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Planetary Influencers Scorpio Eclipse

Renee Abbott has been a Spiritual Coach for four decades. Now she is the Medium for the Artistic Field of the Dead. She channels them.

Taught by the Artistic Field of the Dead

Taught by the Artistic Field of the Dead

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, October 25, 2022

Hello. I am Renee Abbott, also known as Jasmine Renee Abbott and Jasmine Renee Crystal Abbott. I am 71 years of age and am a professional psychic medium. I live through the guidance of my soul mates, the planets. It is these bodies that influence the direction of my life. As one of my spirit guides taught me in the later part of 2013.

In the 1990s I channeled one spirit. People listen to him for information about the afterlife, instead of his recent incarnation as a Beatle. You can read more on this in my forthcoming blog, which focuses on the afterlife. Today, I am speaking on eclipses, primarily the Scorpio Solar Eclipse.

I do not refer to myself as an astrologer. I have studied astrology since my twenties, but I don’t consider myself professional. My teachings come from the spirit world. I have a learning disability. I don’t retain what I have read. I am grateful to YouTube’s Astrologers who teach. It is in this format, I can put things together, more on a psychic level, and what the dead add to it. Today I wish to discuss the effects a Solar Eclipse has on us, by using my own experiences from 2004 and 2014 when the Solar Eclipse was in Scorpio, and where it will return on October, 25th, 2022.

Scorpio Eclipse of 2004. Looking Back as a Reference to How Scorpio Solar Eclipse Affects Our Life

The solar eclipse is on our heels. On October 25th, we will experience this eclipse in Scorpio. An eclipse is a powerful new moon. Caution. Do not use incantations, scripting, or any other form of manifesting. Do Not start anything new. A south node eclipse's purpose is to uproot our world. Scorpio Solar Eclipse is in the south node. It is this node we need to use as a release. Let go. Flow.

The last two times we experienced this eclipse were in 2014 and 2004. Do you remember what was going on in your life in October and November?

I remember both times. 2004 was the start of an ending of a book of my life. The same can be said about 2014. In 2004, my husband almost died. We planned to move to our new condo and were set to go when he started to spit up blood. At the hospital, they informed me to call his relations. Wally wasn’t going to make it. In late September he walked out of the hospital. We decided to continue with our plans to move from Ohio to Florida. I flew out to Florida during this Scorpio eclipse to get the oxygen unit set up in our condo. *In this type of eclipse going backward to finish a project is recommended. I was finishing up our move. My husband flew from Ohio to Florida, during the Lunar Eclipse, a new beginning. He got to live in paradise for eight months, before emphysema took his life in 2005, June 18th. We ended our book through a period of a honeymoon. He loved every moment he lived there. He took up baking scones, and other goodies, which I took to the pool to offer the people hanging out there his goodies. The people loved it. News traveled fast that I was a crystal healer. One day an English couple came to our condo. She wanted a healing session, and my husband gave a scone to her husband. Talk about paradise. He mentioned he was not fond of scones, but when he tasted my husband’s and asked for another, Wally lit up. When the guy said Wally's was better than any in the UK, my husband gleaned. He shined, and we shined, but in 2015, as the North Node in Aries activated, a new life was to come from our ending. I was left alone, with new neighbors who circled around me for the first year after Wally's death. They became my family. It was the first door to open that would reveal my biggest fear. Abandonment from what was left of my family. When I lost the family condo, this fear became a driving force. I entered relationships that embarrassed me. I ended up without a family, which I expected. It always was that way. I became a beautiful doormat. Deep inside I was seeking someone to adopt me. Instead, I looked at the possibility of living on the streets, until a guy adopted me and moved me to another state. I escaped. Abandonment weighed heavy in 2013, but I made my way back to Florida to rent a condo where my husband and I lived. It too had changed dramatically. I just could not fit into anyone’s world. Late summer of 2013 I called back this spirit guide. He brought an army of musicians, artists, and poets to help me.

2014, Scorpio Solar Eclipse Re-entering my life of abandonment.

2014, Scorpio Solar Eclipse Re-entering my life of abandonment.

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2014 Scorpio Solar Eclipse Mowed Through My Life Again

In 2014, those I channeled did an intervention. I was lost, and they helped me to get off the ground, and throw out the doormat sign I wore. Their love was in the same energy as my husband’s, unconditional, caring, and helping me to build up my self-respect. I will speak on this in the series of blogs regarding the afterlife, and why these ghosts are connected to me. I was standing, but I still was seeking a family. I wanted to belong somewhere in this world. 2014, Scorpio proved to me nobody wanted me. My world change drastically the following year. Scorpio dragged the lowest buried fears out for me to face over these past eight years.

2015 I moved with the hopes of having a family. It failed horribly.

Scorpio solar eclipse will push up your fears. If your fears are guiding you, most likely they are, this solar eclipse energy will help you to come face to face with your fear. My biggest fear was abandonment. A condition I often lived throughout my life. The lessons from these occasions drew out patterns of behaviors that kept me from facing my fear. Each occasion carried me closer to experiencing it in full color. From 2014 until 2022 I experienced abandonment, blame for horrific acts I never did, and the inability to make friends that would include me in their family life. These past eight years crumbled in a solid mass of hell. For the last three and half years, I lived in isolation. My daily norm. Not to hear a voice, except on rare occasions drowned me. I was forgotten. I thought I was evil. I faced the monster in me, and I rose beyond my patterns of self-hatred and believing I was always wrong.

October 25th, 2022, Scorpio Solar Eclipse


Scorpio brings our biggest fears. I learned what was laying so deep beneath the surface. It was a long process, but today I just let this dynamic energy flow through me. Yes, it is nerve-wracking, plus the Planetary Influencers are standing broad and vast, as they wave down where they are present in my Natal Chart. I have learned to let these planets guide me, with the help of my spirit group, who are using these planets. These dead musicians, artists, and poets, who came to help me, are backed by another realm that shares or planetary system. Through these Scorpio eclipses. I have released my fear of being ridiculed and hiding so people don’t know me. Letting these eclipses work through me as my Planetary Influencers, I am blessed. I was able to build a new me, that demands respect, on a 2-way road in friendships. I learned my value and worth are equal to the value and worth I give daily to humanity. I am grateful the dead taught me this. I am excited as I enter a new school in 2023 when the nodes go into my sun sign, Aries, north node, and the south is in Libra.

Thank you for reading this post. I welcome comments. Blessings, Renee Abbott

Planetary Influencers designed our life and continue. I am blogging on this now. I know I am facing an ending, and building a new life, on the results of the past. Isolation is gone. I will be building a place that hugs humanity, versus the little me. I am grateful to you Divinity.

Jasmine Renee Crystal Abbott at 71

Jasmine Renee Crystal Abbott at 71

Conversation on the Solar Eclipse, plus a Channeled Message at the end for those interested.

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