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Robin Williams Spirit Voice EVP And Ghostly Phone Calls From The Dead!

Nell has been an online writer for over eight years and is fascinated by the paranormal, including omens, time slips and the supernatural.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams

EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

We would all like to believe in a life after death. How depressing it would be to think that we would never see God or meet up with our lost loved ones in Spirit.

On browsing the internet I came across an amazing phenomenon called EVP, electronic voice phenomenon. This is when someone 'Talks' to the dead via the recording device on their phone.

I had heard of it before, but have never been that convinced to be honest. Can our loved ones really dial earth so to speak? Seems a bit out there, but many thousands of people believe it.

And how does it work?

You can just use a normal cell phone but many people who take this seriously do go out and buy expensive equipment to make sure the words that come through are much clearer.

Just tape your voice asking a question, and then hold the cell phone up and hope an answer comes onto the phone. You won't hear it out loud, but when you play the phone back you may get a whisper that will send chills up your spine.

On the Robin Williams clip you can either listen to the guy explaining it all, or you can skip to the yellow line which is approximately around 8 minutes 30 seconds. This sent chills up my back, it seems so real. What do you think?

Is this really the ghost of Robin Williams saying 'I'm Here With Dad'?

'I may not believe completely, but after hearing this I had a lump in my throat, it definitely sounds like Robin Williams'.

— Nell Rose

Spirit Calls!

If that didn't chill you to the bone and make you think, then lets take phantom phone calls.

When my mother died I had a phone call around 4 am. I reached over, picked it up and said 'Hello'? But there was no answer. At 8 am I was told by my aunt that my mum had died in the night. I asked if she had phoned me at 4 but she said no, and neither had the carers at the residents home either.

This is just one example of spooky phone calls when someone passes on. In this day of electronic this and that its not surprising that ghosts and spirits decide that its a great way to contact us after they depart.

But is it real? However fantastic this may sound many people have told this tale. And yes we can say that its purely psychological, but surely its not something we would think off unless its true.

Of course we can never prove these stories are real, but on the other hand, why would someone make them up and waste time writing an article?

Spooky phone calls

Spooky phone calls

'Don't have the Op. Its not your time to die'!

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Date 2007.


'In october 2004 I drove to Boise Idaho for open heart surgery. We had to find a motel to stay as I had to go into hospital at 6 am.

We eventually found a room and settled in. After about 20 minutes there was a phone call, which my carer answered. She looked shaken as she handed me the phone.

No one knew we were at this motel, and I was surprised to get the call. Imagine my shock when I picked it up and said, 'Hello?'

A voice on the other end said 'This is Oscar, you must not have the surgery tomorrow, it's not your time to die'!

I quickly phoned my brother and told him. We were both in shock, but we both knew an Oscar who had died, so we believed it.

We double checked with the Doctor and was stunned to hear that the Doctor who was going to do the surgery had been dismissed as his 'patient dying record' was three at the last count!

I went on to have surgery the following week, and I am still here thank goodness, thanks to my friends up their who still care for me'!

Deanna Mottershead said that the clock stopped every time one of her relatives died. Courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Deanna Mottershead said that the clock stopped every time one of her relatives died. Courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Tick, Tock, Tick......!

And these sort of spooky goings on are not uncommon. Which is strange if you think about it. How do ghosts suddenly realise that using technology is going to allow them to get through to you?

Mind you thinking about it, we have all heard of the clock that stops ticking when someone dies, or that picture which has been hanging on the wall suddenly drops with a clang when there is no one in the room.

But what actually does this mean? Are the Spirits using some sort of energy to stop the clock, and use the phone?

And how do we know that its not us, in our moments of grief suddenly reaching out with our minds and somehow making that happen? And of course hallucinations too.

These ghostly disturbances are really common when you start to research them. As you can see from the photo (Right). Diana Mottershead is just one of the everyday normal people who claim that this has happened to them.

Is there a ghost behind you?

Is there a ghost behind you?

Bin and Gone?!

A few strange things have happened around me. When my aunt died I remember standing her garden, I could feel eyes on the back of my neck and I kept turning round. The strange thing is, that my brother isn't one to believe in ghosts, but he did say:

'I can feel her here in the house' and ' Now she has gone'!

