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Pisces Original Tarot Card Spread

Bri Smith is an intuitive energy reader, who reads energy using multiple types of tools.


Here We Go...

  1. 5 of Cups
  2. 3 of Wands
  3. Strength Card
  4. Queen of Swords
  5. 5 of Wands
  6. 4 of Pentacles

First 3 Cards represent somebody who loves you, and the last 3 Cards reveal messages or hidden things you need to know.

Someone who has hurt you in the past- possibly a fire sign- and caused you to contemplate about many things. You had to constantly make choices to move out of that situation, and you did a ton of deep self-healing.

Their cold demeanor is putting them at odds with their own life. The people around them are tired of their irresponsible actions, and they possibly save their money in a secret account. They are keeping it separate, because telling anybody would cause problems for everyone.

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