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Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon Combinations

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Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Loves to Camp.

Her Dark Side: Won't get lost in love.

The problem with this Sun-Moon combination is the desire for what she wants on one hand, and her drive to get it on the other. She's in motion either physically or mentally at all times, and the restlessness of this coupling of planets leaves her nervous and edgy. Other than that, you have yourself a lady that is outgoing, generally considerate and socially appealing. She'd much prefer to to camp out in the wilderness than to feel the nylon plush from the local hotel underneath her feet. She wants to explore, learn and then teach. Her idea of teaching may be a little unusual, like channeling, or Sanskrit, but she'll love every minute she spends solving the mysteries of culture and mankind's relationship to space. You won't be apt to find her browsing through Spiegel's, planning which curtains to hang in the nursery. Not that she won't ever do anything like that. It's just clearly a secondary priority. In love and child raising, she is usually too free with her reins. Oftentimes she puts too much freedom in the wrong hands and it leaves her with a broken heart, when her loved ones don't quite measure up to all her trust. She can hold down two jobs, run two households, and still be something of a visionary. Her energy, both mentally and physically, is strong. Everyone around her admires her ability to juggle all this and still be a kind, friendly sort. And friendly is how I would describe her relationships to her lovers or husband (future or past.) She's loving in the most detached manner and yet, is romantic enough to appreciate flowers from you on occasion. She just won't lose herself in another person. She has a healthy, well balanced approach to love and sex. If you want to search the planet for experiences with her you'll no doubt be the Sagittarian she dreams of. The Aquarius and the Gemini will also appeal strongly to her."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Athletic and Bright.

His Dark Side: Does Not Conform.

This man relates to people so well, and is so popular, you can hardly get near him. He has a well balanced attitude and knows how to make concessions. He doesn't have a lot of inner conflicts and he is not petty or superficial. Outgoing, he loves to meet people and is a happy traveler. Remember a long time ago when I said that the Sagittarius would leave you home alone a lot? Well, this Moon position really will. He loves activity, not quiet little dinners at home. He is athletic and bright and would rather spend the evening playing tennis or studying marine biology than with your new casserole and china. He will never, never change. If you begin to tie him down, he will find someone else. Do you know what? He will hardly even miss you. Like Barbie Dolls, his women are interchangeable. His attachments aren't all that deep. He will show grief over you in odd little ways, like marrying someone else within a week. It is not a pretty picture. If you really must fall in love with this man, please protect yourself and promise not to tie him down. Your plans for dinner next Monday are sure to be canceled when he arises one morning to announce his safari to Africa. Yes, he's known for months, but in truth, he preferred not to tell you. Why? He knew you'd be upset and he didn't want to argue. He just wanted to go in peace without a confrontation, and he wanted to go primarily without you. Even if you should be able to hunt better than him. The thing in question here is his freedom. Don't become predictable. Don't expect him to conform to the words 'husband material' or 'doting father.' A Sagittarius will, of course, be made in Africa for him. A Gemini will delight him. A Capricorn will wring his thick neck."

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(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


The Gorgeous 1 on January 15, 2017:

Omg this is my daughters father...

dusty on November 29, 2016:

cancer sun and Scorpio moon please please !!

Tom on December 08, 2015:

Nice article. Maybe you forgot to mention the negatives-Procrastination, which I am doing right now when I have 3 presentations to give by next Tuesday for this Art degree Im doing. Which I find restricting. Impracticality is a negative in the sense of finance. Maybe thats just me

Blaire on July 01, 2013:

Could you please do a pisces sun with scorpio moon combination, please?

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