After a friend of mine passed away, I was sitting in my front room watching tv. I wasn't thinking of her at that point, just browsing the channels, when all of a sudden, there was a huge THUMP! coming from the Kitchen. I was the only one in at the time, so there cound'nt have been anyone moving around in there.

I got up and quickly ran into the kitchen. There in the middle of the floor, at least four feet away from the bin, was the bin lid!

Somehow it had shot up, spun and landed in a heap at least four foot away! Was that my friend yelling, 'Hey, its me!'?

Possibly. I checked for other explanations. A loose lid, no. Rubbish in the bin that would expand and push it off. No. And so on.

No, nothing. It just happened.

Here's a few more stories I found that may make you keep the lights on at bedtime!

Grandma phoning from Spirit?

Grandma phoning from Spirit?

Call From Grandma.

Julia K -

'I was in the kitchen making supper for me and my son who is five years old. He was just playing, until suddenly he looked up at the phone, got up from his chair and walked across to pick up the receiver.

I thought this was odd as he wasn't one to play around with the cell phones.

As he picked up the phone he said 'Hello'? Then listened intently, turning to me and saying, 'Its for you, its Grandma'!

I asked him what did she want? he replied 'She just wants to say goodbye'!

I was stunned, purely because my mother had died five years before, and we had no reason to mention her to my son!'

And Michelle Says............

'I heard the phone ringing one Sunday morning and I tried to wake up enough to answer it. When I did I was totally shocked to discover it was my father who had died two years before.

To start with I thought I was still dreaming, but carried on the conversation. He asked how I was as I had been in hospital and I was still recovering. He then asked if I had heard about the death of two of his friends which I had to reply, no.

He said he had to go, but hang in there things would get better, and he hung up. I then called my family and told them what happened.'

Nell Rose Ghostly goings on!

Nell Rose Ghostly goings on!

Do You believe?

Do you believe in EVP electronic voice phenomenon? Or have you or anyone you know experienced any of these strange happenings?

If so I would love to hear from you in the Comments Below, thanks.

For more reading of the ghostly kind please click on the link:

Spooky Stuff!

© 2015 Nell Rose


Nell Rose (author) from England on March 18, 2019:

Thank you Tim, always great to hear from you.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on March 18, 2019:

Hi, Nell, I forgot to credit you for reminding me of my similar experience. To a creative and talented writer, peace and kindness. - Tim

Nell Rose (author) from England on March 18, 2019:

Same thing happened to me Tim! the phone rang in the night of my mothers passing, and there was nobody there!

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on March 17, 2019:

Hi, Nell, I truly enjoy your meanderings. I do believe this: my phone rang when my dad died, before I knew it, and I answered it. There seemed to be silence there, but I'm convinced dad was saying good-bye. I found out shortly afterwards during the year of 2009. I do think there are many things we simply do not know or completely understand, and we are not supposed to be judgmental. Thanks for a great article and wonderful stories.

Much respect and admiration,


Deborah Lange on June 27, 2018:

The Bible says the only unforgiveable sin is against the Holy Spirit.That being said if He ask for forgiveness before ,then He can be forgiven

Nell Rose (author) from England on June 08, 2017:

Oh Thelma I am so sorry for your loss. That must have been awful for you! and yes I do believe it was him coming to say goodbye. thank you for reading, and take care.

Thelma Alberts from Germany on June 06, 2017:

I do believe of ghosts or spirits as I have experienced it. My father died a month ago. I was there in the Philippines when he was sick for a few months and then died. It was a week after we buried him when I had to fly back to Germany. When I was in the airport waiting for my boarding time, I suddenly smelt the intense fragrance of fortune flowers from my tropical garden. I love this smell but my father didn´t.

Anyway the flowers smelt so real but there was nobody besides me sitting on the bench, neither somebody passed by at the boarding place.

I felt that it was my father, saying goodbye to me just how he used to when I flew back home to Germany. Just this time, it was his spirit saying goodbye.

Thanks for sharing Nell.

Nell Rose (author) from England on April 18, 2016:

Thanks again sneha, loved your Planet hub!

Sneha Sunny from India on April 18, 2016:

Paranormal is certainly one of my favorite topics. You gotta keep an open mind.

Thanks for sharing.

