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Pleading the Blood of Jesus Is Not Biblical

Rev. Margaret Minnicks is an ordained Bible teacher. She writes many articles that are Bible lessons.


Plea, Plead, Pleading: Definitions

A plea is a noun that means an urgent and emotional request for something. To plead is a verb because it is what you do while making an earnest appeal for something. To plead for something is to beg for it. Pleading is the ongoing act of begging for something you want but do not already have.

Why You Should Not Plead the Blood of Jesus

There is no need to plead for something you already have. If a father had already given his teenage son a car for his birthday, there is absolutely no reason for the son to continue to go to his father on a regular basis and plead for the car he already has in the driveway.

It is the same concept about pleading the blood of Jesus who already shed it once and for all on the cross thousands of years ago. Therefore, it is useless to earnestly request the blood because Jesus had done it once and for all. He is not coming back to do it again no matter how much you beg for Him to do so.

There is no scripture or concept in the Bible to support “pleading the blood of Jesus.” There is not one person in the Bible who did it. God didn't command it. Jesus never told anyone to do it. The Holy Spirit is not guiding anyone to do it. The prophets and apostles never suggested it. So, why do people do it?

Why People Plead the Blood of Jesus

When some people say, “I plead the blood of Jesus,” they are asking for the blood of Jesus to be over a particular problem or situation. Some people admit they do it based on what happened in the Old Testament when the blood was placed on the doorpost of the Israelites to keep the death angel away when they were in Egypt.

That is not a good example because Jesus had not come to earth and had not shed His blood for all.

"Pleading the blood" refers to the blood that Jesus shed when he was on the cross that now covers our sins.

  • The rhetorical question: "Why plead for the blood to cover someone or a situation when it has already happened?"
  • The relevant question: "What should people do instead of 'pleading the blood of Jesus'"?

What to Pray Instead of Pleading the Blood of Jesus?

There are certainly better things to pray for instead of praying for something that has already been done. We can thank God for His shed blood instead of pleading for it to happen again.

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There is nothing wrong with talking about the shed blood of Jesus, but we don't have to plead for it every time we talk about it. We don't have to beg Jesus to do something He has already done. Dying for us was the main reason God sent Him to earth.

Pleading the blood of Jesus does not make our prayers more effective. Repeating what the scriptures say is more appropriate than pleading the blood. Pleading the blood of Jesus does not keep Satan away because he knows there is no such scripture. Besides, Satan has already been defeated. He has no power over us other than what God allows. Job's encounter with Satan illustrates that point.

Instead of continuing to “plead the blood” of Jesus in every prayer, we should obey what is recorded in James 4:7 in this order: “Submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Now, that's biblical!

Final Words

Saying, "I plead the blood of Jesus over a situation" does not give power to the prayer, and it certainly does not make God act on what you are begging for. Perhaps some people think it is effective because they have heard others "pleading the blood" and they think it is biblical. Therefore, they have begun to do it as well. They fail to realize that the Bible is full of scriptures about righteous and victorious living that can be claimed without making unnecessary requests.


Those who are born again were saved by the blood of the Lamb. So, why pray for that blood again? They have been cleansed by the blood of Jesus. So, why plead for it continually? They are already under God's protection and the love of Jesus.

When you keep pleading the blood of Jesus, you are telling on yourself that you don't believe Jesus' redemptive work on the cross was complete and powerful enough for protection against the evil one.

One more thing: The blood that Jesus shed was for the remission of sins, and not for your finances, failed relationships, or job promotions. Pleading His blood over those things trivializes Jesus' death on the cross.


Some people might disagree with the information provided in this article. That's because they have heard people pleading the blood of Jesus many times in prayers in their own churches. They should be like the Bereans and search the scriptures for themselves, according to Acts 17:11. They will not find one scripture commanding anyone to plead the blood of Jesus over anything.

The people who say they have always done it and will continue to do it should know that they do not need to plead or beg Jesus to do what He has already done.


Why Christians Plead the Blood of Jesus

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