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Prophet Muhammad 'S Biography: The Most Influential and Virtuous Figure Setting Foot on This Globe ( Part 1)

I have an overflowing amount of love toward the prophet Muhammad. So,I want to circulate its biography around the world.


Who Is The Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon You?

  • He is the person who was sent to us from Allah to bring and spare us from the relentless cage of ignorance and depths of darkness into the straight path of light, piety and righteousness.
  • He is the person who reserved his calling and prayer for the intercession of his nation on the day of Resurrection.
  • He is the person that Allah raised his position by making his name mentioned only with the prophet Muhammad (I witness that there is no god Except Allah and that Mohammed is his messenger).
  • He is the person who was given options between two things: to remain on this globe or to be with the highest companion, But he chose the highest companion.
  • He is the person who behaved wisely when the messenger of mountains told him " If you command me, I can crush them in between the mountains", But he only said "I hope that Allah produces from their descendants persons who sincerely worship Allah, the one who doesn't associate any partner with him. "
  • He is the person who sat wiping the blood away his blessed face caused by the unbelievers in Uhud battle and said "O, Allah forgive my nation, for they have no knowledge."
  • He is the person who experienced to the worst atrocities from his nation and the unbelievers to leave this religion, but in contrast, all these acts made him strongly cling and grab at this religion.
  • He is the person who is granted a great cistern in the heaven called (Al kawthar) which will be set in the place of gathering on the day of Resurrection.
  • He is the sagacious person who behaved wisely when he saw a man urinating in the mosque. Neither harmed him nor punished him but instead, he waited until this person completed his urination and told him" it is forbidden to urinate in mosques as there are places for worship." He also asked his companions to pour water into it to remove impurity from the mosque.
  • He is also the person who prolonged in his prostration during praying not to upset the small child ( AL Hasan ) playing on his back.

The Birth Of The Prophet Muhammad

He was born on the 12th day of the Islamic month of Rabi' Al Awwal in the glory of morning sunlight around 20th of April in 570 AD in Mecca. His birth was 50 days later of the elephant incident. His father died before he was born. His mother said that his pregnancy was easy and passed without any arduous pains and difficulties.

When he was born, a flame of light emerged and illuminated between the east and west. His birth was unique as he was born in the air and position of prostration then he raised his head and fingers to the heavens. Scientists say, with the advent of his birth, the sun becomes more luminous .

In related to his description, he has the most handsome face among men. He has a round face with a prevailing while skin, dark black hair and beard. He also enjoys a prevailing redness of skin that makes you wonder whether he washed himself with nutmeg grater instead of soup. He was not neither very tall nor short stature. He was in medium height.

The Secret Of Naming The Prophet Muhammad ( Peace Be Upon Him ) This Name

When the prophet Muhammad was born, his paternal uncle( Abd Almotalib )made a banquet to celebrate his birth, got a perfect ovation and shot his name in the existence of all quraish 's tribe. All the tribe was very carious to know about his name. To all quriaish 's consternation, Abd Almotalib was the first person to shot a name divesting from all kinds of Idols. He named him "Muhammad" to be praised in the heavens and earth.

Breastfeeding in Quraish And Who Is The Nurse Wet That Suckles The Prophet Muhammad

There was a well-known tribe called Bani Saad that has the attribute of eloquence. As a result, quraish boasted this tribe and they awarded them continuous gifts for the sake of breast breeding their children. Truth to say, bani Saad wet nurses strongly yearn and long to breastfeed the children of wealthy families to gain a lot of precious gifts and leave the orphans aside. As the prophet Muhammad was orphan, all the wet nurses refused to take him for breastfeeding except a one kind wet nurse called (Halimah Al sa'diyah).

She took him and start to breastfeed him. This wet nurse said " since I took this child and carry him, my husband has told me that I have taken a blessed child." Truth to say, since I suckled this child, all blessing and bounties have increased. When we emerged into the desert, the plants in the desert started to sprout and thus our sheep ate these plants. Truth to say, we became the recipient of much bounties from Allah due to our feeding this boy. Really, it is a precious grace in our life.

Halima spent two years suckling this child and when these two years finished she went to his mother and asked her to leave this boy with them as he grants them a soothing life.

The Splitting Of The Prophet's Chest Incident

The incident began,when the prophet Muhammad was playing with two boys, suddenly two men with white clothes came, took the prophet in a distant place, laid the prophet on his back, split his chest and took the heart . When his half brother ( Abudallah ) glimpsed this act, he quickly ran to his mother( Halimah Al sa'diyah) asking for aid and told her what happened.

During this period, the two men ( angels), extracted the black lump related to the devil from his heart. Then, they washed his heart with zamzam water in a gold dish, after that, the heart was returned to his place again. On seeing what happened to Muhammad, fear squeezed to Halima and her husband's chest. In order to calm their racing heart and be in soothing state, they decided to return this boy back to her mother.

The Death Of The Prophet Muhammad 's Mother( Amina)

The prophet Muhammad stayed with her mother until he was six years old. Once, his mother wanted to make a trip to yathrib to visit her husband grave. She and her son accompanied Amm Ayman( nurse wet of the prophet Muhammad). They stayed there for one month. Then, they left it and traveled to another place called Abwa . At this place, his mother died due to unknown disease. As a result, he became without either father or mother.