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 30, 2015:

Hi Jo, ouch! sorry to hear about your tooth, me too, the other week! lol! we do miss you, so look forward to reading your latest soon, have a great weekend!

Joanna Chandler from On Planet Earth on October 30, 2015:

I am okayish Nell some days are sad, some are okay and others good. I had a tooth removed on Wednesday so I am still nursing it. Soon I'd be writing like I use to, my commenters score has really gone from a VII to III. It means I haven't been doing what I love " Reading & Writing"

I am glad to know that you are fine in your beautiful country :)

Take care sweedie

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 30, 2015:

lol! Hiya Jo, I am fine thanks, always great to hear from you, you okay?

Joanna Chandler from On Planet Earth on October 30, 2015:

Hi sorry it took me so long to get back here! I did not listen to the video because I might freak out or the way I am. I might hear the voices ringing in my head days after, I don't mess with spooky. How are you ?

Nell Rose (author) from England on October 24, 2015:

Thanks Jo, thanks so much for reading, yes you may well be right! always great to hear from you, have a wonderful weekend, nell

Joanna Chandler from On Planet Earth on October 23, 2015:

Spooky spooky spooky I wants no dead calling me... In fact I don't think the dead have any power here on earth until the resurrection. However it's the living that interfere with the dead most times and command their spirits to impersonate others.

Yet I won't deny that you can feel their presence and there was one time in the Bible that a witch raised Samuel from the dead for King Saul to talk to him, but that was by invocation!

Another thing is most times people still see their dead loved ones or hear them etc it's not a good sign. It's a sign that they went to hell and their souls are haunted and NOT resting " That's my belief"

There are times they have gone to Heaven and you may dream them etc in that Heavenly realm. It's because maybe you're over worried and for peace of mind sake, God allow you to see them as a form of consolation. You won't be able to speak to them any time you want etc. Because they are in a different realm/dimension from us.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 30, 2015:

Thanks lawrence, I will come take a look.

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on September 28, 2015:


The hub is "Iraq, the Kurds and a personal tale"

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 28, 2015:

Thanks mary, for some reason your comment came through the spam filter, luckily I grabbed it! lol!

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 28, 2015:

Thanks lawrence, that sounds fascinating! I am coming over to take a look, thanks!

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on September 27, 2015:


Fascinating read and I'm probably going to really surprise you with my answer as I am a Christian yet I know these experiences are real!

I don't think they are the spirits of the 'dead' reaching back to us, I think its something much more special!

We all have a guardian Angel (not the fluffy little cherub floating on a cloud but a real 'no nonesense spirit sent to protect and guide us' ). I've come across them on a few occasions (and righ about now you think I'm totally bonkers!) and they're real! I've got a couple of personal stories about them in my hubs on Iraq as I'm 100% sure they saved me a couple of times!

Great hub about a fascinating subject


Nell Rose (author) from England on September 26, 2015:

Thanks Dianna, I am still on the fence to be honest but it caught my eye on Youtube and hence the story! thanks as always, nell

Mary Craig from New York on September 26, 2015:

Angels, ghosts, spirits....who's to say? If we believe in life after death (which I do) what's to say the "dead" can't contact us in whatever way they want?

You always find such interesting things. I'd never heard of EVP, but now you've got me interested!

Have a great weekend.

Dianna Mendez on September 24, 2015:

I do believe we encounter spirits now and then. What an interesting hub and one that you cover so well.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 22, 2015:

Thanks ladyguitar, I am so glad you liked it, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 22, 2015:

Hi Chitrangada, aw thanks so much, I am glad you liked it, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 22, 2015:

Thanks Paula, yes I totally agree with you, sometimes we have to open our minds to what seems like unbelievable phenomenon, you never know, maybe ghosts etc really are real, thanks as always, nell

stella vadakin from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619 on September 22, 2015:

Hi Nell, Wow some strange stuff. He was such a good actor and is really missed by many.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 22, 2015:

Hi Genna, thanks so much for reading, yes we will never know if this is possible, and I loved him too, he was amazing!

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on September 22, 2015:

Very interesting and who could write better on this subject other than you!

I believe anything is possible in this World and that part of the World about which we read only in stories and imagine.

There are so many happenings and phenomenons yet to be explained by mankind.

Wonderful and engrossing hub! Thanks and sharing on HP!

