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Perception - Student and Teacher

From time to time, I like to dabble in my own understanding of Life and I do my best to convey a message I want by using as many words as I can to describe what I am talking about. However, this particular article is going to be fairly short because the topic isn't complex to explain.

The most important aspect to be learned is that you will always continue to learn even if you don't want to. You learn through knowledge gained and this includes any experiences you may or may not had. To put into a better perspective, it's not about ego. If you don't know about ego? then, you have more trouble with yourself than can be simply described in this particular article. However, don't let that deter you from reading the rest of the article, as that would be a shame.


The Student = Always Learning To Improve = Self Interested

The Student:

The student inside you, know it or not, is the person who decides to question things, so as to learn from them. This type of person will constantly learn from things around them and be able to recognize what they are to learn from an experience.

How you learn stems from your honesty about your self. If you're honest with your self, then learning will be enjoyable. Having an enjoyable experience as such would lead you, to being more open minded about things you have yet to learn about.

A self interested person is someone who is more interested in knowing more about themselves and looking for ways to improve upon the person they are at that point. Why? So they can see the path they want to walk in their life is, the path they are walking. This type of person displays a very unique nature about themselves because it comes from honestly assessing oneself and one's actions. It's pleasant to be around them.

The Student is your conscience, begging you to feed it experience, knowledge, creativity so it can create wisdom.

Wisdom: There's always going to be someone who is smarter than you. There's always going to be someone dumber than you. There's always going to be someone who is wiser than you and there will also be people who you are wiser than. The object is to know when it is your time to learn and what exactly are you to learn, either gain in knowledge or earn in experience. There's no place for ego here.


The Teacher = The Giver of Knowledge and Experience

The Teacher: The teacher is the giver of knowledge and experience. You will gladly teach someone how to do something if they don't know how to do it. You have the understanding that patience is required to complete the task and give your time to educate those who need it. Therefore, you pass on whatever knowledge and/or experience you've gained to enrich someone else's life.

The Teacher = Humility - Love - Compassion all rolled into one action.

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Be humbled by the opportunity to spread your knowledge and experience. Be honored by the person who has chosen you as a guide. Use your love for yourself to spread love to others via giving when asked to give. Your love for yourself will ensure you learn to have compassion for those who do not know how. There's no place for your ego here either.


Conclusion: Everything brought into perspective

It is important for you to realize something which might have escaped you until now. Everything you do is considered an action. Even if you do nothing, it is still considered an action(non-action). And all actions have two things in common (a) consequence and (b) reaction.

If you do nothing, there will be a consequence for doing nothing and there will also be a reaction from those who are around at the time you do nothing. Now, if you do nothing and then someone else is harmed by something you could have prevented, but did nothing to prevent it, then the reaction you will receive will not be of the expected result of you doing nothing. Meaning, that you might think that doing nothing is fine and see no problem with doing nothing, but because of ego you fail to realize it was your responsibility to prevent it from happening. Conscience would have been screaming at you to do something, if anything to help.

If you do something without looking for the consequences and reactions, then you are committing a really bad decision. Why? If you don't pay attention to the consequences and possible reactions, then you are not properly understanding what it means to live within a civilized society. Self responsibility is a must and you must be responsible about holding yourself accountable for your own actions which do damage to other people's life.

If you steal something from someone, then you should return it, in some form. Stealing isn't right and most people know it, but some people believe it is alright to do, under specific circumstances. Example: a child steals a piece of pie from a store because s/he is homeless and starving? Isn't it more humane to feed them? Of course it is. They're human beings after all. To not feed them is a greater crime.

As you can see, there's always a time and place for everything and when you are in the right place at the right time, you will become either a student or a teacher. Please beware that these times are missed by most and never even recognized on purpose because of ego. Being a student or teacher has no place for ego. Why not? Because most ego driven actions are damaging. Your ego is your primary power for self survival. There are times when ego driven actions can be extremely damaging to other people and if you're not careful, then your action can cost lives. Remember, an ego driven action can harm you as well, if you are unaware of the action you are taking.

Thank you for your time.


Raymond D Choiniere (author) from USA on July 25, 2018:

Thank you kindly for taking time to read. I appreciate your time and grateful it provided information. You're welcome also.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on July 25, 2018:

I am spiritually and emotionally enlightened after reading your hub. I share your thoughts about the teacher, the honor, and humility that goes with spreading knowledge.

Thank you for sharing.

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