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What Is Palmistry?- Learn Palm Reading

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Palmistry is the art of characterizing and predicting the future with the help of the palm, also called chirology, palm-reading or palm analysis. Palmistry is practiced all over the world and has a variety of cultural variations. People who practice palmistry are called palmists.

Roots of Palmistry

The roots of palmistry begin with, Indian astrologers and gypsies from Rome who prophesied the future. The Hindu prophet Valmiki was believed to have written a book 5,000 years ago entitled “Valmiki Maharshi’s Teachings on Palmistry in the Male Palm” consisting of 567 verses.

The art of palmistry from India spread to China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia, and other countries in Europe. This art came to China around 3000 BC, he then turned to Egypt, where he was practiced by Anaxagor. However, today's palmists will often combine traditional palmistry with psychology, holistic treatment, and other alternative methods of divination and prophecy.

The practice of palmistry is often associated with pseudoscience. It should be noted that the information below only briefly introduces the art of palm, wrapping; There are many - often conflicting - interpretations of the lines and features of the palm in the various schools of “chromantia”.

Learn to read by hand

The flexibility of the palm shows the adaptation of a person to the circumstances. The more flexible, the easier it is to accept change.

The tapering nails show creativity, the square nails show orderliness.
The pink color of the palm indicates good health, yellow - the excess bile, blue - the disorder of blood circulation.

While notching from the palm of your hand, watch not only the curves of the lines but also the "hills" of your hands. When analyzing them, it is important to take into account the "texture", color, strength, brightness. The stronger and more noticeable that "mountain" is, the stronger the attributes attributed to it.

Mount Jupiter (at the bottom of the index finger) shows ambition, leadership, organization, authority. If he is too bright and noticeable - a person is self-love and selfish.

Mount Saturn (at the bottom of the big toe) shows wisdom, seriousness, a propensity for melancholy. The bright mountain shows a propensity to work sometimes even forgetting working for the family. If the hill is too bright - a person is prone to depression, as well as the very noticeable Mount Saturn have wizards, engineers, scientists, scammers, thieves.

Mount Apollo or the Sun (at the bottom of the ring finger) signifies a propensity for creativity, happiness, and success. People with the bright mountains of Apollo are often geniuses or celebrities. Communicative, sincere, often artists, but materialists.

Mount Mercury (at the bottom of the little finger) shows a talent for business and agility. People are often prone to criminal activity. A common goal is to save as much money as possible.

Mount Venus (near the thumb) shows love, sympathy, music, and passion. People with the bright Mount Venus know the world better. These are beautiful, healthy, brave, mostly non-religious people, their influence on others is great.

Headline - the tendency to intelligence. A long, deep, bright-line shows that he is an extremely intelligent and intelligent person. If the line breaks and is poorly visible - man is not of high intelligence. If the line of the head is long, beautiful (although it is a subjective concept), red, and does not break, it means a long, healthy, and peaceful life.

It also means that its owner has a good character. And if the line is thick and very red, it signifies a strong character, a choleric temperament.

If the line of life is thin, everything is broken and untrue, it means that a person will get sick a lot. If the line gradually diminishes, it indicates a natural and calm death. A straight line running across the palm of the hand shows practicality, reality, and good organization. It also shows that man standing firmly on the ground and “does not build castles in the air”.

A straight and long headline is a symbol of a good memory and the ability to plan. A gap in the line indicates an incident, an accident that has affected the activity of the mind. Small gaps indicate a change in intellectual potential. This is less significant for the character than for large and clear line cracks

Lifeline - the nature and length of life, from which experts can determine a person's age, diseases; If the line of life suddenly breaks down and then reappears, it indicates a disease that the person will undergo.

The same goes if the lifeline is broken in one hand and not in the other. And if it breaks in both hands in the same place, it shows a deadly disease. The deadly disease also warning of crosses. And if there is a chain on the line, it means not a serious but a long disease.

If there are many small lines between the headline and the lifeline, it means excitement, passion for games, and the fact that it is very easy to live with a person.
If there is a short line (to the side of Venus Hill) parallel to the line of life, this is shown by a cunning scientist who is initially unsuccessful and then acquires a major role in science.

If the lifeline has a parallel that is somewhere half its length, it indicates emigration. Somewhere, even more, read that the lifeline secondhand (pareleline mazesne) is a good sign. It’s like protection from disaster.

If there are many small (but not very short) lines from the line of life to Jupiter’s finger, it shows wealth and happiness in youth and middle age. And if the small lines go down, they show the hardships and difficulties of old age. If they are directed directly to the hill of Venus, they show financial losses through products, and if they are from the other side, it shows happiness on foreign shores.

And there are no stories If there are lines that cross the same lines of head and life at the beginning of these lines, they show how many children this person will have.

If the lower line of life crosses the line leading to the hill of Venus, it poses a danger to the woman or poison.

If the line of Saturn and the line of life merge and go together at some point, it indicates death outside their homeland.
If the lower line of life splits into two lines, it means an unhappy end to life, full of doubt.

If the line of life does not begin at the beginning of the big toe (as is often the case), but from the hill of Jupiter (this is rarely the case), it indicates the life of garbetrosca, a man who will achieve much.


The heart line- indicates a tendency to sensitivity and love problems. If the line is difficult to see - a person is cruel, infrequently loving; The long, bent, line too short from the beginning of the fingers speaks of kindness, lust, and a tendency to excess.

If the line is longer and brighter than that line of thinking, then in the current situation a person will act according to the voice of the heart, not according to thinking.
The straight line shows traits such as secrecy and over-interested in your personality.

The short and fuzzy line speaks of an inability to love strongly. The cracking line betrays a tendency to flirt.
A very long, deep line close to the main finger shows jealousy and peculiar feelings for a loved one.

The line of success - if the line is bright - the fortune of that person smiles, if barely visible - everything he has, a person has to earn with his mind and hands.

The line of destiny - if a person does not have it, it means that his life will be calm, without major adventures and shocks, or - a person will "commit" his own destiny; The absence of a line of destiny means that a calm, flowing, adventurous life without any adventures and adventures awaits. A straight and unbroken line is a sign of a successful life with small problems.

Health line - A faint line indicates a tendency to get sick and a weak immune system.

Marriage line - if there are several such lines in the palm of your hand, it does not mean that a person will marry many times. If the line breaks or intersects with another, divorce is possible.

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