Suzie from Carson City on September 21, 2015:

I'm as opened minded as can be, Nell. I do believe that anything & everything is "possible." To shut off one's mind or refuse to entertain an idea or give a concept our full attention, is not an option for me.

So very much that is ultimately proven to actually be valid/true, began on shaky ground with more doubters than believers.....

Never say never and beware of rejection and denial. It cannot hurt to delve into stretch the limits and keep the mind open.

To validate this attitude, I say, simply look back, look around and use all senses as our guide.

Thanks, Nell. Love your work, girlfriend....Peace, Paula

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 20, 2015:

Hi Deb, Wow! that was some encounter! such a shock to you too! Yes this could be a new way of contacting Spirits, not sure if its possible to prove it though, thanks, nell

Deb Hirt from Stillwater, OK on September 20, 2015:

This could be the new thing now. When my mother died, I had a "dream," where she came to me. She was over the bed in which I was sleeping, in a flowing white gown. She tried to take my hand, but I got scared and pulled away. I was told that my hand was icy cold, after I started carrying on. The next day, I called a neighbor to speak to her, and was told that I would be called back. I must have shaken that neighbor up, because when he called me back, I was told that she had died.

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on September 19, 2015:

Just because something is beyond our reckoning, it doesn't mean that it is illusive. There is so much we don't know about the spirit world, and many strange experiences that cannot be explained occur more frequently than we realize. Great article, Nell. I was (still am) a devout fan of Robin. Wherever he is, I hope he is happy and at peace.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 19, 2015:

Hi drbj, yes me too, I just wish we could prove it scientifically in a lab, now that would be great! lol! thanks for reading, nell

drbj and sherry from south Florida on September 19, 2015:

Fascinating hub, Nell, about a rather creepy phenomenon. Hard to believe but then I'm a skeptic. Thanks for sharing this info though. My emotional side makes me want to believe, but rational thought keeps getting in the way.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 18, 2015:

Thanks Alicia, yes its certainly a strange phenomenon, not sure whether I believe its real or not, thanks so much for reading, nell

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on September 17, 2015:

This is an interesting hub, Nell. I'm not convinced that EVP is real, but I certainly enjoy reading about and it other possibly paranormal phenomena. I try to keep an open mind, especially since I've had some strange experiences. Thanks for another thought provoking article.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 17, 2015:

Hi bravewarrior, yes I do too, I believe in some things, not too sure about the EVP but hopefully in future it will be proved good or false, that's amazing about the phone, yes I totally believe that! I am glad you don't find it scary, its a lovely warm feeling when you believe they have visited isn't it? thanks so much for reading, nell

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on September 17, 2015:

Nell, I'm not sure what I think of the recordings. Parts of Robin Williams sound like him, but most is not discernible - at least to my ear.

However, I do believe in spirits communicating with us. A couple of years after my son's dad died, my son's cell phone alarm went off at the hour of his dad's death four years later. The weird thing is, my son had just gotten a new phone. The one that went off didn't have a battery in it!

I, myself, have heard things go bump in the night or the blinds in my room will sound like someone's coming through them. I never see anyone, but know who it is. It's kinda like they're just saying hello. I find it comforting rather than scary.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 16, 2015:

Thanks pstraubie, always great to see you, and yes if it is true that it is his voice, how amazing?

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 16, 2015:

Thanks Vellur, yes it is a bit disturbing, wasn't sure whether to add his voice or not, but still fascinating, do you agree? thanks, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 16, 2015:

Thanks Audrey, yes there are more strange things in heaven and earth, as the sayings go! lol! thanks so much for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 16, 2015:

Hi Jackie, yes I agree, his movies could be behind the voice, I thought of that too. I don't think anyone can ever prove it one way or another, but these things fascinate me, so here I am! lol! thanks as always, nell

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on September 16, 2015:

Hi Nell

To me, there is no reason not to believe that we can give/receive messages from loved ones...I have written about some of my experiences and shared my beliefs.

The recordings of Robin, especially the last two to me sounded amazingly like Robin. And as far as the issue the recorder brought up about being disrespectful to Robin....hardly...sharing what may be his voice with us is a gift to each of us.

Take care of you dear lady.Angels are on the way to you ps

shared g+ tweeted

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on September 15, 2015:

I have not heard about this till now and I believe anything is possible in the this world and the world beyond if there is one. But one thing I know for sure is that anything out of the ordinary without an explanation just unnerves me. Fascinating hub!

