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Orbs in My Home - An Investigation

Are orbs real? This is my own personal experience and what I found, if they are real or if there is a more logical earthly explanation.

Are Orbs Real?


Buying My First Surveillance Camera

It all started when I wanted to purchase a surveillance camera. I don’t know exactly why. It was simply more of a fascination with the idea that you could watch an area in your home or outside of your home from a distance. That you could even watch remotely from the other side of the planet.

A few years earlier I was at my sister’s house and I remember watching the image on her tablet. She had bird seed stored in the garage. Something had gotten into the bag and she wanted to know what it was. She set up her camera in the corner on the garage floor. It was already late in the evening. What impressed me was the night capabilities of the camera. It could see in the dark. I remember the mouse hopping over some boxes, grabbing the food and then hopping back toward the boxes and out of view.

For myself, I thought of a few uses. Maybe I could point it outside to watch my front porch. Maybe I could keep it inside as a way to protect my home. But really this was just a thought. I don’t like keeping things plugged in. Even when I am not using my computer, I even turn the power strip off. Part of the reason is environmental, saving the planet, but more important, I just want to save money.

I guess the real reason I purchased the camera was that it simply is an interesting gadget. However, I especially envisioned the possibility of catching something interesting outside and that is the first thing I did with it. I set it up on the window sill. Inserted the memory card and then turned it on. Later, I watched the video. It was interesting to fast forward it, watching the outside in quick time lapse. Otherwise, I did not catch anything interesting. I remember the person in Great Britain, I don’t know his name, who kept outside cameras on constantly until one day he caught on video an unidentified flying object in the distance.

For me, it didn’t happen that day. Also, the camera was an indoor camera and thus, it had a small blue power light under the lens which greatly reflected back from the window when it was dark outside.

The Orbs Appear

Next, I tried it inside, this time using wifi without the memory card. I tried it first during the day and was impressed by the resolution and the color. But when it got dark, that is when something bizarre took place. I saw something that at first was rather frightening and terrifying. I had the camera downstairs in the living room while I was up in the spare bedroom. I turned all of the lights off except the one in the bedroom and then I closed the door shutting myself off from the entire house. I watched the image on the tablet and admired how bright the image was since the camera had night capability. Then it happened. At first I saw one of them and then a few more showed up. They came in bursts. Stopping for awhile and then starting up again. Most of them simply flew by the camera while a few seemed to dance, arcing in front of the camera lens as if they knew I was watching them.

Obviously, I had to consider other possibilities of what I was seeing. It could not have been car lights from the outside because I was somewhat far from the nearest rode and the shades in the living room were also drawn closed. The greatest possibility was that it was dust particles in the air, but the video that I recorded took place in the middle of September when neither the heater or the air conditioner was on, I had it completely turned off that night. I showed the video to my family and they were somewhat dumbfounded. A friend of my nephew, who is taking film and video classes in college could not explain it either. The only other explanation was that there was something wrong with the camera. Some time later, I purchased another camera, this time a more expensive dome camera with a servo motor inside that allowed you to move the lens. When I put the cameras next to each other, the orbs appeared on both of them. Finally, I put both cameras in different spots in the house, in the bedrooms, the kitchen, the dining area, and even the basement with the same result. Apparently the orbs are everywhere. I even put tape over the little blue light on the camera and the orbs still showed up.

When it comes to the color, as can be seen in the video, they are somewhat white grey. I did see one streak across the front of the camera at a good distance that was blue in color. Unfortunately I didn’t record it. Sandy Painter, on her website, explains orb color but also explains that dust can be the culprit. She mentions that true orbs leave contrails which is exactly what is happening in my home and what is appearing in front of my cameras, so I am assuming that these are indeed orbs. But I still have a little doubt that they are real. So, take a look at my video and decide for yourself what exactly is happening.

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First Video Showing Possible Orbs

Analysis of the Video

After awhile, I forgot about the video and put the cameras aside. Recently I took them back out and again, when I put them out at night, the orbs were still there. However, now I started to have doubts and it isn’t necessarily the science background that I have. It surprisingly has to do with human eyesight. The human eye, when it is working normally, is remarkable in the range that it can focus to, sometimes much better than any camera. When I started to become farsighted, as a consequence of past illnesses, the first thing I noticed is how very small objects looked quite different without my glasses. For example, very small crumbs on the counter actually looked larger, like a ring with nothing in the center. Strangely enough, the orbs in the videos had close to the same look which could mean that the objects are closer to the camera than what is perceived in the video. This would point to the possibility that it is simply dust. The contrails can also be explained. During daylight, the cameras both record at roughly 50 frames per second but in the dark, they drop to only 24 frames a second. This could explain the ghostly trails.

Over the past couple of nights I set the cameras up again to find out if this is the case. The first thing I did was to set both of them side by side and then record both of them independently. When the orbs appeared, a few did show up in both cameras but they didn’t exactly match the same location in the video, while most of them appeared only in one camera and not the other.

Finally, the ultimate test took place when I took an old coat out of the closet. I shook it and then I proceeded to hit the couch cushions with my hands. I then went back upstairs and then recorded the following video. You will now see many orbs which would indicate that it really is dust very close to the lens of the camera out of its range of focus.

These Orbs Could Simply Be Dust

Analysis Conclusion

Lately I have been looking at some websites and videos about orbs. I have doubts about my own experiences but it doesn’t mean that I am close minded concerning anything paranormal. If the orbs are solid then it is possible that they are real, but I have also seen still pictures and videos that have orbs that look like the picture below where they are somewhat dark inside but bright on the inside.

If orbs look like this I have doubts that they are real.  This is an indication that the object is very small, is out of focus, and is very close to the camera lens.

If orbs look like this I have doubts that they are real. This is an indication that the object is very small, is out of focus, and is very close to the camera lens.

Better Evidence of Orbs

These two following videos show more compelling evidence of orbs. In these two cases, the orbs are solid and the recordings were taken in a well lit room.


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