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Going to Church is a Religious Trap

My goal is to write about certain subjects to pique interest and hopefully help to connect some dots.


Organized religion comprises of people who desire to be led by men with special ecclesiastical titles. They are the lords or the ruling class of the congregation. This system allows the lust for power to manifest among men who corrupt truth for their own personal gain. They use baits and lures to hook their audience into accepting their agendas. The people buy into their self-serving ideas as their leaders make a living off of their backs.

Those who partake of the hierarchical church system are not led by God, but are led by man who merchandise God into a product that they can buy. They will always ask for the monetary either directly or indirectly.


Self-Appointed Men

The tile of 'Senior Pastor' is appointed to direct the religious whims of men. Anybody who does not conform to their denominational templates are deemed divisive to their agenda.

An important question we must always ask ourselves,

Are we being led by the Holy Spirit or by men?

There are many men who assume their supremacy over others and strive to give themselves a name.

Are you the type of person who gives into their desires?

What is called 'church' is all about advertising man’s own self-righteousness to lure in the next customer through their doors. They know that the more people herd through their doors, the more the money flows in.

At the forefront of religious idolatry are the appointed men who lord themselves over others. Unfortunately, many do not see church as a trap because they are baited into believing that their system is God's truth. However, God will not protect those who are under the guidance and authority of men who lust for money, power and control. This is captivity.

Have you ever considered why many choose to listen to self-appointed men rather than what it says in God's word?

It is a futile attempt to come together to worship the one true God under the organization and umbrella of the authority of ecclesiastical men.



Walking in obedient faith is not about a religious template, but complete reliance on God's ways. There is no need or benefit of the liturgy of man-made ordinances, rites and membership obligations within Christianity.

Church clergy abuse Scripture by twisting it to fuel their agendas that revolve around the monetary and their elevated platforms.

You will notice that the precedent of the church system is that it must require financing before they can do anything. Tithing is at the forefront of their endeavours.


Those who follow God's ways understand that when the work of God needs to be carried out, it is of no consequence whether there are finances or not because their concern is about obedience. It is the hearts of carnal men in their futile self -righteous pursuits that need to see the flow of the monetary before they will even lift a finger to do anything.

Those who desire to walk in God's ways understand that finances is of no consequence when God calls them to do something. All that is required is knowing whether God has called you to do something and then walking it out in obedient faith. It's really that simple.

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Don't listen to the fund raisers and their marketing tactics who want to lure and hook you into their man-driven faithless agendas

.Doing God’s work is about giving, not taking. It is about serving, not lording. It never points to a religious brand-name as a means to finance 'the work of God.' It is greed that demands finances before anything can be done. Mammon is their god.

The true work of God is always possible, but the work of man will always demands contributions, sponsors, donations, tithes, pledges and any other financing tactic requiring the religious synod to 'drill for oil first.' This is not obedient faith.

Beware of anyone who says,

'If it wasn’t for your generous contributions, we wouldn’t be able to do God’s work.'

This was never about God’s work, but about stroking egos.


Making a Career Out of God

Obedience to God is about being a giver not a taker. It does not require a salaried church official to tell others to do before they do the work of the Lord.

It is important to understand that God never calls anyone into a full-time salaried job to be obedient ti Him. If you are personally financed in the name of God, then you are using Him for your own personal gain.

The phrase 'full-time ministry' is a crock. Someone who says that they want to devote all their time 'working for the Lord,' but requires pay to do it is a fraud.

Hirelings are traitors to the pure faith in God.


The Trap

Millions of people partake of organized religion and sit quietly in their church pews to listen to a salaried Pastor. This is all about man’s desire to be great, to be recognized and wanting to stand out for their own vainglory. It is ego driven, not Spirit led.

To worship God in spirit and truth requires humility and repentance, not the accolades of man.

Anything that is done within the framework of denominations and organized religion is a creation of man. It is void of the Holy Spirit. The framework of organized religion demands finances and the leadership of salaried men.

Anyone who is led by the Holy Spirit is in unity with God who is our Shepherd.

The system of church is a trap. Get out while you still can before it's too late.

Man’s Fund Raisers

To drive the point again, the problem with man-made religion is that in order to God's work they first use the market crier called Pastor to push for pledges, donations, tithes or whatever other word they use to canvas the pew warmers to empty their purses and wallets.

The true servant of God understands that they already have been given access to God’s resources.

Why would a servant of God leave the Kingdom storehouse and go out on their own to ‘drill for oil?’

When we call something ‘God's work’ then that is what it is. It only follows that it will be supported by God Himself. Accessing God's storehouse requires obedient faith, not going around extorting money from the gullible. What an insult it is to God.

What is called Christian labour today is simply something that done according to the size of the budget. Once the money is used up, the singing of ‘Kumbaya’ stops and the sob story begins that there is not enough money to continue the ministry until they see more pledges.

The church telethon is never-ending. You just have to wake up to figure this out.

This is the epitome of putting trust in man instead of God.

Thus says the Lord: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength - Jeremiah 17:5

The work that God assigns His servants already has all resources already available to them. There is no need to continue to lobby for monies or hold fund raisers.

Why would we need to pay anyone to do the work of God?

The work of God through His Son has been paid in full!

Those who walk in faith and obedience already has access to God's unlimited resources. No pandering for money required or asking permission from a hireling first.

The work of God is exactly what it is and does His works through His people as causal agents to spread the truth of his word. Think about it, if God does the work then it would be an insult to believe that He would need our money for Him to do only what He can do.

If man believes they need money to do God's work, then the only logical conclusion is that they somehow believe that God is dependent on them to get anything done. This is their delusion.

Let's take heed to what God says, not what your Pastor says.

It’s time to wake up. Paying someone to do 'God's work' is not God's work.

Walking in through church doors is trap.

Be careful, the bait and lures are always changing to get you hooked.

© 2014 PlanksandNails

Comments Appreciated

Sanower Paul on July 07, 2020:

I am 100% agree with you, I have always believed that the spirit of God will teach same thing to all who believe. I have learned all these things from my heart after leaving the church. I know for sure that the spirit of God is in me and teaches me. Be blessed.

graceinus from those of the Ekklesia on October 07, 2014:

PandN- Again, direct and to the point. But most of all it's the truth. I hope many take this article to heart and have the willingness to remove the blinders. It will take effort for many but it is by far worth it.

Great article and God bless.

William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on October 07, 2014:

"Doing God’s work is about giving, not taking." I think that says it all, PandN. I also like the first pic on this page. It presents quite n image.

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