Audrey Howitt from California on September 15, 2015:

I don't know if it is possible, but I do know there are things that happen that we can't explain away. We all have had experiences like some of these above--and death just isn't the end of things--at least not in my humble opinion

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on September 15, 2015:

The guy in the video is not too convincing but I do think a couple of the voices do sound like Robin but then couldn't they get those words from one of his dozens of movies or appearances? So...but it is interesting. In my studies years ago I couldn't fathom how all the world could look and see something all at once as the bible would say...but now here we are and we all can...something happens anywhere and we all see it sometimes even as it only time gives us the answers usually!

Great as always!

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 15, 2015:

Hi lily, ah that's amazing! I am sure she was saying goodbye, bless! always great to hear from you lily, nell

Lillian K. Staats from Wasilla, Alaska on September 15, 2015:

Well, Nell, I believe it's possible! I've seen too many unexplained things to just sneer. For instance, when I got my apt., My dog Athena barked, just once, right by the bathroom, as if to say, good going Mom, and that was the only afterlife bark I heard.

So sad about Robin...

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 15, 2015:

Hiya billy, yeah me too! lol! never say never, but its fun to figure out! always great to see you, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 15, 2015:

Thanks vwriter, yes I have had the cold breeze thing go past me too, when I lived in my other house, it was followed by the door slamming! so yes I know some things do happen, fascinating story, thanks!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on September 15, 2015:

I rule nothing out, Nell. I try to keep an open mind about spirits and whatever. Even if they don't exist, they are fun to think about, and like Will mentioned, they make great subjects for short stories. :) Fun hub my friend.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 15, 2015:

Thanks Kathy, yes we all seem to have had strange experiences like this, if only it could be caught on film for example, then we could tell ourselves that its totally real, thanks so much for reading, nell

vwriter from US on September 15, 2015:

I do believe. I've had several experiences and a next door neighbor had an experience that sent chills through me. The neighbor was watching TV when a cold breeze swept through the room. The dogs started barking at the same time. A few minutes later the neighbor receives a phone call that his friend had passed away.

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 15, 2015:

Thanks Ruby, I came across the video while looking for something else, and of course it got me thinking! I am not sure if any of it is real, but it is intriguing, nell

KathyH from Waukesha, Wisconsin on September 15, 2015:

Interesting thoughts! Weve only had these "smart phones" for about a year, so no experiences like these! I'm not sure if I believe in this or not! I do believe that those who have passed might try to contact us though! I had an experience when I ws 17, a year after my mother passed- I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard "It's alright - I'm ok" It wasn't really scary. I believed it was her communicating with me though!

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on September 15, 2015:

Interesting hub. I am a nonbeliever but I do wish it were true. I would love to talk with my mother and other family members. My sister Eva was a firm believer. The night her husband died her light flickered twice as the phone began to ring, informing her of his death. I listened to the video and didn't think it sounded like Robin. Anyhow, you always make me think when you write about the paranormal. I enjoy your hubs.....

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 15, 2015:

Thanks Jodah, yep me too, I tend to be bit tongue in cheek about the whole thing, but something makes me come back time after! thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 15, 2015:

Thanks Flourish, yes it could be anything on there couldn't it? even something as simple as a radio signal! thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 15, 2015:

Thanks savvy, to be honest I am not sure myself, its fascinating, and that's about it really for me. Is it real? I do hope so! thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 15, 2015:

lol! that's okay, thanks

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 15, 2015:

Thanks Nadine, not got to the viral stage just yet, still wishing! lol! thanks so much for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 15, 2015:

Thanks Will, I will come and read, nell

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 15, 2015:

Interesting hub Nell, I am open minded about EVP but not convinced with the recordings in the videos you included. Still, there is so much unexplained phenomena I would never discount the possibility.

