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Pendulum Reading for All Signs

Bri Smith is an intuitive energy reader, who reads energy using multiple types of tools.


The Pendulum Board

With your question in mind, please consciously allow several seconds to will it (asking mentally), and say it out loud, if plausible.

The Options On My Board

Yes, No, Maybe, Soon, Delayed, Won't Reveal, Tarot Card

I used my black obsidian crystal for the reading.

I first rested over the Yes, and I received a No response from the pendulum.

I rested over the No, once again I received a No.

Moving on to the Soon and Won't Reveal and they were both a No as well.

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Under the position for the Delayed reply, the pendulum moved in the direction for the Yes response.

So, as of now, whatever question or inquiry you are asking about will be delayed.

I also decided to find out a time frame for the delay, and received an answer of Winter. So, expect the delay to wrap up as early as the month of December, (or January and February at the latest).

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