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Pondering Your Time

John is an actor, writer, and entrepreneur interested in the search for truth and meaning in the world.


For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. Romans 11:29

I watch the children skate across the rink of glass. Their faces beam with joy as the light flash. Their hearts are so innocent and unblemished. The trials of this life are still distant. They are at a curious age and are starting to explore their talents. Oh, what cherished days do they enjoy! As I watch the children play, I remember the days of my youth and wonder why time has escaped my grasp.

While growing up I enjoyed the love of my family and did the deeds that all children do. My thoughts were dominated by dreams of fulfilling my calling and gifts. But I never took the action necessary to make them become a reality. Although I have received much worldly acclaim since my youth, I still have one regret. I allowed wisdom's helper time to be wasted. I did not pursue my talents because I thought there was plenty of time. I would say to myself, “I am young and tomorrow I will consider those things." Oh, how foolish is a youthful heart! Now, I am much older. In anguish, I seek to recapture lost time, but it has fled from me. All the acts that should have been recorded of my life are found in other men's testimonies. How sad is that fact? With great remorse, I endeavor to fulfill the dreams of my youth. For this reason, I warn the young to find their calling and treasure their gifts. Pursue these things in the dawn of life, for in the twilight it may be too late.

This newfound anguish over my spiritual direction was caused by a dream about Matthew Chapter 25 concerning three servants who were given talents and were required subsequently to give an account to their Master. My dream began with me driving my father to a local shopping mall. Upon arriving at the mall, I dropped him off at the entrance of a store. I told him, before he left my car, that I would return for him later. Then I drove to another shopping center to buy some supplies. Upon completing my task, I went to find my car and pick up my father. Surprisingly, I could not locate my car. After searching diligently for several more minutes, I still could not find my car. I was sure my father was wondering what happened to me. In desperation, I began pushing my car’s keyless entry remote emergency button. I hoped the horn’s sound would lead me to the car’s location. It did not work. I could hear the location of my car but could not see it. Sometimes the horn appeared to sound right next to me. Yet, I saw nothing. Thus, I started walking in circles in the blaring horn’s direction. I must have walked around that small 2 by 16 parking lot area 20 times while growing increasingly frustrated with my progress.

Unbeknownst to me, someone else was watching me. Apparently, a woman observing me called the police to report my seemingly suspicious behavior. She told the police that I was possibly a thief looking to steal a car. A man of authority, which I thought was a policeman, later approached me by asking a question. “What are you doing here,” said the man in a polite manner. I told him, “I cannot find my car. I know I park it here. When I push the remote’s emergency bottom, the horn sounds and I attempt to follow the sound to my car. But, I just cannot seem to see my car. He had compassion on me. He said, “What you are experiencing is not unusual. In fact, it happens every day. I will help you find what you are seeking.”

We walked together in an oblong circle until a marvelous event occurred. Six gold coins suddenly appeared in our path as we searched for my car. He stooped down to pick up the coins and said, “Here these three coins are for you. I will keep the other three.” I immediately questioned his decision. I said, “Should not we turn this into the police and see if anyone claims [reports] the coins as lost. “No”, he said forcefully, “these coins are for you.” I then rejoiced because the coins were of great value. As the dream ended, I felt relief that I would soon find my car and my father would arrive home safely. I was very thankful. Upon awakening, I understood the dream’s meaning. I had been wondering in epic frustration concerning the path to follow to find my purpose for living. God used a dream to give me direction.

The authority figure represented god’s angelic messenger sent to give me hope and enlightenment concerning my call. The woman represented the accuser (evil spirit) sent to sow calamity into my life. However, the angel prevented any harm happening to me. The gold coins represented God’s assignment and talents placed in my life. I was given three talents to use wisely in Kingdom business. If successful, God would give me three more coins. It is now up to me to press in and discover my assignment. Therefore, I must rejoice and face the future that lies ahead. What will it hold for me? Will it be to my delight or dismay? I cannot tell. Nevertheless, I will seek the Lord and trust in him during life's remainder. For he is able to redeem time and prepare me to serve in His kingdom.

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© 2021 John Remington Pierce

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