The Prophet Muhammad 's Living With His Grand Father ( Abdel Motalib)

After the death of the prophet Muhammad 's mother, loneliness and grief became assault to him. But, in this period his grandfather( Abdel Motalib ) became a soothing balm and refuge for him. Granting him with all the sentiments he needed . In this time, Abel Motalib was the chief of Quraish who has a prominent position in his tribe. In order to spare him from the relentless cage of loneliness and grief, he feeds his hungry heart by offering him every grace of life: reverence, deference, affection, kindness and love. He also prefers him over his ten sons.

Abdel Motalib has a leap of faith that Muhammad will have a glittering and influential position. Sad to say, this prosper period in prophet Muhammad's life was lost as his grandfather died. Before the death of Abd Motalib, he pledged his son( Abu Talib) to take care of Mohammed and protect him as Abu Talib and the prophet Mohammed's father were half brothers.

Move Of The Prophet Mohammed To Live With His Paternal Uncle Abu Talib After The Death Of His Grandfather

When the prophet Muhammad's grand father died, he was eight years old .In fairness, his paternal uncle( Abu Talib) fulfilled his promise and took him to live in his house. Abu Talib and his wife ( Fatimah bint Asd) were very poor, but this doesn't make us become blind to the fact that they wrapped their arms around him and put him under their wings. Abu Talib has a vivid capacity of love and adore towards the prophet Muhammad.

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During this period severe destitute Quarish was, though poor. Thus, the people are starving. But this didn't hinder Fatima from feeding and giving due care to the prophet Muhammad. As she deprived her children from nourishment and gave him to the prophet Mohammed. Friendly she treated him in a proper way that made him forget the bitterness of being orphan.

The prophet Mohammed 's journey to sham with his paternal uncle and The Received Cheerful Tidings From The monk Pohyra That Mohammed will Be a Prophet

As we know, Abu Talib loved Muhammad in way that considered to be charming. So ,he took him in a business trip to Sham. In this period, he was a boy of twelve year. During this period they met the monk Pohyra. This monk glimpsed a lot of signs proving that Muhammad will be a prophet and be put in the way of glittering position.

Firstly, Pohyra contemplated the characteristics of him and gazed at his countenance. Thus, he glimpsed the distinctive cloud selecting the prophet Muhammad from all these categories of people to cover his head. Secondly ,he glanced the tree tenting with its shadow over him to protect him from the sun. Thirdly, he uncover his back and saw the seal of prophecy between his shoulders.

Honesty to say , all these signs proved him right in his belief. So, he told his uncle these cheerful tidings and asked him to put him into his glare and give him due vigilance as he will be in position of hurt and and harm if these tidings circulate among his nation. Having heard this tidings, he became in mixture of fear and joy . Quickly they returned to Mecca.

The Prophet Muhammad 's Shepherdess And Its Benefits

Did I ever tell you " Allah did not send any prophet but shepherded sheep? "

As we know, Abu Talib suffered from severe destitution and his daily sustenance was little. So, Prophet Mohammed gave him aid by doing basic act of taking responsibility. Emerging into Mecca to shepherd the sheep of people for some qirats. A boy of nearly fifteen year and can still eke out a living in order to stem the flow of money to help his uncle.

Shepherdess of sheep enabled him to acquire many noble qualities. Firstly, he became a patient person bearing burdens cast over him, as Shepherdess lasted from sunrise until sunset. Secondly, he enjoyed modesty, as he spent most of his time minding and supervising them. Thirdly, through this profession, he basked in contemplating the beauty of the desert. Also, mercy and charity flowed into his heart until it reaches to its pinnacle.

Prophet Muhammad Got Married to Mrs Khadijah bint kuwaylid

Did I ever tell you that our mother Khadijah was purified and selected over of all nations in the prophet Mohammed 's time ?

Did you ever heard that the prophet Gabriel asked the prophet Mohammed to " greet her on behalf of Allah and on his behalf and give her the cheerful gliding of having a Qasab palace in paradise in which there will be neither any noise nor any fatigue. "

Mrs Khadijah was such a weighty person heavy in his position among Quarish. The most charming and wealthy woman among her tribe. Privilege and honor enjoyed among them. Her main work was trading. Honest and reliable men she hired to expand her business by trading with her money and multiple it.

As we know, the prophet Muhammad has a good reputation of his honesty and truthfulness …..etc. This good reputation circulated on every tongue until it reached to her. Having heard that, she offered him to trade with her money and he accepted this offer. So, he went into this business and Allah granted him success . As a result, the earnings multiple more than usual.

Unique qualities and skills upon Unique qualities and skills made her make the decision of marring him as he was the right sort kind of men. So, she sent the sister of Ali abin Aumaya ( nafisa) to tell the prophet Muhammad that Khadijah proposed to you. The prophet Mohammed accepted this propose.

During this marriage, the prophet Mohammed was a young man of twenty five and Mrs Khadijah was a woman of forty year. Time passed over time, the prophet Mohammed loved her more and more until she becomes the best woman for him among his nation. Became the mother of all his sons (AL kasam Abd Allah , zeinab , rokaya , fatima and Am kalthom ).


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