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Personal Prayer Is Essential for a Powerful Christian

Personal prayer brings power.

Personal prayer brings power.

Personal prayer releases His power in you

The Bible tells us in Luke 18:1 that Jesus said: "Man should always pray and not faint." His own lifestyle is the best example of the power that comes from personal prayer. In Matthew 14:22-33 Jesus went up to a mountain by Himself to pray and returned to His disciples using His power to walk on water. In Mark 1:35 Christ rose early before dawn and went out alone to pray. In Matthew 17:21 He said certain demons could only be cast out by prayer and fasting.

In Matthew chapter six He three times sad the following " And when "you" pray" which is emphasizing that individual believers are expected to be people of prayer. Even in His darkest hour, just before the crucifixion, He told His closest followers to stay with Him, and watch three times as He prayed alone. In spite of His example and the commands, He gave, increasing numbers of Christians are not praying in their secret closets and exhibiting His power. Instead, they are relying on others to pray on their behalf. This is becoming very evident on social media.

I recently watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie where Charles Ingalls adopted son James had been shot and was expected to die. No one believed the boy had a chance except his dad. When the pastor wanted to pray with Charles he said no this was between him and God. and later in the program, the boy was restored. I had a family member given several bad reports from the doctor but he did not panic. He said his God was bigger and did not ask the church or Facebook to pray. Today, he has been taken off several medicines, regained most of the weight he lost and is gaining strength, His personal faith made the difference,


Private prayer brings public water walking power

ln Matthew 18:18-19 Christ spoke about the power of agreement between two or three. Many preachers today are teaching that this means that power comes from numbers. This is based on Deuteronomy 32:30 which speaks of one putting a thousand to flight and two put ten thousand to flight. The thinking is that answered prayer comes from large numbers but in I Chronicles 21 and II Samuel 24 the Lord was angry at David and punished Israel because the king numbered them. The Lord wanted faith to be in Him alone and not in how many people there were.

In Judges chapter 7 Gideon's army went from 32,000 to 300 because the Lord wanted faith to be in Him alone and not n the number of soldiers in the battle. Scripture is clear about prayer but social media has made many believers lazy. Facebook continues to daily be filled with alleged spiritually mature Christians posting prayer requests. They ask the mythical on duty prayer warriors to pray for everything from having a cold to the healing of sickness. On the occasions that prayer s answered the thanks go to Facebook rather than the Almighty who is jealous and shares His glory with no one. Since writing this Hub, I have seen numerous post where Facebook rather than Christ is given the glory for answered prayer, rather than the Almighty. What is needed in the body of Christ is longtime believers and spiritual leaders who walk boldly in His power as an example for others.

People of personal prayer have fath that launches them nto the deep

People of personal prayer have fath that launches them nto the deep

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Know for yourself that He is real wthin you

When we expect others to pray for us instead of talking to the Father ourselves, we are like the child who asks an older sibling or the mother to go to daddy because they are afraid. This is what happened to the children of Israel in Exodus chapter 20. When they saw the lightning and smoke and heard the trumpets and the thunder they told Moses that He should go to God on their behalf. Anyone who really loves Him should have a hunger and thirst to know Him intimately and be delighted that He hears their own voice and answers their prayers.

Look around you at those who walk strong in His anointing. The ones who walk in a room and you feel His presence and see His glory around them. who lay hands and heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead. These are men and women that talk to Him and walk with Him on a regular basis. These individuals know He hears their prayers and when they do desire agreement they have one or two people they turn to whose faith is as great as their own.

When you live a lifestyle of daily praying, don't have to cry out on social media because you are the righteous and your prayers are effectual, fervent and avail much. Determine today to never again ask someone else to do what Christ commanded you to do. You be the prayer warrior with the power and live the example for others. Pray always and release His authority and glory for your own self. You become the example of Christ and the one who walks on the water that others will want to emulate.

Trust him

Many times during the past 12 years my husband dealt with serious illness. At one point they told him he was a miracle because on paper he should have been dead. His personal faith in Jesus got him through every medical crisis until one day he told the family that he would not be hear much longer. One year later he passed away but prior to that God delivered him from pneumonia, a heart attack, heart failure and aspects of diabetes. We never asked for prayer on social media and have the blessing of the Lord hearing our own voices and you should too. Just trust Him.

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