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The Legend of Mount Mayon

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The beautiful Mount Mayon of Albay - Often referred to as the 'Perfect Cone' volcano.

The beautiful Mount Mayon of Albay - Often referred to as the 'Perfect Cone' volcano.

Known as "The perfect cone," Mount Mayon has the symmetric conical shape that attracts people near and far to witness its beauty. Mayon is located in the province of Albay in the Bicol Region of the Philippines.

Mayon already erupted 48 times and I heard one eruption from my dad's story when he was a young boy.

Aside from being the most active volcano, Mayon makes a noise for itself being a real beauty. I only saw it once and I hope that it won't be the last. That was the time when I traveled with dad to his province, Albay, while we were fixing some paper work needed for our immigration. I was mesmerized by the Mount Mayon and I remember feeling excited and I can't stop smiling when the bus got close to the Mayon (it seems so close) and looks as if it was chasing the bus we were riding at the time. And just like what my dad told me about his childhood memories living close to Mayon, it looks like the beautiful volcano is having a cigar.

Is the Mount Mayon really alive? After you read this legend, you could decide for yourself.

Here goes a really good legend about the volcano, also known as Mayon Volcano that happens to be the beauty people are admiring today.

A long time ago, there was a beautiful maiden known in the village as Daragang Magayon. To the locals, daraga means maiden or lady while magayon means beautiful. Magayon has a lot of suitors near and far because of her beauty. She's lovely with a beautiful complexion. According to his father, the ruler of their village, Magayon is already on the right age to marry so whenever his lovely daughter decided to get married, he will be ok with it. The problem is, his daughter didn't find anyone from her suitors suitable to be her other half. She hadn't chosen anyone.

"I will only marry the man I love," said the lovely maiden.

One day, Magayon slipped and fell on the deepest part of the river while she was bathing. And she didn't know how to swim! Luckily a young man named Paganoron saw her and saved her. Ruler Karilaya was the father of the courageous man who saved Magayon. He was out hunting in the area when he heard someone crying, he saw the maiden who needs help so he jumped in the river to come to the rescue of the beautiful Magayon.

The courageous warrior fell in love with Magayon's beauty so he courted her. And Magayon also fell for his savior. Soon, the wedding of the two was announced on their villages.

But, Magayon also has another persistent suitor, his name is Pagtuga and he just had a clever idea to postpone or stop the wedding of the two. He captured the father of Magayon, the Ruler Makusog.

"I am not going to release your father unless you marry me instead," he said.

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And because the maiden loved her father so dearly, she doesn't have any choice but to marry Pagtuga.

The lady went to Pagtuga's village and turned herself in, in exchange of her father. She's going to marry the man. Her beloved Panganoron heard the news and so he gathered all his strong warriors to fight Paganoron and save Ruler Makusog and his sweetheart Magayon.

That very day, a big battle happened between the two villages. Panganoron won over Pagtuga, he killed the villainous man who captured his beloved Magayon's father and his soon to be wife. Magayon ran to his lover when she saw that Panganoron won the fight.

But before Magayon could even reach her sweetheart, a stray spear got Magayon from behind. Shocked to what happened, Magayon slowly fell on the ground facing her lover, blood pouring from her body, and while she was gasping for breath, one of the enemy's warrior thrust Panganoron on the back and died. The Ruler Makusog witnessed it all. He followed the warrior responsible for what happened and killed him to avenge his only daughter and Panganoron's death.

After the battle, Ruler Makusog brought his lifeless daughter's body back to their village, and so is the body of Panganoron, her daughter's lover.

"Dig a big hole. Big enough for my beloved daughter and her sweetheart," he ordered his men. "I know how much they loved each other, and so they deserve to rest together."

And so, Magayon and Panganoron were buried side by side in a grave. Both their villages mourned for the two. They offered flowers and fruits on top of the grave.

The villagers noticed that the grave of the lovers had risen after few weeks. The grave continuously rise. Up and up it went higher, shape as a cone.

It was so pretty and looks like a perfect cone. And because of the beautiful daughter of their ruler, the villagers started calling it Mayon. It was now known as the Mount Mayon in the province of Albay.

And you know what? The people believe that when the Mount Mayon rumbles, it was the two lovers way of reminding the villagers around the Mount Mayon about their tragic death.

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The grave of the two lovers, Magayon and Panganoron, kept on rising, shape like a perfect cone.

The grave of the two lovers, Magayon and Panganoron, kept on rising, shape like a perfect cone.


Gregory Probst on December 21, 2017:

My wife is from Bicol. So, I see it often. I love it there. Magayon!

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