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Wiccan & Pagan Love Spells - How to Cast Spells for Love


Everyone has experienced love at some point in their lives. This love can be a romantic type of love, or it can be the love of a family member or friend. That being said, most people have also experienced what it is like to go through heart ache and lost love. This can be from a break up or a divorce, or just division within the family.

Love spells are designed for all aspects of love. They can be used to bring back old love, strengthen current love, or to mend the hurt caused by love. Any form of love can be covered by a love spell, it does not have to be just romantic love.

Caution When Performing Love Spells

When practicing any kind of spell, the practitioner must always be cautious. This caution must be even higher when practicing love spells. Love spells can be used for ill intent, just like any other spell. Love spells can also cause trouble, even when the caster is not trying to cause any sort of issue.

Love spells can infringe on a person's right to make their own decisions. Before casting any sort of love spell, especially one that is designed to bring love to you, think about what you are doing. There are several questions you must ask yourself. Do you really want that person to fall in love with you? Is that person in love with someone else? Are you or the person you desire already married or in a union? Are you willing to break up the one you love from the person they love? How would your life change if that person loved you? Would your life be better, worse, or no change? In doing this spell, will you hurt anyone along the way?

If you are simply wanting to cast a spell to find love, that is fine. Just be sure to not concentrate your energy on one particular person, as this can backfire. Open yourself up and cast the spell in a way that it is very open to whomever the Goddess finds for you and not to whom you wish it to be.

Love spells are very risky business. Most Witches try to avoid them or will only cast the ones that are designed to strengthen the love within a family. Look within yourself very deeply before casting any sort of love spell and make sure it is really what you want to do.

Tools to Use for Love Spells

The tools used when casting a love spell varies from Witch to Witch. Some Witches believe that you should have a wide assortment of tools, while others use the bare minimum. No tools are even required to perform a successful spell. Sometimes all the caster needs to do is chant or sing his or her spell.

However, there are some very basic tools that are nice to have when performing love spells. The first tool is a candle. The color of candle to use varies on the type of love spell you are trying to perform. A red candle is good if you are trying to rekindle romance and encourage passion. An orange candle is good to use if you are trying to bring forth attraction, or make yourself appear more attractive to a suitor. A brown candle is good if you are having marriage problems and would like to bring back the love. Pink is always a good choice for love spell candles, as it encourages true love, romance, and unconditional love. Choose which candle is best for the magick you are trying to perform, or get an assortment of the different colors listed if you are trying to work on different aspects of your love life.

A pen and a piece of paper is always nice to have when casting a spell. A great and simple way to cast a spell is to write out your spell or desire on the piece of paper, light a candle, recite what is on the paper, and burn the paper with the flame of the candle.

Various other tools you can use are: incense, music, a cauldron, oil, herbs, runes, a knife, or anything else you feel that will enhance your spell. It is also a good idea to cast your spell on Friday when the moon is new. It is also smart to cast your magic at night, so you can use moon magic.

CharmingPixieFlora on Love Spells


In this article, there are a few examples of love spells. These are not meant to actually be used word for word. These are merely examples of how to put together a love spell. I personally do not use these particular ones, as I believe a Witch should never reveal his or her actual spells to others.

The best love spells, or any spells for that matter, are ones that the caster creates themselves. They have more meaning and more energy if the caster puts his or hers voice and heart into them.

Mending a Broken Heart Spell

An example of a love spell designed to mend a broken heart:

As I light this flame,

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I pray to be healed.

Blessed Earth Mother,

I pray you hear my request,

for a mended heart,

that has been torn of love.

Bringing Love to You Spell

An example of a love spell designed to bring love to you:

I set forth my heart,

for a loving mate,

I send out my desire for love,

for the Goddess to hear,

with hope for an honorable and respectable mate.

Rekindling Love Spell

An example of a love spell designed to help rekindle the romance within your current relationship:

Blessed Goddess,

my heart has been hurt,

as has my lover's,

I ask that my mate and I grow in love,

to be whole once again.

Strengthening Family Love Spell

An example of a spell designed to strengthen a family, whether is be between siblings, parent and child, child and parent, or distant family:

As I light this flame,

I ask for strength and unity of my family,

I set forth my heart,

for the love in my family to grow stronger,

my desire sent out with the flame of this fire,

with hope of love, unity, and strength of family.

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