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Parts of the peyote cactus are chewed and soaked in water for making tea.

It is illegal to possess Peyote in the USA

The Peyote plant includes a remarkable list of the ailments

The Peyote plant includes a remarkable list of the ailments


Peyote Religiously also called Spiritual Soul Food is a spineless, dome-shaped cactus native to the southwest United States, and Mexico has button-shaped tubercles, which contain the Hallucinogen Mescaline, which is traditionally applied in various rituals by several Native people of America.

As they consider, Peyote consumption is another form of spiritual connection to the creator. In their spiritual sense, Peyote is consumed at the time of the spiritual worship. They believe that such systems and processes unite all the believers for a bigger and a greater cause of their tradition and the community. Peyote has a strange medicinal effect and many effective health purposes. However, they observed the misuse of Peyote, as in 993 in response to the problems of Native Americans in Oregon, they smoked peyote in one religious ceremony and they were denied jobs and unemployment benefits.

Peyote has formed a long history for its application in sacramental herb and medicinal values. Long-term trading and the knowledge of this sacred cactus were well established even before the European captured Mexico. During that time, the Spanish traders and Inquisitors confirmed its purpose, declared its use to be a punishable offense and a crime against almighty God.

The sacred mushrooms of Meso-America, similar to the Teonanacatl case, it was a fact that the peyote religion prolonged their existence despite several centuries of persecution and hurdles, which is a clear testament and proof of its value and importance in the spiritual world of many.

The Peyote Way of spiritual Walk

Most probably the historically primitive and simple form of Peyotism was known alone in nature as the vision quest. It normally involves solitude, fasting, and quietness, however, with a steady contemplation. They considered eating Peyote and consuming in the form of tea leaves when a proper vigil is observed until a friendly communicant arrives for a progressive stage and a sense of spirituality and physical completion. In this manner, they experienced every individual personal quality. Such an experience obviously sounds like their traditional stories, when the first person gave peyote by the Spirit Creator. Many tribes relate such stories of a woman or man having mislaid in the desert areas. The wandering at such places left them totally exhausted, dehydrated, and starving. When they were about to give hope for the survival, and having placed miserably at the final point of completely given up entire hopes in life, there comes a voice, which guides and instructs them to lead the way so as to reach out to take hold of this cool and soft plant that grows within their vicinity and they can reach that plant with their hands outstretched. They are instructed to eat the plant to revive by quenching their thirst for food, water, with the guidance to come back home.

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Presently, Peyote is considered to be a controlled and restricted substance. Its use for religious purposes is protected by the Native American Federal law, meant to be reserved for members of Native people. The Peyote use by Non-Indian is restricted in the five states: OR, NM, AZ, CO, and NV. They do provide an access to Peyote culture to measure its growth in Mexico and South Texas. It is considered to be endangered species, believed to be an inseparable and essential part of their religious practice, stewardship of growing the Holy Sacrament Peyote.

The increasing demand for the growth and use of peyote was mirrored by the NAC - Native American Church. The NAC Chairman, in 2006, placed 615,000 individuals as the members of North America- Native American Chur, which increased from 310,000 in 1990. The Division of Oregon Employment caused a major groundswell to support these religious groups. The National Household Survey conducts the Drug Abuse, always monitored Peyote well since 1979 against the misuse and drug abuse, while it was properly utilized for health purpose. These surveys formed data from the annual peyote harvest and were stored by the Public Safety Department of Texas. While the common rule was that they should not use it for the non-experimental method, and it was undisputedly clear. Thereon, the repeated peyote use was almost 10% in 1994, when AIRFARE - American Indian Religious Freedom Act Amendments made it a law, and in 2000, this new trend was formed and confirmed. (Prue, 2008). This complete phenomenon was surrounded by a stark rise in peyote application and was used by American Indians, and that remained a mystery. However, it was certain that the exponential peyote growth and its use by American Indians were substantial compared to the pre-AIRFARE period.

In fact, while we maintain this uncanny power and strength of these peyote medicinal values and spirit, the most profound and rapid diffusion, use and application unfolded when the Native American culture all around the western states was dismantled and almost destroyed.

We always pray fervently and intend on writing about such matters to convey information to inspire with a Renaissance of awakening stance to retain the reality on this earth. From this point of purpose, we migrate from this period of drastic upheaval and change, and therefore we have arrived at probably to manifest awakening of heart vision. It appears that in case all of us look and think in this same line, the entire planet will eventually and rapidly become one community, and then on we all will think for the good of all. And become a part of one same story.

The other aspect to be considered is that several people had a similar vision from the Spirit Guide that three specific medicines will play vital roles in this transformation of planetary consciousness. The three pure medicines are Peyote, Ayahuasca, and Iboga. They may be sparse as they appear, this work of the research study is only for the information to share the wisdom of peyote, while the peyote religion will not break new ground or give away entirely guarded secrets. There are classical literature and texts, well-managed anthropologists, and other interested units who maintain detailed information on the basic habitat, the mystery of pharmacology, and such prevailing and historical application of Peyote, with the understanding of the authenticity and the power of working with this sacred peyote cactus and some other familiar Entheogenic plants. This concludes with enough evidence and proof of pre-Columbian peyote use in America.

Velasco, the Spanish author, wrote in the year 1716, that he observed a few Indians drinking “Pellote” while performing their ritual dance. Known as Lakota people, who today live properly in the USA South and North Dakota, who used this kind of medicines since time immemorial. However, the researchers could only ascertain, that the main Peyote diffusion and its use occurred in the middle of the nineteenth century when its use started spreading into other parts of the U.S. through other tribes and mainly through the Mescalero Apache.

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