FlourishAnyway from USA on September 14, 2015:

Savvy brings up a good point. A very interesting hub that I enjoyed reading. I wonder if they text and FaceTime too?

savvydating on September 14, 2015:

Well, now that I'm scared senseless. Personally, I wouldn't try the EVP thing. I believe that bad spirits can mimic our loved ones. Nevertheless, I listened to the tape. It was freaky--the disembodied sound ....and the things said,

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on September 14, 2015:

yah noticed I spelled read incorrectly.. that's the effect I got bless you

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on September 14, 2015:

Congratulations Nell about your hubs going viral! I hope so for you. This post will also be entertaining for many readers I'm sure. I read several of the stories before but never about the cell phone. I'm sure that Today people in other dimensions can also tap into cyberspace.

WillStarr from Phoenix, Arizona on September 14, 2015:

Here it is, Nell:

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 14, 2015:

Thanks Phyllis, that sounds fascinating about Alcatraz! seen the films, and documentary's about the place, I will have to check that out. And yes certain things do happen, but what or why we shall never know, but its strange isn't it? thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 14, 2015:

Hi Frank, lol! no, don't believe in demons, I bet they are just radio signals being picked up by electronic gadgets! thanks so much for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 14, 2015:

Thanks Grand old Lady, I will have to go look that up, sounds fascinating! thanks for reading, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 14, 2015:

HI Ann, yes its a bit scary isn't it? lol! thanks as always, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 14, 2015:

Yep I totally agree with you Martie, I just love reading about this stuff, and I had heard of evp before, whether I believe or not is another matter, thanks as always, nell

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 14, 2015:

Thanks Will, I will have to come over and have a read of that!

Nell Rose (author) from England on September 14, 2015:

Thanks Kiss and Tales, yes you may very well be right there, sadly, thanks so much for reading, nell

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on September 14, 2015:

I don't believe it but as Raed your hub, I got the goose bumps.. I even went on some utube's evp recordings.. and it too sounded scary.. I don't want to call up some demon LOL.. an intersting worth the read hub Nell :)

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on September 14, 2015:

This reminds me of the latest book of Mitch Albom, First Phone Call From Heaven. It happened in a small town where people were getting phone calls from their most loved relatives. It's a good book with a surprising twist at the end.

Ann Carr from SW England on September 14, 2015:

I'm sure ghosts exist because I've had some strange experiences but I'd never heard of this phenomenon. I suppose it's a logical way for them to use. I'll think twice about picking up the phone when it says 'number not recognised' now!

Fascinating and a great hub, Nell.


Martie Coetser from South Africa on September 14, 2015:

All of this sounds extremely scary. I'll use Shakespeare's words, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." But at the same time I stick to my belief that it's all in the mind.

Interesting hub, Nell :)

Phyllis Doyle Burns from High desert of Nevada. on September 14, 2015:

Hi Nell. I do believe that spirits can contact us with EVP. A few weeks after my brother died in 2007 my Mother received a phone call in the middle of the night. When she answered there was a far away sound she could, that is how she explained it. She was absolutely sure it was my brother.

I learned about EVP several years ago and have listened to many recordings on videos. The most compelling was a recording that was done by paranormal investigators in the deserted Alcatraz Prison, an island off the coast of California. This was on in one large room, which had been a "holding cell" for prisoners waiting to go to another area, a clearly heard voice said "We are sitting back to back." The investigator later found out that when prisoners were put in there, they had to sit on the floor in rows, back to back. This was an interview I listened to on the Art Bell show many years ago. Alcatraz is a very chilling place to be. It has long been "deserted", as is often reported, but not really.

Your hub is very interesting and well-written. I enjoyed reading it.

WillStarr from Phoenix, Arizona on September 14, 2015:

The dead making phone calls? Probably not, but I wrote a story about one anyway!

Fun Hub, Nell!

Kiss andTales on September 14, 2015:

People are entertained by these thoughts , based on holidays of the next to come.

But really this is not the case , In the written word of God

There is no activity going on after death, just as a candle functions when it has a flame, but when the flame is blown out it is not functioning.

Ec 9:10 Whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your might, for there is no work nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom in the Grave, where you are going.

So no activity is happening when some one dies.

So who is it that act as a decease person,

The clearly tells us that satan and his demons are aware of every human born here on the earth, they can copy any voice, like we can if we practice, remember satan through his voice from a snake to Eve never being visible he used the serpent to his cunning. That lead to mankind's short life .

It is not good to entertain anything based on connecting to the spirit realm they have been judge to die, and they want to take as many humans possible with them by leading many wrong even through religion if it has false teachings and entertain them.

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