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The Uncomfortable Madness of Pisces Moon Children

Joanna is a Moon Child. Her personal experiences and belief's has brought her to share them with the world.


From MoonOmen.com

"Pisces energy does not make any logical sense. It's felt and experienced; not thought out."

This affects moon children just a little bit deeper than that.

— Moon Omen


Even though so many believe that the above quote is true of any Pisces sign, it's not true of Moon Children born under the Pisces Moon.

Their logic is deeper than that, it comes from being able to see many different perspectives at one time. They understand better than most about why someone is acting the way they are. So logical sense to them is not to judge or assume that someone is acting a certain way because of the way it looks. They understand there is a deeper reason for the behavior.

Moonchildren with Pisces moon is very deep souls and are hard to understand until you take the time to get to know them and why they do the things they do.

They usually go through a stage of overthinking things until they find someone who truly understands what they are saying.

The Hidden Mind of Pisces Moon Children

With their many hidden spiritual abilities, Pisces Moon Children are more powerful than they even know how to accept. Which is why they battle with themselves so much. They don't understand what is happening in their brain and it scares them. Its this very fear that has them speaking boldly and venting to the air, moon and at others. This is the very behavior that others make a quick opinion of them for.

Just stop and listen to what they really are saying and you will soon realize and understand so much more about Pisces Moon Children. This is one of the many ways they work out their inner issues.


Coping with Overwhelming feelings

Moon Children have a different way of coping with life's little misunderstandings and problems, but those with the Pisces Moon will wait until they are so overwhelmed and then they will escape reality any way they can. That includes diving into a whiskey bottle until you explode or hyper-focusing on expressing it through creative arts, like writing.

There is another way they cope with all the pressure they are feeling, they explode with a rage that many have not seen. Then they become uncomfortable with themselves because they can't seem to make their actions, words, and feelings match up. Then that makes them a little bit more upset and they destroy their whole house in a blind rage.

Once they get near to nature or any body of water they begin to calm down and get their wits about them.

Key Points about Pisces Moon Children

* Solitude is needed for them to get control of themselves.

* Then they need someone they are comfortable with to talk to.

* Most of all they need to feel unconditional love and acceptance.


Pieces Moon Children Spiritual Abilities

Moon Children have a very open mind and heart. Now the Pisces Moon Children are boldly open-minded and have a very rare heart of love. Their ability to love unconditionally no matter what a person does or says will bring hope to many.

Their perspective mind sees what is not being said and can hear what is really going on with that person. They absorb the atmosphere and environment around them. All feelings and thoughts can overload them if they don't find a blocker.

Most Pieces Moon Children have fought against their gifts for most of their lives. Once they accept their abilities, they can begin to sort through what is real and what is spiritual.

This next gift keeps many Pieces Moon Children awake, their dreams telling them of things to come. Events surrounding these events are lifelike in the dreams, leaving them with the feelings felt in the dream. As they get deep into the dream, then they are able to dream walk into someone else dream. This tends to make them more curious about what happened.

The Flipside

Pieces Moon Children have a rare kind of love and connection for those that are in their life. They give all of themselves to help the ones around them. Their love forms a strong bond that is hard to break because they understand way more than others thank they do.

They give emotional support whenever it is needed for those they fall in love with. The value the little things in life and live simple. So to them, their time with someone is more important than anything else they could give.

Final Note

This one hit close to home for me. So please feel free to ask any questions you want or to comment your thoughts. I will respond with an open mind and heart.

Keep watching for more articles about how the moon signs affect Moonchildren.

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