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Pisces Sun Taurus Moon Combinations

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Pisces Sun Taurus Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Sweetness and light.

Her dark side: Jailed spirit.

This woman was a happy child, a friendly high school student, and more reserved young adult and finally an introverted adult. The Pisces is ever trying to adjust to life and its realities. You see, there's a basically good, kind person behind the dark glasses and the quiet persona. She's probably had more than one someone take advantage of her good nature and is now on guard. This is a shame really, for it's easy for the Pisces to retire from life, and hard for the Taurus. While at ease at home and often alone, she's just as outgoing when given a chance to unwind socially with someone she cares for or with a small group of trusted friends. She's the pleasant coworker who'll put in long 12 hour days to succeed. She'll stay for the gold watch, but underneath she's waiting for someone to free her jailed spirit. The man who can do this will have to overcome her tendency to be the boss, and be able to put good times and fun in the place of order and fearfulness. I hope, to tell you the truth, she meets a silly sort of man who places laughter on the list of basic necessities. If he can do this, and yet maintain the lawn, the bank accounts, and vehicles for her, he can turn her into a near party animal. Then she's back to the happy child she once was.The duality of her Sun makes her impressionable and almost sponge like when it comes to picking up on her surroundings. She can absorb heartache from her fellow man, laughter from her coworkers, criticism from her mother, all in one day. It doesn't bounce off her psyche, it stays in there, all the hurts, feelings and trials. There's a lot of emotion in this cool cookie. There's also a lot of good common sense, a fascinating sense of adventure and humor. She's be a strict, but loving mother wanting nice, clean, conventional little children. After a couple of Zodiac mismatches she can find herself happily married to a Libra, Taurus or Cancer. She'll like the Leo and Sagittarius, but only in small doses."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Tea Leoni.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Lucky.

His dark side: Unsure.

This man is lucky. I hear him now saying "Oh, sure," in total disbelief. Whatever money he needs is there for him. He is a good money maker, investor, and inheritor. He did not think luck had much to do with it because he is not afraid of hard work, is cautious about expenses, and has made himself sick worrying about what inflation will do to his retirement monies. Never mind that he is only 26. He is quite simply not sure of things. He is not even sure about himself, let alone you. But given the odds, he will figure he is his own best bet. Entry into his life, on more than a superficial level, is a rare gift he imparts to few. For these lucky few, he is a wonderful friend, lover, husband and father. He often over-extends his energies to help you paint your house, repair your car, and visit your ailing mother. He does not keep score exactly, but if in return you do not help him patch his roof, your friendship will become less intense. At work he is cooperative, even if he is your boss. Again, if you let him down, you can expect to have him start documenting your performance. He is going places in his career. He will do it modestly, and with little discussion. He will not brag, nor will he lord his promotions over his coworkers. He will instead try to help you advance as well. If he falls asleep in the movies with you, don't consider it a sign he was bored. He actually felt relaxed enough with you to let his defenses rest (literally) a moment. If he reeks of liquor on the first date, give him a second chance. He may have drank to have the courage to go out with you. When he falls in love it is instant and lasting. Since he knows this in advance of you, he had to drink to calm himself over the married life that he sees flashing before him. It wasn't something he had planned, like his portfolio or planting his hedges next Saturday. Remember, he knows well in advance of the rest of us what is happening to him. He just doesn't want to talk about it. A steady little Taurus, a Virgo or a Capricorn, or Cancer all have a chance. He is adaptable no matter what he says about himself. A Leo will drive him wonderfully crazy, and he'll hang on until she finally gives him ulcers."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Rob Lowe.


Kerrie on August 10, 2018:

I'm a Pisces Sun Taurus Moon woman and your post is very good! I think you got everything correct except the bank accounts, I'm a Taurus moon I like dealing with my own money, but everything else is perfect. Thanks for understanding astrology :-)

Aurora on June 21, 2018:

This is so true it's almost scary. I still don't understand how and why I feel so restricted, it's as if I can't surrender to my free pisces spirit. Still, it's a beautiful combination that is harmonious as long as you manage to focus on the good side of it (just like everything).

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