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Pisces Sun Cancer Moon Combinations

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Pisces Sun Cancer Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Wonderful Playmate.

Her Dark Side: Befuddled.

This woman is ultra feminine and has fine tuned extra-sensory perception. While you may not be able to put one over on her, she can put plenty over on you. She lives on sensation, emotion and imagination. She has a mind of her own, although that's the last thing you'd suspect upon meeting her. She comes across as unusually agreeable, and perhaps a bit slow. True, she's no perpetual student, but she's bright enough. Her intelligence is clouded, however, with strange apparitions, dreams, hunches and feelings. Since this usually begins in early childhood, she's somewhat anxious, for she's had years of being "different." She knows things before they happen, and this is trying, especially when she's dealing with people who are more concrete than she is. It does't add to her credibility that she knows what is going to happen before it happens, but it should. You would also think it would make her more secure, but it doesn't. She spends a lot of time trying not to know what is about to happen, or to block out her intuition. She scares herself silly with her imagination. Her children grow up a little timid under her mothering, but she's a loving mother and a lot of fun with her children. She is a wonderful playmate and is often found planning parties 'just because.' She is given to very grown up bouts of unhappiness and gloom. During these times she won't allow you to talk or amuse her into a better frame of mind. She has a true artistic temperament, and when she unhinges, it is difficult for the men in her life. Impressionable, she is given to infatuations throughout her lifetime. Some of these might interfere with her relationships; she may become so besotted with the new person that she won't try to hide it from the old person. She has a tendency to to deny any wrong doing, no matter how compelling the evidence. She may have memory lapses and really thinks she's innocent. It's all very confusing to the rest of us. Just take her as she is: loving, kind, imaginative and a bit befuddled. All mysteries can't be solved. She needs a Cancer or Pisces to emote with her. She wants a Scorpio to excess with her. The Capricorn and the Virgo find her too impractical for their long term mates."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Pisces Sun Cancer Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Sensitive and Caring.

His Dark Side: Secret Affairs.

The Sun and the Moon are in a fortunate position here. While this person never really asserts himself, he is usually doing what he wants anyway. There is just no discussion, and God forbid, an argument about it. If ever anyone was ruled by the Moon, it's this man. His moods change so often, at least every two and a half days, like the Moon does, and he is ruled by his ever changing emotions. He has some pretty raunchy sexual escapades at some point during his life, but will deny it with his last breath; he claims innocence to the end. Want to know why? Because if it was unpleasant or unpopular, he has put it out of his mind and it is as if nothing ever happened. He believes what he wants. He cannot handle a lot of harsh reality. He is a gentle and sensitive soul. He wants everyone to like him, even when he has been naughty or cranky. Naturally, his coworkers don't always find him enchanting or trustworthy. If he is upset, he gets headaches, stomachaches, or he overindulges in sweets or alcohol. This overindulgence also applies to his falling in love. When he wants someone's love, he will go to any lengths to try and please them. He is a wonderful sweetheart, and will remain that way until he becomes disenchanted. Then he will ignore, humiliate, and chill his partner to the bone. He will be astonished that you're hurt and bewildered. He also, quite frankly, will no longer care. He may have secret affairs until he meets the person of his dreams. He may dream of them before he ever sets eyes on them. They may be older. He is a restless husband, but a loving and attentive father. His dream may be a Scorpio or Capricorn, but if these are at the same time, pray they never meet each other. The Cancer is what he needs."

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(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

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