how much crime is being committed in their part of the world. I wonder what it would be like to start a positive reporting newsletter. It would be interesting, most people like to hear negative things, good things have stopped enticing them. Ears itch to hear where crime was committed and how many died, and since the perpetrators of the crime weren’t caught, ears eagerly anticipate and speculate upon the next victims.

I think its years of reading and listening to negative talking that has turned the minds of many so negative. They have reached a point where they don’t want to hear nor participate in thoughts of goodness. It doesn’t sound interesting enough.

Interesting or not, positive confession removes a lot of obstacles erected by negative confession and heals, restores and brings harmony in families and to self.


Using Life Changing powerful Hidden Word Power for fulfilment

When you know what your words can do you concentrate only on bringing out good words.

  • You want to build the people around you and not destroy them.
  • You want to encourage your husband and not demean him,
  • you want to nurture your children in a positive environment and not destroy their destinies.
  • You want to have good health and not be on medication all the time.
  • You want to live a happy life with good , kind, neighbours.
  • You want to love everyone and not hate anyone.
  • You want to be good to everyone and to yourself.
  • You want the plants in your garden to give you the best of themselves.
  • You want your pets to be happy with you.
  • You want peace in your home.
  • You want to work well with your colleagues .

Season your words so that you only bless everyone, bless every situation. No need to comment about anything, just bless them. Don't mind too much about having the last word, You don't have to say anything unless it is something that will build your environment and the next person.

It might sound difficult for everyone wants to speak their mind, and that fine as long as it is positive. It is better to create health and goodwill, this means you must work work on erasing thoughts and words that are negative . Do your best to concentrate on positive words and thoughts , even when you don't feel like doing so.

Learn How to Make Use of Constructive Word Power

  • Speak well of your wife even if it is the last thing you want to do.
  • Speak well of your father in-law even if he never sees anything good in you.
  • Think good thoughts towards him and bless him. It is never easy but try, you can never control how he feels towards you but you can control your own thoughts towards him.

It is never about being better than the other person but speaking well of those that don't like you and those that don't speak well of you. Always maintain your peace. That is all you are supposed to do. It takes a lot of patience and practise. It is a good idea to completely switch off when someone gets angry or annoyed with you. Detach and think of something else , that will help you not to hear and respond to what the other person is saying. It works very well, and what you don't hear can never make you retaliate in kind.

At times it is just good to walk out and don't turn back until another time when the person has forgotten why they got angry with you in the first place.

the power of life and death is in your tongue

Your world can become a better place to be when you decide to change your words, that power to transform situations and people lies within your tongue. All you need to do is speak the right words, good words, positive words.

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